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REsolution or Solution?

1012256_564360523634177_1019801182_nThe reason for the title is very simple and straightforward and the capital RE is not a typo.  This quote by Palestinian Authority Leader, Mahmoud Abbas sends a very important and concerning message.  However, it is not just the straightforward substance of the message, one I would like to hold up in the face of ignorant anti-Semites like Roger Waters and Alice Walker, but the not so subtle hidden message in it as well.

When Hitler’s Nazi Germany murdered 6 million Jews it did so under the program referred to as the “Final Solution”.   I believe it to be no coincidence that Abbas refers to this as a “Final REsolution”.  In using wording that only has 2 letters separating it from terminology used by Hitler, Abbas is sending a not so subtle message to the criminals that back him as well as Jewish people worldwide as to what would be considered by many in the region as an ideal “resolution”.

I believe in peace as an ideal and would love to see a peaceful outcome to this very volatile situation, however, it needs to be based in one very vital premise.  The Jewish people have every right to live in peace in their country.  The leader of the other side must make this unequivocably clear, not only in his words but in his actions as well.   If he is unable or unwilling to do so the Jewish people will continue to be in danger not only in Israel, but worldwide.  A situation we all know to be unacceptable.  Regardless of whether it is called a “Final Solution” or a “Final Resolution”

No Big Loss

6-25-12-Mohamed-Morsi_full_600For those who never knew or forgot, this is one of the reasons why we should have no problem with what is happening to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood