Open Letter to Bryan Adams

Brian Adams






Dear Bryan,

Earlier today I listened to what I considered to be my favorite song for one last time.  The song I listened to was your song, “Everything I do”.   You might say I am overly sensitive, even childish.  After all, just because someone holds views I don’t like it shouldn’t stop me from enjoying a song or a movie or a TV show.  I would answer, I see your point, but there is a lot at stake here. Something far more important than coming off as a big-time humanitarian who learns only half of the facts and opines on Twitter.  What I understand is at stake here, but you either don’t see or don’t care, is the survival of not only the Jewish people, but the very civilization you thrive in.  So once I know someone believes in something so harmful to the safety of Israel, the Jewish people and ultimately the entire planet, their “art” becomes distasteful to me. Just as I no longer enjoy listening to Pink Floyd because of my disgust for Roger Waters, I now have lost interest in listening to your music.

I will briefly address the following quotes you made on Twitter.

“I can’t speak for others, I only speak for myself: I say the war against Gaza was a crime against humanity”

Regarding the statement that the war was started in response to Hamas killing the 3 Yeshiva students you replied:

“it was never proved who was responsible, and it’s not justification for murdering 2000+ people…541 kids”

“and the Israeli blockade of Gaza just entered its 8th year, leaving its 1.7 million inhabitants destitute”

“Nobody here is anti-semitic – I’m / we’re just pro-people and pro-freedom”

Well you are right.  The war Hamas has waged on Gaza is a constant crime against humanity.  Learn the facts Bryan.  They’ve squandered and stolen billions from their people.

Never proved? They just admitted it.  And the cease-fire Hamas only now accepted was offered long before many of these deaths.  Deaths on the hands of Hamas for using their people as human shields.  Or did they not prove that either?

The blockade is not why they are destitute.  Their rulers stealing money is. Incidentally, the blockade is there to keep out weapons, not food and supplies.

And lastly, being pro-people and pro-freedom means being that for all people. If you look up the history you’ll see what Israel has had to endure from these terrorists.  Terrorists whose main objective has always been to murder Jews.  Israel’s objective has always been peace.  With that in mind to be quite blunt, if you support HAMAS it is anti-Semitic.  They have made it very clear that they won’t be happy till every last Jew on the planet is dead.  But you won’t look it up because you, like so many others don’t want to know the truth. And this Mr. Adams, makes your once beautiful music ugly to my ears.  Maybe it’s because while you attempt to come off like someone who cares about humanity, you know it’s true, everything you do, you do for you.


David Groen



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26 responses to “Open Letter to Bryan Adams

  • Miriam

    Bryan Adams said there was NO proof HAMAS kidnapped those 3 Jewish boys???? This is shocking. I can’t believe such fabulous talent can be such a moron.

  • Ronit Jacobs

    What a disappointment. Yet again another entertainer thinks he knows a complicated situation half way across the world. Yet again he’s fooled by terrorist propaganda. Why are people so stupid?

    • Charles

      Hi Ronit!! Nice Post!! Bryan was also prone to make ‘Hate America’ type comments against our efforts in the middle east. I never heard him spewing anti Israel comments but I am not surprised…at all. If he did that for publicity then he has a problem in his soul!
      Oh, we must ‘straighten out’ Mr David Groen….you can start enjoying Pink Floyd music again as Roger Waters has not been with the band since ’86 or ’87 give or take a month here and there. I did not like him because of his anti Israel comments either.

  • randall

    He’s irrelevant now. Nobody cares about his music so he’s reaching to find a way to maintain his profile. It’s disgusting.

  • Ronnie

    Bryan who? We’re talking about a one hit wonder. Who cares about his opinion.

  • Stacy Vogel (@southernstacy)

    Bryan’s comment regarding no proof of Hamas kidnapping the 3 teens is STILL being retweeted by his Muslim supporters. Despite the fact that they have admitted responsibility, it continues to be retweeted over and over again. I know this because the comment was directed at me, so everytime it gets retweeted, I recieve notification. This is why celebritites need to stay out of sensitive and controversial politics. You think you don’t speak for anyone but youself as a celebrity? Think again. Every Joe looking for a cause jumps on the Bryan Adams hate Israel band wagon. They don’t know WTF the cause is, but if Bryan Adams thinks this way, it must be a good cause. Let’s rethink this for one minute. The US and Canada stand behind Israel. Maybe you should know a little more about your cause, before you reject the stance of your government and of the only democracy in the Middle East.

  • Indrasis

    I really felt sad reading the news that Bryan supported a side without knowing the truth…….where would he be if he got into a society and world view which hamas supports?………what would he have suggested if the rockets were rained down on canada?……I don’t think he can answer these questions.

    • ziv

      when i read a sentence like the one you wrote about what would bryan do if rocket were rained on canada i get angry
      because i think its wrong to take the fire of rockets out of context
      and i hear people use this kind of claim so many times in order to justify israels acts
      Candace(or new jersey) dosnt occupy anybody and making such a comparison
      as if some sunny day the rocket fell from the sky on the peacfull land of israel is naive
      dont get me wrong i also feel the need to protect israel from those Hippocrates but i think that it is necessary for us to move beyond
      the basic israeli propaganda we`v been thought and challenge our self harder

      • Ephraim

        Israel is occupying the Gaza after the Gaza shot rockets at them and sent suicide bombers into Israel. When Israel handed Gaza to the Palestinians, It was developed by Israelis for them. They just wanted to fight instead. So call it occupation but it is what any civilized country would do.

  • Tzippy

    This is LAMINA time for Forgotten celebrities. (Look At Me I Need Attention). Guess what! We just fed his ego. His opinions do not matter.

  • Ted Jacobsen

    It is so sad and frustrating that Canadian singer Bryan Adams as exposed his woeful ignorance and latent anti-Semetism with his comments.

  • Speaker of Truth

    I’m not even even Jewish and I can put myself in Israel’s shoes. The palestinian issue is the greatest excuse for racism ever. PLO, Hezbollah, Hamas, ISIS, are all just varying degrees of the same sick fanaticism that my muslim friends say they condemn, but don’t dare make a stand. It is known in their world that their religious leaders preach murder and/or suicide as the ultimate act of heroism. Anyone who speaks out is in danger, whereas speaking out against Israel carries little consequence beyond possibly not getting a role in a Mel Brooks film.
    I have been to Israel and have seen protests against government policies including “occupation”. The people are divided about borders and by-laws, but at least there is democratic debate. Can this happen in Iran or Syria without people being killed in the streets? Take your time answering that.
    Being a person of color, I spent some time in East Jerusalem, speaking to Palestinians. Even they were divided among those that just want to live, and those who want everyone else to die for their own personal agenda of hate. I saw no sign of oppression. There was clearly some racial profiling, but hell, no worse than my people in America, and for much better reasons.
    In addition, we seem to give way too much credit to artists who are notoriously stupid in relation to everything outside their area of expertise. Who is Bryan Adams? A guy who writes a decent melody and some very pedestrian lyrics, but thinks he’s a poet? He’s not a Rhodes Scholar, and even if he were, prejudice trumps logic every time.
    Lastly, in what world does someone aim a hundred rockets into the middle of your city, then claim you killed civilians when you retaliate? Hamas is AIMING for civilians, just like the perpetrators of 9-11 and every other terrorist group. It’s what they do and that’s all I need to know.
    Idiots like this will change eventually see how wrong they were, but by then it may be too late.
    Good luck to all of you.

    • davidgroen1

      Great comment. May I put it up as a post? And if so you decide what name, Speaker of Truth or your real name. I just love what you wrote and think it needs to be seen by many

      • Speaker of Truth

        Please feel free to use as you please, but don’t use my name. you think I want a fatwa on MY head? Sorry. That was just humour. Speaker of Truth is fine.

  • Ephraim

    The problem is that we take talented people and give their words meaning. Adams is just a regular guy with a singular talent. He does not have any special perception of reality. His views are meaningless to me as are the views of professional athletes. If we stop taking these people seriously, we will not get upset with their sratements.

    • Miriam

      true but unfortuately not only do they become role models but their voice is heard louder than anyone else’s making what they say all that more important!

  • John K L

    Bryan Adams has always been an arrogant narcissistic, moron who has only ever been worried about himself. Does anyone even believe that he actually worries about justice, altruism, humanitarianism? H
    e’s a weak spined fish who goes with the flow of majority sheeple opinion.

  • Tarushka

    Strange comments, considering that BA lived in Israel as a kid in the early 70s.

  • Geoffrey Simmons

    Bryan Adams joins the ranks of people who still believe that KFC has owns factory farms breeding force-fed 6-legged chickens because they read it in a snowball mail shot.

  • Piet

    Ik houd van zijn muziek, maar zijn ideeen vind ik walgelijk. maar het feit dat iemand een bekende artiest is, maakt iemand nog niet slim ofzo…

    Ik heb zijn muziek gekregen van een vriend een tijdje geleden en heb er gelukkig niet voor hoeven te betalen want ik gun hem geen cent!

  • Riki

    Funny how Brian Adams is boycotting a state that allegedly allows an anti LGBT Discrimination. But, supports people that murders homosexuals by hanging them in a square. What a two face ass.

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