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Holland’s Heroes Top 10 of 2014












To all of you who have supported and enjoyed Holland’s Heroes over the past year I say Thank you!  I will make every effort to provide worthwhile reading and will welcome input on how to make the website better.  Although my focus will remain on supporting and defending Israel, the United States, and the Jewish people, I intend to expand my efforts in other directions for those looking for a broader perspective and approach towards today’s world.

Acknowledging the time people took to read my posts I am providing you with 2014’s Top 10 most read posts.  The number next to each post is the amount of views the post generated  this past year.  Each post can be read by clicking the title of the post as a link has been set up on each one.

Thanks again to all of you.

10- Open Letter to Viggo Mortensen -3,368

9-   Open Letter to Ben Affleck-3,537

8-   A Liberal with Zero Tolerance-4,004

7-   Follow up Open Letter to George Clooney:Post Marriage-5,473

6-   Open Letter in response to Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz-10,601

5-   A Beautiful Irony-17,931

4-   Open Letter to Russell Brand-19,103

3-   Open Letter to Rosie O’Donnell-21,245

2-   Open Letter to George Clooney regarding his fiance’s comments-24,853

1-   Open Letter to Bryan Adams-28,738





If the World was Right







If the world was right this never would have happened.  If the world was right 132 children in Pakistan wouldn’t haven’t been slaughtered by thug bastards.  If the world was right there would be worldwide condemnation.  If the world was right there would be people mobilizing in the streets preparing massive protests.  If the world was right people would realize that the war Israel and the West is fighting is against the same type of people who committed this act.

But the world isn’t right; it’s very wrong.  It is filled with evil and hypocrisy and those who choose to remain silent.  Those who speak out against Israel’s fight for security but remain silent today carry some of the burden of responsibility for what took place today in Pakistan.  So Roger Waters, Amal Clooney, Bryan Adams, Russell Brand, Penelope Cruz and Rosie O’Donnell, if you have nothing to say now you show once again how you are NOT only not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Your hypocrisy is contributing to humanity’s downfall.  Where are you now?






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Open Letter to Reggie Bush









Dear Reggie,

I’m not even sure how to start this letter. Congratulations.  You’ve now entered the world of Roger Waters, Bryan Adams and George Clooney.  You are a high-profile celebrity I will no longer support in any way, shape or form. You’ve never had the ability or skill to stay healthy long enough to perform consistently as a professional, but you somehow had the intestinal fortitude to dig down deep and facilitate a comparison so dumb that you managed to insult the police, the Jews and the black people of Ferguson all in one shot. If only you were this good at football.

I do not like the fact that an unarmed man got shot. I recognize the tragedy of the situation and although I believe the grey areas in this case may very well have given credence to the Grand Jury’s verdict, this is indicative of some very serious problems that still exist in this country.  There are problems of race relations that can not be ignored as well as problems in the training of police officers that must be addressed.  If I am to be as objective as possible I may very well say that it is wrong that Michael Brown is dead and right that Darren Wilson was not indicted.  That’s a difficult statement to make, especially since it can bring on the wrath of both sides, but I am no coward and if, as I learn more facts I feel that way, I will be willing to make that difficult statement.  I don’t make simple divisive statements like: The Palestinian people know what mean to be shot while unarmed because of your ethnicity. #ferguson #justice.” 

Seriously Reggie? Do you realize how incredibly stupid that comment is? Apparently not because you posted a picture of a man holding that sign on your Instagram and followed with your own statement that read, “No matter who you are, what color skin you have, where you live, we are all in this together! This isn’t a Ferguson problem it’s a Global Problem! We need change NOW! What happened to humanity? #JusticeForMikeBrown.”

Well Reggie, you ask a good question.  What happened to humanity? These Palestinians you seem to feel comfortable comparing to the black people of Ferguson have thousands upon thousands of people looking to die in the process of murdering as many Jews and Americans as possible. Two Palestinians stormed a synagogue in Jerusalem last week and brutally murdered 4 Rabbis.  Palestinians have in their ranks people who blow themselves up with the hope, yes the hope of killing dozens of people.  They have people who drive into bus stops and murder a 4 month old baby girl. Let’s not forget how they celebrate in the streets after these murders.  Palestinian demonstrators throw rocks and Molotov Cocktails in the hope that they will injure or kill as many people as possible.  And of course let us not forget the additional Palestinian celebrations in the street after 3,000 Americans got murdered on 9/11.  Putting aside for one second how offensive your approach is to me as a Jewish man, if I was a black man in Ferguson who had knowledge of current affairs, I think I would be even more offended.  To even hint that there is a similarity between the people of Ferguson and the Palestinians may be the worst part of the message you are sending.

As a Jew I can not say I am surprised.  After all, it seems to be fashionable to criticize Israel and the Jewish people even when done by those who are clearly ignorant to the facts.  Abraham Lincoln once said,  “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”  Thank you Reggie for removing all doubt.

Incidentally,  I was such a fan I once had your picture as my icon during an entire Fantasy Football season.  All I can say now is that I am happy I didn’t trade for you this year when it was proposed to me.  Of course I didn’t because you are hardly on the field anyway.  I guess that is why you found the time to use social media to show the world your ignorance.

If you had merely made the comment you made I am certain no one would have had an issue with its intent.  Being someone who sees all Americans as being equal regardless of color or race, something everyone who knows me would corroborate, I might even have liked you more for the comment. After all, there is nothing wrong with expecting better of humanity.  But by showing the picture with that comment you went from portraying yourself as a man who cares to just another idiot with no clue.


David Groen





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In Defense of Nicki Minaj

"The Other Woman" - Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsAs everyone knows, I have no problem going after anti-Semites.  I am also not an apologist.  Bryan Adams sang my favorite song of all time and I went after him. George Clooney has been an actor whose work I’ve enjoyed and I’ve gone after him twice for showing no signs he disagrees with his anti-Zionist/Anti-Semitic wife.  I used to think Penelope Cruz was beautiful and now I can’t even look at her.  If I am convinced someone is against the Jewish people, I want no part of them and I am not shy about saying so.  That is why it may come of some surprise to those reading this that I am choosing to defend Nicki Minaj.

There are two reasons I’m defending her.  First of all, personally, I just didn’t see it when I watched the video, which I did from start to finish.  I am the son of Holocaust survivors.  I wrote a book about what my parents went through during the Nazi occupation of Holland.  I am proudly sensitive to anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiment.  I personally did not see the connection to Nazi symbolism in the video other than to the extent I was looking for it due to the reactions it garnered.  That doesn’t mean I think it’s a good video nor do I think the feelings of those it offended should be ignored, especially since many of those it offended are people just like me, proud Jews.  All it means is that in the name of honesty I can’t sit here and pretend to be offended by something that personally did not offend me. Incidentally, this is why I remained silent on the subject yesterday.  That and one other very important reason.  I wanted to see how Nicki Minaj would react to the criticism.  Which brings me to the second reason I am defending her.

Yesterday I wrote an Open Letter to Peter Gabriel.  In this letter I made the following point in regard to what motivates me to write these Open Letters.

“My philosophy, when it comes to writing one of these letters, and you can look it up and verify it if you wish, is that I write them primarily based on the words one utters.  In some instances I will address someone’s silence, but that is only when that silence indeed speaks volumes.  When someone expresses an opinion to me that someone is on what I consider to be the wrong side of the fence, I look for evidence to back it up.  Nothing provides better evidence than the words one speaks.”

Minaj made the following comments on Twitter regarding the controversy caused by the video.

“I didn’t come up w/the concept, but I’m very sorry & take full responsibility if it has offended anyone.  Both the producer, & person in charge of over seeing the lyric video (one of my best friends & videographer: A. Loucas), happen to be Jewish.  I’d never condone Nazism in my art.”

Although after watching the video I might disagree with Nicki Minaj on what is called art, she makes it very clear in her words that offending Jews and glorifying Nazism was not the desired effect of the video.  I for one believe her.

Many months ago in one of my posts I made the statement that there are enough outspoken and proud anti-Semites that we really don’t need to be spending our time going after someone who openly says they are not anti-Semitic.  In my opinion this is a prime example of what I was eluding to when I made that point.

One last thing.  I never have and never will be one of those people who believe it is a problem if you offend everyone else except for the Jewish people.  With that in mind, despite my defense of Minaj and the fact that I personally was not offended, if she does want to show that “full responsibility” she was referring to and achieve what I think should be seen as a slam dunk in the Jewish community, pull the video.  Show the respect evident in your words, acknowledge the sensibilities of the Jewish community and make a statement of great significance, for it offended enough people to be a problem.  Pull the video and leave little doubt as to your true intentions.





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Misplaced Passions

exc George Clooney and Amal Alamudin step out for dinner in ComoSo you don’t like attacks on celebrities?  You think I should be more civil in my attacks on the likes of George Clooney, Russell Brand, Penelope Cruz and others.  OK.  Well first of all, as will be evident for those who do read this piece, I am not writing this to defend myself.  I don’t need to.  Everyone, myself included has some selfish motivation for the things that they do, but the driving force behind what I do is fighting for what is right and the well-being and safety of Israel, the Jewish people, and people of all faiths who believe in decency and a genuine peace for all parties involved.

Now on to the reason I am writing this piece.  It is to address the incredulous logic of those who passionately defend those that attack their very own people.  A few days ago an old friend of mine sent me a message.  The message was a question as to how I felt about the vitriolic comments sometimes posted on social media.  My friend’s concern was that we were sinking to a level beneath us when we attacked certain people in an overly crude and demeaning manner.  That same friend however, liked and approved of my follow-up letter to George Clooney a few days later.  I mention this because it is a prime example of someone who, even with a more moderate approach than others, has their priorities in the correct place.  My friend said quite a few things I agreed with, and in the meantime understood that just because we may wish to live by a higher standard, that doesn’t mean we defend the despicable.  In case you are wondering, to me, anti-Zionist/anti-Semites are the despicable.

For those who read what I write, you may notice that I more often than not type anti-Zionist and anti-Semite side by side.  It’s for a very simple reason.  If you are an anti-Zionist, you are also an anti-Semite.  I won’t belabor this point because it’s been made often enough, and those who don’t want to accept it as fact after what we’ve seen the past 3 months never will anyway.  What I do wish to say and question is the following.  Why is it unacceptable to some that people attack anti-Semites for their attacks on Israel, but it is not acceptable when people who are pro-Israel attack them?  Because they say it in a nicer more deceptive way?  Because they’re better looking?  Because you like their movies or music?  I’ve heard people criticize myself and others for what they called disgusting remarks against some of these celebrities.  If I would call your favorite actor a Jew-hating piece of garbage you might get mad for my nasty display of hate.  After all, the only thing he or she said wrong was, Israel needs to stop killing Palestinian babies, right?

Let me break that down a little further for those who just don’t get it.  No one in Israel is happy that children die in war.  However, the attacks on Gaza were attacks by the Jewish nation in self-defense.  These attacks were a response to a constant barrage of missiles into Israeli population centers.  Hamas hid behind their children, using them as human shields.  Hamas is committed not only to the destruction of Israel, but to the murder of Jews worldwide.  So when someone, actor, musician or politician says Israel needs to stop killing babies, he or she is throwing their support behind Hamas, whether they want to admit it or not.

All of this leaves me to this one important question.  How is the comment “Israel needs to stop killing Palestinian babies” not more vile to you than someone like myself calling that person a “Jew-hating piece of garbage”?  How is it not more vile and offensive to you when an ex-President accuses Israel of war crimes? How is it not more vile to you when a famous singer claims it was never proved that Hamas killed the 3 boys?  How is it not more vile to you when an idiotic actor says Israel was wrong for fighting back because they’re stronger? And lastly, how is it not vile to you when a famous actor marries into a family that hates Israel and never says a word indicating he feels differently than they do?

You want to continue to attack those who attack them because it’s easier or makes you feel like you’re a better person then go right ahead.  Just know this and know it well.  If these people you defend so passionately get their way, they’ll come after you with the same vigor they’ll come after me.   And realize the irony is that while you are defending them, people and people like me are actually trying to defend you.  Whether you appreciate it or not.





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Follow Up Open Letter to George Clooney: Post Marriage

PAY-George-Clooney-and-Amal-AlamuddinDear George,

I admit I am a hopeless romantic.  I love it when two people get together, have the fairy tale love affair and get married in a beautiful wedding.  It brings joy to my heart.  But I’m not feeling it this time my friend.  What is usually the beautiful scent of romance in this case is replaced with the putrid stench of a disingenuous, political, self-serving union.

There are many who feel you and your Jew-hating bride are of little consequence.  Of course I would love that to be true, but the problem is that I think you may turn out to be a dangerous man.  For starters, the fact that you are “just an actor” doesn’t make me feel much better.  It is often mentioned that you have political aspirations and Americans have already shown they’d be willing to elect an actor to the highest office.  If you were as good of a man as the last actor to reach great heights in American politics I’d have no problem with that, unfortunately, not only are you not as good of a man as Ronald Reagan was, you’re not even as good of an actor.

As opposed to when I wrote my first letter to you, this time I’m convinced you share your wife’s views on Israel and the Middle East.  What I also now know is that you are a political coward.  You sit there and say nothing while your new anti-Semitic relatives do all the talking.  Your new father-in-law has declared your marriage is “very good news for the Middle East”.  I wouldn’t get too excited George,  I’m sure he always thinks it’s good news when two people who hate Israel get together.

I am sure I will be reprimanded by some for accusing you of something you never said, but let’s be real here.  By keeping quiet as often as you do, while your rabidly anti-Semitic wife and father-in-law speak,  you’re already making your statement loud and clear.  Of course coming right out and saying it might derail your political career, since after all, everyone knows the Jews control everything, right George? Just ask your new family.  They’ll tell you.

Unlike so many others out there I have no intention of congratulating you. Like I said, I’m a romantic.  I usually love this sort of thing.  But what usually is a fairy tale has the potential to be more of a scary tale, because like most dishonest people who wind up in politics, you are clearly going to try to hide your true feelings from the general public as long as possible.   Let me just tell you though, it’s going to be a lot harder to pretend you’re cool now that you’ve married into a family that hates Jews.  And if you do run for president one day you may have just lost New York, even if you did just win Michigan.

I would leave you with a Mazal Tov just to make you and your bride’s skin crawl both, but I just wouldn’t mean it.


David Groen





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A Message from a Former Liberal

liberal2I am here to announce to the world that it is now official.  I am renouncing my Liberal status.  Let me be clear that this is not a total overhaul of my views and opinions on all the social issues that could only label me as a Liberal. Those views have not changed. The reason for me renouncing my status is that I no longer wish to be associated with people making excuses for bad behaviors and for those who are tolerant of anti-Semitism masquerading as anti-Zionism.

I recently wrote 2 letters, one to George Clooney and another to Russell Brand.  Although the vast majority appear to have enjoyed and agreed with the tone and content of the letters, I have received more criticism on these letters than on anything I’ve ever written.  I don’t mind the criticism, on some levels I even like it.  I don’t suppress opinions and generally don’t wish physical harm on anyone for having opinions that differ from mine.  What I do have a problem with are people believing they are taking some sort of moral high ground by not criticizing anti-Semites or being so careful to not unfairly demand the opinion of those who could influence the thoughts of millions. I am convinced they take this approach because they either don’t truly understand how high the stakes are or because they are just too frightened to do otherwise.  Either way it’s a mistake.

Let me break it down and explain something everyone needs to understand before it is too late.  Yes I ridiculed Russell Brand.  I insulted him, referenced his mental illness, and attacked his character more than I attacked his words. Although I stand by everything I said to him, let’s say for argument sake my letter was a despicable and unfair defamation of character.  It’s still not even close to being as bad as what he is doing.  Hamas has two things people need to be aware of when looking at the entire picture.  First they have a charter that speaks of its commitment to driving every Jew out of Israel and its mission to kill every Jew alive.  The second is a sponsor, Iran,  with a large supply of weapons and a hatred for Israel, as well as a budding alliance with a rogue and nuclear North Korea.  Hamas has stated that its conditions for a cessation of hostilities includes the opening of a port and lifting of the Naval blockade.  If this would be done under Hamas leadership, it would put the very survival of the State of Israel in jeopardy.  So when Russell Brand gets on his high horse and criticizes Israel for his actions, he is in essence saying that its survival means absolutely nothing to him.  He is saying to me and to the world that it is perfectly acceptable to have North Korea ship nuclear weapons into Gaza.  So now I ask those of you attacking my words and defending him, what is more offensive? One man insulting and ridiculing another or the other calling for actions that translate into millions of dead Jews?

I’m more concerned as to whether or not George Clooney, a man who potentially can influence millions feels as his anti-Semitic fiance does, than I am with whether or not someone thinks I am out of line for connecting her words to him.  That misplaced use of Liberal ideals and so-called tolerance is unacceptable to me.  As I’ve said many times, “Never Again” does not mean Never Again unless it insults George Clooney.

Listen to the words of someone who has called himself a Liberal till now and has done so without apology.  Wake up and start realizing what is at stake here.  I do not have any children of my own, but I have many children in my family who I hope will be able to live a happy and safe life.  Too much tolerance for anti-Semitic behavior and too much concern for the feelings of people who aren’t helping us when they should is what truly offends me.  They threaten the safety of all Jewish children and ultimately all children on the planet, including the very children they pretend to defend.  If that doesn’t offend you more than a personal attack on an actor, I urge you to reexamine your values. Furthermore, this thought process that has people thinking my “nasty” letters somehow contribute to anti-Semitism is dangerously naive.  One person even said that Amal Alamuddin, George Clooney’s fiance, gave us a gift by turning down a spot on the panel as though she did it for any other reason other than her own benefit.  I am not going to thank an ant-Semite for something merely because they took one less action of hatred against Jews.

I used to believe that the ideal of Liberalism brought people together even when they disagreed on important issues.  Maybe it does that on some levels, but when it becomes a tool with which to hold views that translate into serious harm for the Jewish people and the entire civilized world, not only do I want no part of it, I question why anyone else who loves a peaceful and secure world would.



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The Truth Matters Only if You Value it

liesClearly I am not objective.  I love Israel and hate Hamas.  I believe Hamas is to blame for the deaths of not only Israelis but Palestinians as well.  I believe Benjamin Netanyahu is a great man and Khaleed Meshaal is an evil man.  I agree with Netanyahu when he says, “If the Arabs put down their weapons there would be no more war.  If Israel put down her weapons, there would be no more Israel.”  Clearly I am not objective.

I make no claims to be objective.  However, despite my lack of objectivity I do seek the truth.  So much so that I acknowledge that Israel has made mistakes and done some things they should not have done over the past 66 years.  But there is no truth that justifies the attacks Israel has had to endure, be they violent attacks from terrorists or verbal attacks from anti-Semites.  If presented with factual evidence of a certain truth, even one that opposes my views, I would address it honestly and make every attempt to be fair in my assessment.  The question is, why won’t my enemies do the same?

It’s because the truth has no meaning to them.  Most anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiment is not based in truth.  It’s either based in ideology or communal involvement.  People like to be part of something.  Even something motivated by hate.  The ideology however is what drives everything.  It drives terrorism, stirs up the masses, allows the leaders to make statements they know are not true, but justify with their beliefs.  A friend once said to me, “people buy with emotion and justify it with logic.”  Once the masses buy the bill of goods sold to them by the mini-dictators popping up all over the world, they search for the logic to back it up.  For example, the number one lie being told is that Israel is committing genocide.  Once that message is sold to the Muslim masses by the Imans, all they need now is a complicit al-Jazeera or CNN to show a man holding an injured or dead child in his hand in Gaza and the people have their “logic” to back up the sale.

Here’s the problem with that.  When you use that method the truth is irrelevant.  The only thing that matters is pushing your agenda.  Even visual evidence won’t matter anymore.  You passionately sell an ideal, even one of hate, show one image, maybe only make one ridiculous claim that can be used to back it up, and its sold.  Russell Brand goes on a hateful diatribe against Israel on his online channel he calls the Trews, claiming it is True News, and people who like the movie star buy into it, even though he sits there and blatantly obstructs the truth from his listeners.  Hamas sells the idea that Israel is indiscriminately bombing Gaza, targeting women and children, and those who have already bought into anti-Zionism and Jew hatred see a blown up building and they’ve seen enough.  We could have a 10 page document and 100 pictures proving that Hamas put those innocents in harms way by using them as human shields and it would make no difference.  They’ve already decided what they want to believe.  The truth doesn’t matter anymore.

Do we combat this with lies of our own?  I say no.  But I do think we need to be a little less concerned about whether or not we are unfair to those allowing those lies to be spoken and should be spending less time defending those who only express an (anti-Semitic) opinion.  Tolerance is a very charitable trait, particularly in war time, and as we all know charity starts at home.

As I responded in social media when someone criticized my letter to George Clooney, “Never Again” does not mean Never Again unless we insult George Clooney.  Never Again means recognizing the signs and doing all we can to prevent it.  I believe the truth is always the right way, but being tolerant at our own expense is not.



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What Offends You?

MummyBomberL_468x468In light of all the comments I’ve received recently, some attacking my comments, many supporting them, I’ve decided to make a post reviewing my observations of what I perceive as some of those things offensive to those not sharing my sensitivities and drawing a comparison or similarity to mine when applicable.  At least inasmuch as I am not offended by the same things that they are, even if they are offended by the same things that offend me. Confused? So am I.  If the “you” I refer to is not you, don’t worry.  I clearly don’t mean you.  This piece is for those occasionally or commonly directing their passions in different directions than I do.


Israel’s actions in Gaza

Benjamin Netanyahu

When you perceive someone as insulting towards George Clooney

Someone drawing a connection between a high-profile woman and her high-profile future husband in regard to her anti-Israel statements

Someone using Russell Brand’s addiction problems as a means to ridicule him

Blanket anti-Muslim sentiment

Someone insulting the famous people you worship

A one-sided approach to the Israeli-Palestinian problem

Jews invoking the memory of the Holocaust to use it as justification for actions and attitudes today

Pictures representing Palestinian children as terrorists



Hamas training Palestinian children to be terrorists

Using injured or dead children as a media ploy against Israel

Jewish people defending George Clooney with more vigor than they defend Benjamin Netanyahu


Jewish families being blown up in Pizza places

The United Nations

Russell Brand’s remake of Arthur

People blatantly ignoring the truth to suit their argument against Israel

Jewish people who distance themselves from Israel



This post is a very general post.  It does not target specific people.  Some of you fall partially into a category, some completely, some not at all.  This is how I feel.  I have approved every comment made in my blog in an effort to not stifle opinions, regardless of how offensive they may be to me and others. However, in turn, I have no intention of remaining silent about those issues that I find offensive and feel are damaging to our future and in many cases I know that what offends me, offends you as well.  In the meantime I hope you continue to enjoy the read.



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Matinee Idol Worship

cloonThis post is a follow-up to my open letter to George Clooney.  I’ve probably received more comments on this post than any other till now, possibly with the exception of my Lionel Messi post during the World Cup.  It is fair to say that even though the greater percentage of the comments have been positive, this post has received more negative commentary than any I have ever written.   And I find that quite fascinating.

First of all, I stand by the letter 100%.  I believe it is justified to ask his views under the circumstances and even more justified to apply pressure when Jews are being unfairly targeted.  What fascinates me is how this letter struck a nerve with so many people.  There are those who may have disapproved because they felt the letter useless or disagreed with my tactics.  I can respect that even if I don’t agree with that.  But I believe that some who disapproved did so because I crossed the line.  I attacked a movie star,  and movie stars are meant to be honored, even worshipped.  Each individual knows the truth about what makes them feel as they do, but some comments show that in attacking a matinée idol, I just went too far.

My response to that is as follows.  I’ve been a fan of certain musicians and actors my entire life, but I will never allow my appreciation for their talents cloud my judgment.  If they take stances that are bigoted, show bias against Israel and the Jewish people, or a disdain for the good people of the world, I will stop being a fan quicker than Hamas breaks a cease-fire.  Sadly I can prove it.   One of my favorite rock bands used to be Pink Floyd, and till a short while ago one of my favorite actors was Gary Oldman.  The following links show you how my feelings change when you slander my people.



The point is simple.  Yes I am a fan of many musicians and actors, but before that I am a Jew, a Zionist, an American, and a human-being.  What I am not, is a matinee idol worshipper.


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