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Thank you Vin Scully


There are some celebrities that have such an important and frequent impact
on your life that they become important to you. Till about 6 or 7 years ago I
considered baseball my favorite sport. While the game and players have changed
to the point that I no longer feel that way, I still do, and probably always
will consider Vin Scully to be the greatest sports announcer to ever live. So,
on the day of his passing, I feel compelled and happy to pay him this tribute.

I know that I am far from alone in feeling as I do. The accolades that have
poured in since Scully’s passing reveal how so many people feel the same as I
do. It gets to a point where it is no longer that we think he was great, we know
that he was.  It is that rare occasion
where it transcends from opinion to fact.
Vin Scully was great.  He had the
most pleasant voice to listen to, never grating, and never spoke in an awkward
fashion.  He told stories, painted
pictures, and had an unmatched ability to know when to be quiet and let the
actions on the field, or the noise of the crowd speak for itself. He called the
game as though he loved the game as much as anyone watching, and he helped you
get lost in the pleasure and excitement of the competition on the field. 

Even if he had not called my personal all-time favorite call in sports
history, I still would have felt exactly as I do. But in honor of the loss of
this legend I present you with the last play that took place in Game 6 of the
1986 World Series.

Rest in Peace Vin Scully, and thank you.


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