My Response to Roger Waters

picprHere is my response to Roger Waters’ “Open Letter”.

From the time I was a teenager I enjoyed the music of Pink Floyd. Sadly, the devious and disingenuous behavior of Rogers Waters has so disgusted me that the very sound of the music has been tarnished. I am a Jewish man and the son of Holocaust survivors yet I will first make a point not connected to my personal background. To call Israel an Apartheid state is an insult to every person of color who suffered under the Apartheid regime in South Africa. The South Africans who were victimized were never given any opportunity to live as equals in the society and I dare say would have been happy to have received the rights that Israeli Arabs have been given in the past, including the opportunity to be members of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. And unlike the victims in South Africa, the so-called representatives of the Palestinians have unleashed terrorist attacks on Jews worldwide for decades, killing scores of innocent men, women, and children. Hamas controls Gaza, not Israel. The PLO stole from the West Bank Palestinians, Israel did not. Even when Israel has put restrictions on Palestinians, they have never been as active in keeping the people down as Fatah or Hamas have in their attempts to make terrorist activity against Jewish interests the number one business export in the “occupied” territories.

On a personal note, Mr. Waters, and I believe I speak for many Jewish people when I say this, I am on to you. You’re music, some of the most intelligent music I enjoyed in my early years reveals an intellect too advanced for you not to know the truth and reality. Your behavior and so-called cries for justice are merely an expression of a hatred for Jewish people and their right to live in a free and sovereign state. I have seen it too often in my life and I recognize the methods people use to hide their true motivations. I suppose you question the number 6 million as well? Maybe not publicly, that would be really bad for business, but most likely in the privacy of your own home. And it is very much about business isn’t it? That is why you have taken what was once the most successful non-commercial piece of pop culture and recycled it ad-nauseum. Because it sells. Well I am no longer buying it, for a true artist, like Alicia Keys or Sir Paul McCartney, a gentleman whose shoes you can’t even shine, will take their true art and attempt to spread love and joy, not use their platform for self-serving, hypocritical, political revisionist history. I would tell you to learn the truth but we both know you do know the truth. You just have made the unfortunate choice to distort it and in the process destroyed every ounce of integrity you ever had.

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