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The Steven Salaita story: Freedom gone mad

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEarlier in August College Professor Steven Salaita was fired from the job he had seemingly just secured at the University of Illinois. The reason for his firing was remarks he made on Twitter regarding Israel and the 3 murdered Yeshiva students.  There has been some controversy regarding his firing, with the opponents claiming he was punished for exercising his freedom of speech.

What was so bad about what Salaita said and how does it connect to the perversion of the concept of true freedom?  Among other things he said the following:

“Zionists: transforming ‘anti-semitism’ from something horrible into something honorable since 1948.”

And in regard to the kidnapping and murder of the Naftali Frenkel, Eyal Yifrach and Gilad Shaar he tweeted:

“You may be too refined to say it, but I’m not: I wish all the (expletive) West Bank settlers would go missing.”

These comments were made after Salaita was offered the position, so the University’s handling of the situation appears to be somewhat commendable.  I say somewhat commendable because although they did the right thing in rescinding the position, I wonder how someone who has a thought process allowing him to say these types of things was not properly investigated prior to his initial hiring. Even more so I ask how it is that someone whose job is to mold young minds is able to secure positions at institutions of higher learning.  It is also a little concerning that the school felt the need to distinguish that its reason for not wanting Salaita was not that he was anti-Israel, but that after reading his statements they concluded he would be a bad teacher.

The subsequent protests and outrage related to his firing are in line with pretty much every other display of outrage these days.  Somewhere between somewhat and totally insane.  Somehow “intellectuals” seem to think that inciting hatred against Jews by calling anti-semitism honorable is acceptable.  They say it is an exercise in freedom. Is it OK when it incites hatred and violence?  Follow that up with a statement that comes very close to sanctioning the murder of every settler in the West Bank, and you have another example of freedom gone mad.

Freedom is an interesting thing. Earlier today I tweeted the following statement:

“Freedom is not merely for the rebellious who protest but it is due the meek and non-violent as well.”

I came up with that thought while riding on a New York City subway.  I saw an Orthodox Jewish man travelling with 2 children.  He did not portray the image of a man who would fight hard for his freedom, rather he would hope those freedoms would  stay in place so he could continue to live his life as a decent and hard-working family man.  Naturally I have no way of knowing if my split second assessment of this man’s character was accurate, but I do know if I was wrong about him there are certainly people who do fit that description.  Who will defend their freedom while people have the gall to debate if a man like Salaita should have been fired and while puts out a petition to demand the reversal of this “scandalous firing”?  The only thing scandalous is the total perversion of values displayed by those defending this hate monger.

To Steven Salaita I say this.  You are the living embodiment of garbage.  You pervert the entire concept of intellectualism by using it as a mask for anger and hatred.  You lead people to believe your mind is something special and that you therefore deserve some sort of automatic respect.  A great mind is a mind that can find the truth in a pool of lies and that can find love in a sea of hatred.  All you are able to do is express your solidarity with the lies and the hatred.  I not only am happy you got fired, I wish you a lifetime of unemployment.  Either way I am still a better person than a so-called professor that wishes for thousands upon thousands of dead settlers and celebrates the murder of  3 teenage boys.

I’m an American who believes freedom is not given to us to promote evil ideals.  Ideals Steven Salaita proudly calls his own and still gets referred to as Professor.



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Another Open Letter to Russell Brand

rus2Dear Russell,

Frankly I am not sure what upsets me more, the fact that you are still talking or the fact that last week the Huffington Post chose to provide you with a forum to regurgitate more of your self-serving ramblings(CLICK HERE TO READ THE OP-ED).   I am glad you think you’re not an anti-Semite because indeed that may be a step in the right direction, but unless you wrote that piece after once again dropping acid, something that in the past gave you your “pro-Jewish” epiphany, you are missing some very important points in your argument.

First of all, there is no fair way to discuss Israel’s military action in Gaza without mentioning the terrorist activities of Hamas.  Not only do you not do that, you never once even mention Hamas.  I maintain, as I did in my last letter to you(CLICK HERE TO READ), that you, like so many others don’t go after terrorist groups as hard as you go after Israel because you know the Israeli government won’t hunt you down and kill you in the street.  Hamas just might.  So conveniently leaving Hamas out of the discussion, and with all the dribble you wrote I am sure it was not a mere oversight, you are once again showing your cowardice.

Here is why mentioning Hamas is so key to the discussion.  You claim the actions by Israel are based in the economic gains of a right-wing government aligned with right-wing institutions in other parts of the world.  You do not back it up with facts, facts I would love to see because it would be enlightening to see how the Gaza campaign did anything to better anyone economically.  In truth the Gaza campaign was necessary, and sadly more campaigns will be in the future, because the ruling party of Gaza is sworn to the destruction of Israel and to the death of all Jews.  You somehow missed that in your long Op Ed professing your love for the Jewish people.

Allow me to teach you something you are required to learn if you do not want to be deemed an anti-Semite or someone who promotes anti-Semitism.  What you need to understand is more than just what you choose to see about an Israeli government.  What you need to grasp better is the concept of the modern State of Israel.

The State of Israel declared independence in 1948, 3 years removed from the murder of 6 millions Jews.  Or as your buddy Khaleed Meshaal says, a genocide only half as bad as what Israel committed in Gaza.  Israel was not set up as a way for Jews to colonize the entire Middle East or commit atrocities.  It was set up as a safe-haven, a guardian nation so to speak, for a race of people, my people incidentally, that was devastated in an unspeakable fashion.  The State of Israel was in somewhat set up as a nation designed to guarantee that what happened to the Jewish people under Hitler would indeed never happen again. So when you promote political and philosophical viewpoints that put the State of Israel in danger for its life, you don’t merely attack Benjamin Netanyahu and Likud, you attack Jews worldwide.  You may claim that you are not an anti-Semite, but your statements increase the likelihood of many dead Jews. Regardless of what you claim to be your intentions, it doesn’t get much more anti-Semitic than that.

I loved this line of yours in your Op Ed: “It is the exclusion of the sane majority that allows extremists to prosper. The insanity across the Middle East is so deeply terrifying and giddyingly futile that most people, despondent and bilious want to look away.”  And yet, no mention of Hamas.  No mention of terrorism.  No mention of how similar Hamas is to ISIS or how Israel gives more civil rights to their Muslim citizens than almost every Arab country. It seems like you almost get it sometimes, but then your personal bias or delusion takes over and you revert back to the Neo anti-Semite you so don’t want to be.  Cough cough.

Although most people seemed to like my first letter to you, there were some disturbed my personal attacks on you. I almost felt bad about it till I read how in referring to Bill O’Reilly you said he was “A hollering parasite of his own punctured anus,” and Sean Hannity you called a  “Fox News’ shop-dummy-polemicist.”  I feel much better about calling you an idiot and a coward now.  Something I still believe to be true.

Since you claim to believe in positive action, here’s a suggestion for some very positive action. Shut up.  You are actually doing more harm than good.  I know you think you are this generations Jesus, but in truth you are merely a court jester giving more Brits the ultimate justification to jump on a plane to Syria, (via Turkey) to sign up for ISIS and battle the west you clearly seem to hate so much.  Funny enough, it’s the same west that made you rich.  I think you need to realize there is something far worse than being so despondent and bilious that you want to look away.  It’s looking right at it and ignoring the truth.  Something anti-Semites are very good at.


David Groen



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Where were the “Humanitarians” while this List grew?

dtLong before it became the newest fad to feign concern for the well-being of the civilians in Gaza, Israeli civilians were being murdered by Hamas terrorists.  Blown up in Pizza places, malls, bus stops, murdered in their homes or anywhere the terrorists could find them. Young children, sometimes babies, often member of the same family. The following list is a partial list of civilians TARGETED.  They were not collateral damage. They were targeted and the criminals who targeted them were seen as heroes by the same people so many in the world choose to defend today.  Thank you to Baruch Bruno Sharaby for researching this list and posting it on a thread in Facebook. PLEASE SHARE.

IsraelAlexander Sandler (5) R.I.P
Gabriel Issachar Sandler (3) R.I.P
Daniel Ariye Viplich (16) R.I.P
Elad Fogel (4) R.I.P
Yoav Fogel (11) R.I.P
Hadas Fogel (3 months) R.I.P
Yonatan Flamer (1) R.I.P
Shlomo Nativ (13) R.I.P
Segev Pniel Avichail (15) R.I.P
Yonatan Isaac Eldar (16) R.I.P
Yonadav Haim Hirschfeld (18) R.I.P
Neriya Cohen (15) R.I.P
Yohai Lifshitz (18) R.I.P
Abraham David Mozes (16) R.I.P
Roy Aharon Roth (18) R.I.P
Anas Awisat (18) R.I.P
Eliyahu Pinchas Asheri (18) R.I.P
Mazal Zaribi (15) R.I.P
Daniel Waltz (16) R.I.P
Amir Naim (17) R.I.P
Shaked Lasker (16) R.I.P
Omer Menashe Pisachov (8) R.I.P
Ella Abuksis (17) R.I.P
Racheli Cheli Ben Abu (16) R.I.P
Oz Israel Ben Meir (14) R.I.P
Nofar Horovitz (16) R.I.P
Avihay Levi (16) R.I.P
Yuval Abeba (4) R.I.P
Afik Ohayon Zehavi (3) R.I.P
Lior Azulay (18) R.I.P
Aviel Isaac Atash (3) R.I.P
Dorit Massrat Beinsan (2) R.I.P
Ronny Sarah Hatuel (6) R.I.P
Meirav Rachel Hatuel (2) R.I.P
Hila Esther Hatuel (10) R.I.P
Hadar Simcha Hatuel (9) R.I.P
Benaya Yehonatan Zukerman (18) R.I.P
Lior Niv (3) R.I.P
Gilad Niv (11) R.I.P
Shaked Abraham (1) R.I.P
Tomer Almog (9) R.I.P
Haviv Dadon (16) R.I.P
Binyamin Bergman (15) R.I.P
Abraham Bar Or (12) R.I.P
Shmuel Zargari (1) R.I.P
Noya Zer Aviv (1) R.I.P
Liran Zer Aviv (4) R.I.P
Erez Gizro Hershkovitz (18) R.I.P
Tom Hershko (15) R.I.P
Daniel Harush (16) R.I.P
Shmuel Taubnfeld (1) R.I.P
Moran Menachem (17) R.I.P
Yuval Mendelvich (13) R.I.P
Avigail Laytel (14) R.I.P
Noam Leibovich (7) R.I.P
Samich Sarsur (10) R.I.P
Tehila Natanzon (3) R.I.P
Elisheva Meshulami (16) R.I.P
Elizabeth Liz Katzman (18) R.I.P
Assaf Zur Zolinger (17) R.I.P
Smadar Firstater (16) R.I.P
Assaf Shteir (10) R.I.P
Issachar Dov Reinitz (9) R.I.P
Tal Kerman (17) R.I.P
Shani Abuzdaka (16) R.I.P
Osnat Abramov (16) R.I.P
Matan Ohayon (5) R.I.P
Noam Levi Ohayon (4) R.I.P
Yael Ohana (11) R.I.P
Orly Ofir (15) R.I.P
Noa Orbach (18) R.I.P
Dvir Anter (14) R.I.P
Yaakov Abraham Eliyahu (1) R.I.P
Lidor Ilan (11) R.I.P
Oriah Ilan (1) R.I.P
Gal Aizenman (5) R.I.P
Galila Bugala (11) R.I.P
Noy Anter (12) R.I.P
Shovael Zion Dickstein (9) R.I.P
Almar Dezbarilov (16) R.I.P
Adi Dahan (17) R.I.P
Yehonatan Gamliel (16) R.I.P
Hadar Hershkovitz (14) R.I.P
Rachel Gila Taller (16) R.I.P
Gabriel Hoter (17) R.I.P
Shmuel Efraim Yerushalmi (17) R.I.P
Atara Livne (15) R.I.P
Racheli Levi (17) R.I.P
Shiraz Nechmad (6) R.I.P
Shaul Nechmad (15) R.I.P
Liran Nechmad (3) R.I.P
Abraham Eliyahu Nechmad (16) R.I.P

Baruch Asher Zvi Marcus (18) R.I.P
Avia Malka (1) R.I.P
Nehemia Amar (15) R.I.P
Linoy Sarussi (14) R.I.P
Abraham Yossef Haim Siton (17) R.I.P
Gaston Perpiniel (15) R.I.P
Ilan Perlman (8) R.I.P
Aharon Mordechay Arik Krogliak (18) R.I.P
Sinay Keinan (1) R.I.P
Tal Zvi Korzveil (18) R.I.P

Ran Koren (18) R.I.P
Gal Koren (14) R.I.P
Assaf Moshe Zfira (18) R.I.P
Abraham Neriya Shabu (16) R.I.P
Avishay Yossef Shabu (5) R.I.P
Keren Shatzki (14) R.I.P
Netanel Riachi (17) R.I.P
Erez Shlomo Rond (18) R.I.P
Ofer Ron (18) R.I.P
Yafir Revivo (14) R.I.P
Daniel Batel Shefi (5) R.I.P
Adi Shiran (17) R.I.P
Sarah Tiferet Shilon (1) R.I.P
Gilad Shtiglitz (14) R.I.P
Zvi Yaakov Israel Shabu (12) R.I.P
Hadas Turgeman (14) R.I.P
Michaek Sharshebsky (16) R.I.P
Assaf Avitan (15) R.I.P
Irena Osdachi (18) R.I.P
Yossef Ishran (14) R.I.P
Yossi Elazara (18) R.I.P
Yuri Goshchin (18) R.I.P
Marina Barkovsky (17) R.I.P
Shoshana Rachel Ben Ishay (16) R.I.P
Adam Weinstein (14) R.I.P
Yaakov Israel Danino (17) R.I.P
Jenia Keren Dorpman (16) R.I.P
Ido Cohen (18) R.I.P
Marina Tagiltzav (14) R.I.P
Tamar Massngisar (8) R.I.P
Yaakov Koby Mendel (13)
Aliza Malka (16) R.I.P
Mariana Madavdenko (16) R.I.P
Naftali Ben Zion Lanzekron (13) R.I.P
Ronen Landau (17) R.I.P
Alexey Lupalo (17) R.I.P
Raaya Schivschorder (14) R.I.P
Hemda Bracha Schivschorder (2) R.I.P
Abraham Isaac Schivschorder (4) R.I.P
Irena Napomaniashchi (16) R.I.P
Raisa Namirovsky (15) R.I.P
Yelena Nalimov (18) R.I.P
Yulia Nalimov (16) R.I.P
Abraham Nachman Nizani (18) R.I.P
Shalhevet Tchia Fess (1) R.I.P
Yair Amar (13) R.I.P
Yulia Yael Skalianik (15) R.I.P
Liana Saakian (16) R.I.P
Michal Sarah Raziel (16) R.I.P
Malka Hanna Roth (15) R.I.P
Eliran Rosenberg (14) R.I.P
Simona Rodin (18) R.I.P
Menashe Regev (14) R.I.P
Katrina Arias (15) R.I.P
Annia Kazchkov (16) R.I.P
Golan Turgeman (15) R.I.P
Yocheved Shushan (10) R.I.P
Yehuda Shoham (1) R.I.P
Ofir Rachum (17) R.I.P
Naftali Frenkel (16) R.I.P
Gilad Shaer (16) R.I.P
Eyal Ifrach (18) R.I.P




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For the Ignorant and Complicit history only Started on July 8, 2014

Operation-Protective-Edge-square-564x400July 8, 2014 was the day Israel began Operation Protective Edge.  After countless missile attacks with no end in sight and the kidnapping and murder of 3 Yeshiva students by Hamas, Israel finally had enough.  It began with airstrikes and turned into a ground operation.  Once Israel discovered the terror tunnels, they were committed to staying in Gaza till each and every one was destroyed.  Over 2,000 people died during the operation, a large percentage of which were Palestinian civilians.  Awful.  Just awful.  Especially if the first day of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was July 8, 2014.

However, despite what Palestinian leadership, the Turkish President, Russell Brand, Bryan Adams and millions of Muslims everywhere want you to believe, this conflict did not begin this past July 8th.  If you are  to look at the events that took place from July 8, 2014 without going back further, you may see Israel as being a lopsided aggressor.  Even then you need to choose to ignore how Hamas uses its people as human shields.  If however you look at the months, years and decades leading up to this operation you see a completely different story.  The true story.

I could go back to 1929 and speak of the Hebron massacre when Jews were slaughtered by Muslims prior to any establishment of a Jewish state.  We could talk about how after the United Nations in 1948 partitioned land for the new Jewish State of Israel, of which the West Bank and Gaza was not included, and how all the surrounding Arab nations attacked it in am attempt to wipe out the Jews and finish Hitler’s work.  We could talk about how the West Bank belonged to Jordan but Jordan didn’t want it back because they didn’t want to deal with the residents.  We could also talk about how Egypt controlled Gaza and never wanted it back for the same reason or how Israel withdrew from Gaza and gave it every opportunity to develop into something special, but instead allowed Hamas to take over and drive it into the ground.

We could  talk about the civilians Israel killed while aiming at missile launchers or we could talk about the thousands of Israelis killed in terrorist attacks.  We could talk about a blockade or bombing of a hospital shielding Hamas missiles, or we could talk about how entire families were blown up in Pizza places and malls by people who were proud to kill as many Jews as possible.  I could go back to Yasser Arafat, the Godfather of terrorism and hijacked planes, murdered passengers and the murder of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics.  I could go back to 3 murdered Yeshiva boys.

But none of the matters if you want Israel to look like the aggressor, because when you do you only go back as far as July 8, 2014.  If you go back any further you might have to admit that Israel has every right to defend itself. Something it has always been forced to do and has become so good at doing it now gets criticized for it.  It’s the greatest lie of omission you will ever see.  It pretends nothing ever happened before July 8, 2014.  And too many people are believing it.




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“I’m Confident”: Language of a Salesman


pobamaThe most talked about statement at President Obama’s news conference earlier today was when addressing how the United States would deal with ISIL, he said, “we don’t have a strategy yet”.  Understandably that admission, if it’s the truth, is a disturbing one.  However, it is not what struck me most about his overall statement. What struck me more was his careful placement and use of the word “confident”.

Maybe it’s the salesman in me that made me notice it, but the word confident in some situations is clearly used to get someone off the hook if and when something goes wrong in the future.  Unless I heard wrong he said the following:

“I am confident that as Commander-in-Chief I have the authorities to engage in the actions we are conducting currently.  As our strategy develops we will continue to consult with Congress”.  Why not say “I have the authority” as opposed to saying I am confident.  The word confident is a way out in the event that the authority was improperly used.

Then when stating in a way that would not instill fear in a field mouse let alone a brutal terrorist he said in regard to getting rid of the cancer that is ISIL, “but I’m confident that we can and we will working closely with our allies.” There’s that word confident again.  Doesn’t exactly reverberate with strength and conviction does it?  To be honest Mr. President, with what is at stake here, we need you to be sure, not merely confident.

The word “confident” when used in these contexts are designed to sell something.  If he was trying to sell the American people the belief that he is properly protecting us, I hate to say, I’m just not buying it.  The world needs more than a meek confidence right now from the President of the United States, it needs unwavering certainty and strength.  Without that I am confident we have some very difficult times lying ahead of us.



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Why I no longer argue with Stuart

Israeli-FlagI have a friend named Stuart. I’ve known Stuart for close to 40 years.  Some of you reading this even know him. I recently came to the realization that there is no friend on Facebook, excluding family members or friends of the family that I know longer than I know him. He and I used to argue so passionately on Facebook that we went through an “unfriended” period, the details of which are unclear, specifically in regard to who initiated the “unfriending”.  Frankly at this point it is unimportant.  We no longer argue.  Why? Because we share a common understanding.  The understanding that most of the issues we used to argue about will mean nothing if we don’t preserve the freedom and safety of the civilized world. Maybe even more importantly, we share an unapologetic love for Israel and the Jewish people.

Those of you who know him may know that 2 of his favorite words are obfuscate and metanoia.  Stop pretending you all know what those two words mean and click on each one for the definition.  Stuart and I have certainly gotten into it over the past few years.  He has what can only be defined as conservative views while I hold some very liberal positions, particularly on social issues.  He believes that what has happened to me is metanoia.  I agree on some levels, but I’ve always loved my people, been pro-Israel, and hated bigots of any kind, especially anti-Semites.  That doesn’t mean he’s entirely wrong.  The events of the last few months certainly did change me, as I wrote in my piece  “My Summer of Gaza”.

But here is what I believe has become the common ground in our discussion. If we allow Muslim extremism to run rampant all over the world the other issues won’t matter.  The issues we argued about we’re allowed to argue about. We live in a free country.  If we don’t wake up, and wake up soon, those basic freedoms may vanish before our very eyes.

I urge those of you reading this who are really tempted to address my views on specific subjects to leave it for another time.  Why?  Not because I don’t want to have the discussion but because it goes against the exact point I am trying to make.

All these other issues are secondary to the greatest issue of our lifetime. Freedom from an evil spreading over the planet like an out of control cancer. It’s why my next vote for president will be for whoever has the strongest stance on foreign policy and whoever is most pro-Israel.  Even if on the issues they think just like Stuart does.  In fact, I might just nominate Stuart for president.



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Open Letter to Bryan Adams

Brian Adams






Dear Bryan,

Earlier today I listened to what I considered to be my favorite song for one last time.  The song I listened to was your song, “Everything I do”.   You might say I am overly sensitive, even childish.  After all, just because someone holds views I don’t like it shouldn’t stop me from enjoying a song or a movie or a TV show.  I would answer, I see your point, but there is a lot at stake here. Something far more important than coming off as a big-time humanitarian who learns only half of the facts and opines on Twitter.  What I understand is at stake here, but you either don’t see or don’t care, is the survival of not only the Jewish people, but the very civilization you thrive in.  So once I know someone believes in something so harmful to the safety of Israel, the Jewish people and ultimately the entire planet, their “art” becomes distasteful to me. Just as I no longer enjoy listening to Pink Floyd because of my disgust for Roger Waters, I now have lost interest in listening to your music.

I will briefly address the following quotes you made on Twitter.

“I can’t speak for others, I only speak for myself: I say the war against Gaza was a crime against humanity”

Regarding the statement that the war was started in response to Hamas killing the 3 Yeshiva students you replied:

“it was never proved who was responsible, and it’s not justification for murdering 2000+ people…541 kids”

“and the Israeli blockade of Gaza just entered its 8th year, leaving its 1.7 million inhabitants destitute”

“Nobody here is anti-semitic – I’m / we’re just pro-people and pro-freedom”

Well you are right.  The war Hamas has waged on Gaza is a constant crime against humanity.  Learn the facts Bryan.  They’ve squandered and stolen billions from their people.

Never proved? They just admitted it.  And the cease-fire Hamas only now accepted was offered long before many of these deaths.  Deaths on the hands of Hamas for using their people as human shields.  Or did they not prove that either?

The blockade is not why they are destitute.  Their rulers stealing money is. Incidentally, the blockade is there to keep out weapons, not food and supplies.

And lastly, being pro-people and pro-freedom means being that for all people. If you look up the history you’ll see what Israel has had to endure from these terrorists.  Terrorists whose main objective has always been to murder Jews.  Israel’s objective has always been peace.  With that in mind to be quite blunt, if you support HAMAS it is anti-Semitic.  They have made it very clear that they won’t be happy till every last Jew on the planet is dead.  But you won’t look it up because you, like so many others don’t want to know the truth. And this Mr. Adams, makes your once beautiful music ugly to my ears.  Maybe it’s because while you attempt to come off like someone who cares about humanity, you know it’s true, everything you do, you do for you.


David Groen



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