This site is a dedication to the victims, survivors, and heroes during the Nazi occupation of Holland during World War II.  We give special recognition to the acts of righteousness of the ordinary Dutchman, the bravery of the Dutch Resistance and the various relevant locations including a once vibrant and significant Jewish community in Amsterdam.  And most importantly, we will honor and never forget the 6 million Jews who perished at the hands of the Nazis with a special focus on the estimated 104,000 Jews from Holland.  Much of what you will read on this site will be inspired & reference the book “Jew Face”.

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  • TXvegmama

    My husband is 1/2 Dutch. We found a letter written by a Jewish man from Poland who was hidden in his grandmother’s house in Amsterdam for three and a half years during the war. No one in the family knew the story and now his gradmother had died, the last in her immediate family. It was beyond touching to know that her family put their lives at risk to help him.

  • Linda Levine

    You posted an excellent open letter to Henk Zanoli. Did you also send it directly to him (I hope so), and if you did has he responded?

  • Linda Levine

    I would like a reply to my question as to whether this was an open letter or actually sent

    • davidgroen1

      I always do my best to have my letters reach the people I am writing to. If I get any type of acknowledgment that he receives the letter or I get a response I will surely let everyone know

  • Louisette

    Hi David
    I will read your book – my parents were in hiding in Holland, so I have a special interest in your parents’ story and Holland’s Heroes.
    Also I want to contact you on behalf of the London Jewish Cultural Centre. We seek to contact people who have links with Righteous Among Nations. Can you help? We are planning events to commemorate 70 years since 1945 by celebrating those who helped us survive. Would you be able to help us contact relatives of the Righteous?
    Met vriendekijke goed
    Louisette Durham

  • Steven Hess

    I just stumbled on this site, the result of clicking to read your letter to the despicable “Rosie” My twin sister and I are among the fewer than 4% of the Jews from Holland who survived deportation to the camps. After Westerbork, we were sent to Bergen Belsen. We are also among the handful of twins to survive. My father, together with Walter Suskind, helped many Jews to escape from the Hollandsche Schouwburg. I have many letters of gratitude.

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