Open letter to George Clooney regarding his fiance’s comments

george-clooneyDear Mr. Clooney,

I am writing this letter to you because I feel it is extremely important that you become fully aware of the impact your fiance’s carefully chosen words have had on the Jewish community.  I also wish to ask you some questions so that people know where you stand regarding Israel and the Jewish people.

The words I am referring to, the words of your fiance, were part of a statement she made when turning down a place on the panel created to investigate Israel’s tactics in the most recent war against Hamas, which as you know is a terrorist organization.  She said the following: “I am horrified by the situation in the occupied Gaza Strip, particularly the civilian casualties and strongly believe that there should be an independent investigation and accountability for crimes that have been committed.”  I was greatly disappointed with her use of the term “occupied Gaza Strip”, which besides being totally inaccurate, also reveals a strong anti-Israel bias.  Israel does not occupy Gaza, in fact it does not even want a presence there.  It is only defending itself against a terrorist organization committed to its destruction.  A terrorist organization that runs Gaza with such a strong hand it should actually be called the occupier.  Her words also imply that Israel is guilty of crimes even though they are preceded with a call for an independent investigation.  It sounds very much like she has already decided the outcome of that investigation.

One of the main reasons I am writing to you Mr. Clooney, is because there is a sentiment within the Jewish community that your movies should be boycotted based on Ms. Alamuddin’s stance and your close personal ties to her.  In a discussion I had on social media someone specifically requested that I write this letter to you and do so with an open mind.  Although I believe Israel and the Jewish people do not have much margin for error when it comes to tolerating any unmerited attacks, I will ask you some questions rather than accuse you of something I do not know to be fact.  And as you read this, please understand that as a Jew and as a Zionist, I feel that fair treatment would have been sufficient from Ms. Alamuddin when assessing the situation in Gaza.  Unfortunately that was not what we received.

The first question is a very direct one.  Do you support your fiance’s anti-Israel stance?  Normally I would not have a problem with someone in the entertainment industry being quiet about Israel and the recent war in Gaza. Quite frankly, with some of the incredulous political comments that come out of Hollywood, I sometimes prefer the entertainer that remains silent and non-political. Unfortunately your fiance has put you in the position where your response is not only relevant but required.  And although you may look at this and say, “who does this guy think he is? I don’t owe him any answers”, the truth is you do owe the Jewish community answers.  We have been supportive of your career and to some extent instrumental in your success. You do not owe me anything personally, but you do owe it to the Jewish people to show where you stand.

What I find ironic is that like so many other celebrities and politicians, your fiance has remained quiet about the atrocities taking place at the hands of ISIL.  Although often referred to as ISIS or IS, I am purposely using the name ISIL, the name they use when referring to their wider regional ambitions, ambitions that very much include her native country of Lebanon.  I understand that Ms. Alamuddin is Druze which makes her words now and lack of words earlier even harder for me to comprehend.  Back in December, ISIL imposed Sharia Law on the Druze in the Syrian district of Idlib, forcing 30,000 of her fellow Druze into a life they did not choose, but one they needed to accept or face death.  It baffles me that your fiance remained quiet regarding this direct persecution of people of her very own faith.  And as a Druze, I would think she would not be so eager to indict Israel when Israel has not only allowed the Druze to live freely within its borders, it has helped them develop into an important group in Israeli society through service in the IDF and as politicians.  What may be the most difficult thing for me to understand however, is how a woman whose family fled Lebanon during a Civil War very much started by groups similar in ideology to Hamas, would jump on the bandwagon against the one country willing to fight them.  Let me add that I realize she is Lebanese, but she has also spent much of her life in Britain, and knowing the benefits of western civilization, why would she do the bidding of an organization fighting against everything western civilization stands for?  It makes no sense to me and frankly, as an intelligent man it should make no sense to you as well.

It’s possible that in making her statement but refusing a spot on the panel your fiance felt she was diplomatically playing both sides of the fence.  If that was her intention, her comments referring to Gaza as occupied and her statement of certainty that crimes were committed before an investigation even commences, makes it so that many in the Jewish community feels she lacks any degree of objectivity.  It’s also possible that your involvement was to ask her to not be on the panel and that you thought by her turning down the position it would be enough to satisfy the pro-Israel lobby.  I am here to tell you that if that is the case, it is not enough.  I don’t expect everyone to express unconditional support for Israel, but when assessing this recent conflict, an unfair bias against Israel expresses a far more negative sentiment, not only towards Israel, but towards the Jewish people as a whole.

If you are not prepared to make a stand and show an objective fairness or if you remain silent and attempt to not get involved, you would deserve to lose Jewish support.  Your inaction and silence would imply agreement on your part and as a Jew it would tell me that you have very little affection and respect for who we are.  Under those circumstances, why should any of us spend our time or money on any of your projects?  Personally I hope you do not remain silent because I have enjoyed your work, but the future and well-being of the State of Israel is far more important to me than your entertainment value.

So I ask you Mr. Clooney, are you going to do the right thing or the easy thing? I hope you understand the seriousness of this situation and seriously consider what you say or do moving forward.  I suspect it may have an impact on your career.


David Groen


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33 responses to “Open letter to George Clooney regarding his fiance’s comments

  • Miriam

    I completely agree with this letter. I hope Mr. Cooney has the decency to reply!

  • Sharon

    After all his years of being single he is marrying an anti semetic ignorant woman . I don’t care if she is a lawyer her statement is one of ignorance or just pure stupidity and she obviously does not know the diffence between good and evil people! Don’t blame the Jews!

    • Stu Levine

      Do not slander David like that! He never claimed she was anti-semitic, dummy. In fact he points out her Druze origin, an ethnic group widely accepted in Israel. He disagrees with two of her words ‘occupy’ and ‘investigation.’

      He makes some decent points and if he knew George Clooney, he would be right to bring them up to him. I disagree with David, and I think referring to ‘occupying’ could be a reference to the current incursion in Gaza, and every war has an investigation of potential war crimes. Also I do applaud her for not sitting on the panel. I do not clam to speak for all Jews, (nor does David,) but, as, I never knew my great-grandparents were machine gunned and thrown into a pit by Nazi collaborating partisans in Latvia, days before they were scheduled to join my 18 year old.

      However, the oat disgusting lowlife piece of filth here, is this stupid idiot Sharon, who posted above. She makes me nauseous and frankly embarrassed to be pro-Israel. Sharon, you are what we refer to here in New York as ‘meshugga af toit’ (David’s countrymen would say ‘heel gek,’) with your stupid description of ‘good and evil people.’ I have no idea if you are a Jew, but good g-d, you think like a goyim. We Jews know, there are no ‘good and evil people,’ just people. If you ever bothered to read any of the holy books of our religious tradition, you would know that.

      • Stu Levine

        Spell check and accidental delete borked my post…so the last sentence 2nd paragraph is a bit garbled…

        What I meant say was:

        I never knew my great-grandparents AS they were killed by Nazis, before they could join my grandmother (who survived) in New York, so I know a little something about Anti-Semitism.

        …unlike that silly cow Sharon, who just probably is frustrated that she can’t get a man so she spends her nights fantasizing about George Clooney and this frustrates her terribly.

      • Miriam

        Sorry, but “occupying” does not refer to the current incursion in Gaza… Are you kidding me???? They claim to be fighting because of the occupation but we really know their goal is simply to kill because when Israel pulled out totally they started digging tunnels and throwing rockets. Those muslim extremists hate Israel and hate America and everyone who is not Muslim and this is who the palestinians elected for their leader.

      • Stu Levine

        Those muslim extremists do hate americans and they are willing to sacrifice their own people. That’s not who Clooney’s fiancé is. Here’s the point, Miriam.

        What Ms. Alamuddin said was no different than any number of comments maid by prominent left wing Jewish Israeli politicians commentators, and not just self loathing Jews. So, whilst her comment may not reflect politically what you or David or I or you feels, why should it have to?

      • Miriam

        The difference is that self hating jews don’t claim to want to kill me and other zionist but muslim extremist want to kill!! I think self hating Jews better wake up fast!

  • Ray

    Its about time that people speak about the genocide that is going on against the Palestinian people. Mr. Groen deliberately ignores the fact that Gaza is the world largest open air prison .Where else in the world can you go bomb schools , hospitals and residential apartment buildings under the pretext of self defense.
    Its time people see Israeli leaders for what they are and not what for what pretends to be.

    • loco

      Not very educated are you??? But don’t let that stop you for being a. A fucking hypocrite (I’ll give you a hint …Syria ohhh yeah over there they don’t bomb anything) b. A fucking Jew hater!! EDUCATE YOURSELF before you trow your stupid opinions around dumb ass!!!

      • Ray

        I guess the old saying that an idiot is born every minute describes you perfectly. You talk about me not being very educated , But, by the way you use the profanity I think anybody with a 1/4 of brain can determine who the uneducated one is ?
        If you had a enough brain you would realized that Holocaust happened because too many people stayed quiet and look the other way while the massacre of Jews was talking place . If enough people had spoken out and taken a position it might not have ever happened. You as a born idiot, should know that whenever & wherever a genocide is taking place then people should not sit quietly & let it happen .It does not matter if the massacare is against Jews, Palestinian or other ethnicities.
        But i guess being Zionist , you think your life is worth more then everybody else’s because you are one of the” Chosen people”

    • Miriam

      Gaza is a prison ONLY BECAUASE HAMAS IS HOLDING ALL THOSE PALESTINIANS BY GUNPOINT. They could have built a beautiful place to live with schools and shops. Instead they spent American and European money building terror tunnels and buying suicide vests. israelis value life palestinians/Hamas value death and they say it straight out.

    • Tanya New Zealand

      Ray are you living in reality or in some other realm of existence? Gaza is an open air prison……. with shopping malls and movie complexes, 5 star hotels, olympic swimming pools, schools hospitals mosques supermarkets, markets, Restaurants, fine dinning restaurants, bath houses, seaside resorts and restaurants……must i go on? If that is an open air prison….people should be rushing to be locked up all over the middle east…(least us not forget the thousand + millionaires who live there)..Where else in the world can you bomb schools and hospitals and residential buildings? are you crazy….um try Israel for one ..Hamas fire rockest (for the last 9 years) at Israeli schools, residential buildings, kindergartens, old peoples homes, hospitals, you name it they aim it……daily…..rocket attacks into israel daily it is just thanks to the Israeli govt, that they have bomb shelters and the iron dome to protect themselves from the barbarians they live next door to…..but hell getting away from the obvious and stating what I would think was obvious…you ask where in the world can fire on schools and hospitals etc……Well let me think off the top of my head I can tell you this…..Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, Libya, Oman, the Congo, Somalia, Nigeria, Afganistan, Pakistan, Chetnaya, Russia, Georgia, the Ukraine, several other nations in Africa…and I have probably missed out many others….but thats for a start….You asked….As for the defence issue…..who the hell on earth would accept Rockets and suicide bombers and murders and kidnappings of their people to go along unanswered? so everyone else on the planet is allowed to protect (in most cases subjugate and overthrow their own people let alone protect them) their own people from their enemies and open warfare, except Israel? You Mr are an ignorant, brainwashed racist who should keep his idiotic opinions to himself….because they are so wrong and fabricated that you just make yourself look absolutely idiotic and unschooled at the very very least…..May i suggest you educate yourself on the two sides of a story before you deem to think you have any right to add to the comments. You silly silly man.

      • Ray

        You seem to think that i am not educated to comment on this issue, contrary , the lack of education is really on your part.
        If you know the reason why palestinians are firing rockets you would not be making the statements that you are making today.
        Lets imagine , someone came over & took over your home/land by force then they built a wall on all 4 sides to keep you imprisoned in your own home and control/restrict your every move then abuse you on a daily basis and then bomb you out of your own home every 2-3 years then tell you your life is worth less then mine . Maybe if you are a Donkey you might take it , but not if you are a human being.
        AS per hospital & schools and all those other things that you claim were made in Gaza by the money provided to them by United States & other countries ; You conveniently forgot to mention the $5 billion aides that Israel receives from the U.S , Germany and other countries plus the sophisticated weapons that they get from the United States so that they
        can use it to bomb hospitals, schools & homes .
        The facts speak for themselves 67 Isreali soldiers died while
        over 1900 palestinian woman & children died.

        I wonder who is more civilized and targets defenseless civilians

  • Randi Sina

    Definetly anxious to see of u get a response?

    • Mark

      Would you have us believe that all 1900 deaths in Gaza were women and children? As I watch this conflict play out, I think it sad that even one life is lost, on either side of the current conflict. But why is it that every media outlet delineates between Israeli Soilders and Israeli civilians, but no media outlet differentiates between Hamas fighters and civilians? Even you claim unequivocally that all 1900 deaths in Gaza were woman and children. Upon what facts do you base that statement? I cannot find any reference to the number of Hamas fighters that are included in the 1900 women and children. I am not calling you names, nor do I wish to attack your posts. I am just very interested as to the source of your facts.

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  • ron ellis

    Unfortunately the “Trendy left” and “liberal do-gooders” have fallen for the cynical portrayal by the terrorists of the Palestinians as victims. What these people, including Ms Alamuddin fail to realise is that if, heaven forbid, the Hamas / IS terrorists achieve their objective and annihilate all Israelis, then Jews, all other religions would become persecuted. Followed by their own moderates. Women, regarded as second class citizens by these neanderthals, would be seriously suppressed. Would Ms Alamuddin then enjoy her Hollywood lifestyle?

  • Lisa

    I’m an orthodox jew who supports israel and the destruction of hamas. but i have NO idea why you think george clooney owes you any sort of response because his fiancee has an opinion about something!
    “We have been supportive of your career and to some extent instrumental in your success.” WHAT?? More instrumental than the christians, muslims, buddhists, and atheists who see his movies?
    Is he obligated to share information on his favorite charities just because you may or may not support them? What about the type of food he eats which reflects on the types of farmers and their policies?
    I read articles every day about the israeli/palestinian conflict and this is by far the most entitled, ridiculous ‘open letter’ i have ever seen on this topic.

    • davidgroen1

      Since you and I are absolutely on the same side here, and I genuinely respect your opinion, here is my response and clarification for you so that you see my reasoning. I do not hold him accountable for her views. I do 2 things. I ask his views and, I create consequences for her statements. In this case one of the consequences is putting her fiance in a position where he needs to chime in on an issue where he would have otherwise been able to remain silent. I don’t know how he feels. I am clear about that. A Dane makes a satirical comic about Muslims and there are violent riots all over the world. A high profile lawyer blatantly shows anti-Israel bias and many people are concerned we might be unfair to her actor fiance? It’s not like I am advocating physical harm here. I am merely asking for clarification on his views and applying pressure in the name of my love for Israel and the Jewish people. I’d be happy with him saying she has her views, I have mine and I respect her for her views. But her comments have consequences, The very people she sides with would throw a rock through his window or do a lot worse than write him an open letter, I merely use her comments as justification to apply pressure on her by showing what her words could do to her high profile fiance.

      • Mark

        I am sorry, but as a practicing, socially active Jewish leader in my community, your letter demanding a response from George Clonney for comments made by his fiancé is ludicrous. Of all people, as Jews, we favor an egalitarian society where women have the same rights as men to formulate and articulate their own opinions. In what world would an individual practicing Judaism use extortion to obtain the denouncement of one’s fiancé’s statement. They are not even married. I don’t know if you are married David, however, I would never crumble to external pressure to stifle my wife’s opinions. On the contrary, I have always encouraged my wife and daughter to be free thinkers even in times that I do not agree with those opinions. I for one will not boycott Mr. Clooney’s movies because of something his fiancé has said. Your threat to his career is repugnant and disgusts me. This is not a Mel Gibson Anti-Semetic outburst or a Penelope Cruise misinformed open letter accusing Israel of genocide. Although you may have a few friends that obviously consider Clooney and his fiancé as one, thereby prompting you to write a letter purporting to represent the Jewish People, attempting to extort an explanation of Clooney’s views or suffer the wrath of a Jewish Boycott is clearly unacceptable. You do not speak for me and I am sure there are other Jewish men and woman who do not embrace your invasion of privacy and threatening tactics. I believe Clooney owes you and your friends nothing, however you owe him a genuine apology. The only person that can cause an individual to change is that individual. All the Clooney Boycotts in the world will not change his fiancé’s views. If those views are to change, only she can change them. Why not an open letter to her asking her the basis of her opinions? Do you fear her answers? Your letter is out of line. Shame on you!

  • Antonio

    I have nothing against Jewish but you guys have a reputation of bring cheap , greedy and cause problems . Israel is killing innocent people and that is the issue here . His fiancée seems honest and smart . It’s the TRUTH !

    • Sant

      Really? Can you stereotype any further? A reputation for being cheap and greedy? This comment is seriously the saddest of all.
      I respect both sides but your comment was ignorant at best. So sad that people actually still think like you. I’m not only referring to this religion but I’m against stereotyping in any culture or religion. It makes people racist and ignorant. Just saying…

  • Kaplan

    This is the stupidest letter ever written. It should be read like an SNL parody. ‘We will kill children, and we will write a letter to a celebrity urging him to reprimand his fiance because she was horrified by civilian casualties.’ What an animal she must be for being horrified by the deaths of civilians.

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  • olga

    We are alone here in this world. Hundreds thousands killed now in Irak, Africa, etc. Nobody cares. Jordan killed more then 20 thousand of Palestinians and get them all out of country.Israel gives their territories to Palestinians, Israel supply the killers with electricity and water, Israel gladly educate them in schools, even in prisons, and what? All world hate us and name us aggressor. Dear liberal self hating Jews, please, stop be idiots, there are nobody would love you even if you kill yourself to support the anti-Semites. As was written in our Torah: “love your Brother Jew as you love yourself”. Do not believe to the reformists translation about “love your Neighbor”. Just stand up together, and our G-d will help us!
    And about Clooney. I do not go on his movies anyway, because he is a big Obama lover. So do not expect Clooney to love us, Jews. He is not just in the bed with terrorists lover, he is in a bed with Muslims.

  • Baruch

    This must surely be one of the most ill-thought out letters ever written to support the Israel cause. Clearly written solely as an emotional reaction to her use of the word ‘occupied’, and completely overlooking the gift that she declined to take part in the UN ‘investigation’ you not only go on to pour oil on the fire by demanding and, somewhat arrogantly, requiring that her partner – a more public figure than she – clarifies whether he is ‘anti-Israel’ or not, but you then purport to speak on our behalf by threatening a boycott of his movies and to also threaten to negatively impact his Hollywood career if he doesn’t reply.

    This type of outburst is manna from heaven for those who regularly say that we control Hollywood.

    I agree with Mark’s reply earlier in the thread. You don’t speak for me, and if someone doesn’t like something my wife says I say take it up with her.
    Why not write an open letter to his fiance instead?
    I can’t help feel this open letter is misguided and it would have been better to leave Mr. Clooney out of this.

  • davidarochelle

    David Groen needs to share his letter with the NY Times, Variety THReporter, etc, to solicit their opinions on the subject. Major media has been strangely quiet on this situation, even given the info provided below.
    Where’s Martin Bashir, or another very courageous reporter?
    Amal hasn’t spoken out against ISIS, because her mother Baria Alamuddin, the proven force behind this fauxmance for nefarious purposes ,edits Dabaq. That’s the online English jihaddist recruiting mag for ISIS. Google it and read the bottom of the 2nd issue. ISIS wants its black flag on top of the Cathedral of Rome and on the White House. Italian media has really been promoting this wedding too.

  • Ivonne

    I can’t believe that the most handsome man in the World is marring the ugliest girl in the World. Besides stupid!!

  • Aliza Tahari

    George girlfriend is form Lebanon Do u expect anything else from an Arab ???…George knows very well that he will lose his acting carrier soon thats why his arab girlfriend did not take the job from the UN…

  • davidarochelle

    The site, Clooney Aficionados, has collectively done extensive internet research on the true views of both Amal and her mother Baria, including direct ISIS associations. You will be shocked. We are no longer pro-Clooney, because evidently he doesn’t care what his fiancee and her mother believe or do. We also don’t understand why the mainstream media refuses to write an expose.

  • davidarochelle

    Aliza Tahari, As long as Clooney makes any money for Hollywood, he’ll still be employed. He’s making 3 new films this year. His fiancees’ family is very wealthy and has many connections to finance films. Hollywood has been very quiet.

  • davidarochelle

    David, I URGENTLY need to contact you, as I have URGENT info for you.
    I’m on Gmail under my name, or on FB. I don’t use the latter except to exchange initial emails. I can provide a great deal of researched and linked materials. Thank you.

  • Lisa

    Her father is Druze and her mother is Sunni. That whole family is rabidly anti-Semtiic. The truth of the matter is that Clooney married an anti-Semtitic, terrorist-loving bitch. Her family has political clout in Lebanon. He’s on her side, he has to be. Begin the boycott.

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