Follow Up Open Letter to George Clooney: Post Marriage

PAY-George-Clooney-and-Amal-AlamuddinDear George,

I admit I am a hopeless romantic.  I love it when two people get together, have the fairy tale love affair and get married in a beautiful wedding.  It brings joy to my heart.  But I’m not feeling it this time my friend.  What is usually the beautiful scent of romance in this case is replaced with the putrid stench of a disingenuous, political, self-serving union.

There are many who feel you and your Jew-hating bride are of little consequence.  Of course I would love that to be true, but the problem is that I think you may turn out to be a dangerous man.  For starters, the fact that you are “just an actor” doesn’t make me feel much better.  It is often mentioned that you have political aspirations and Americans have already shown they’d be willing to elect an actor to the highest office.  If you were as good of a man as the last actor to reach great heights in American politics I’d have no problem with that, unfortunately, not only are you not as good of a man as Ronald Reagan was, you’re not even as good of an actor.

As opposed to when I wrote my first letter to you, this time I’m convinced you share your wife’s views on Israel and the Middle East.  What I also now know is that you are a political coward.  You sit there and say nothing while your new anti-Semitic relatives do all the talking.  Your new father-in-law has declared your marriage is “very good news for the Middle East”.  I wouldn’t get too excited George,  I’m sure he always thinks it’s good news when two people who hate Israel get together.

I am sure I will be reprimanded by some for accusing you of something you never said, but let’s be real here.  By keeping quiet as often as you do, while your rabidly anti-Semitic wife and father-in-law speak,  you’re already making your statement loud and clear.  Of course coming right out and saying it might derail your political career, since after all, everyone knows the Jews control everything, right George? Just ask your new family.  They’ll tell you.

Unlike so many others out there I have no intention of congratulating you. Like I said, I’m a romantic.  I usually love this sort of thing.  But what usually is a fairy tale has the potential to be more of a scary tale, because like most dishonest people who wind up in politics, you are clearly going to try to hide your true feelings from the general public as long as possible.   Let me just tell you though, it’s going to be a lot harder to pretend you’re cool now that you’ve married into a family that hates Jews.  And if you do run for president one day you may have just lost New York, even if you did just win Michigan.

I would leave you with a Mazal Tov just to make you and your bride’s skin crawl both, but I just wouldn’t mean it.


David Groen





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7 responses to “Follow Up Open Letter to George Clooney: Post Marriage

  • victor feldman

    george clooney at best is comic book actor…very one dimentional …the range of a free range egg!….so this new development doesnt do him any favours…the whole thing didnt add up…and now i see why !!!!

  • Aliza Tahari

    George and Amal can both convert to Islam and move into Gaza and live happily ever after…he can make action movie with the Hamas that son of a bitch with his Jew hating wife

  • Sheila Tankers

    You say things that are polarizing and misguided. I feel sorry for you.

  • barak

    I was surprised by this “Open Letter”. I am Israeli. I am a Zionist. I am Jewish. And I have defended Israel both within a military framework (as an IDF Veteran) and now in a social framework. So George Clooney should not get married because his father in law is an anti-semite? This is not a serious argument on any level. His wife is a rabid Jew hater? I read a lot, I mean A LOT and I find no evidence of some kind of pronounced and sustained anti Israel activity. (blogs & websites by insignificant and unknown individuals who are not serious journalists don’t count). As for her being Pro Israel or Pro Israeli? I doubt it given her cultural and educational background and lack of Jewish friends. But I see no reason to write such a horrible letter? While I admire your efforts in protecting and promoting Israel, in this case your anger is simply misplaced and unwarranted. There is an American expression: “We have bigger fish to fry”. Meaning there are many threats to Israel and Jews right now. Many of which are emanating from Europe. We could use your well meaning efforts on those real and current threats as opposed to focusing on a marriage is of interest to mostly the readership of People magazine and British tabloids.

    • davidgroen1

      Barak, Thank you for a fair and honest critique on my approach towards this matter. It’s nice to see someone disagree with it while still so clearly being on the same side. I wrote an article based on some of the criticism I received called “Misplaced Passions”. That article does not apply to you because we clearly would agree on most issues, just not this one. The only thing I would say in rebuttal to your point is that regardless of the discussion of other evidence of the feeling towards Israel, if you look at Ms. Alamuddin’s statement whe turning down the UN position to investigate war crimes. the wording clearly indicates an anti-Israel bias. She said the following: “I am horrified by the situation in the occupied Gaza Strip, particularly the civilian casualties and strongly believe that there should be an independent investigation and accountability for crimes that have been committed.” It’s somewhat subtle, but very clearly anti-Israel and I believe dangerous when coming from someone who may be in the running for first lady in the not too distant future. Be that as it may, I agree with you when you say we have bigger fish to fry and would love to communicate with you more about your thoughts and ideas. If you are interested in doing so use the email Again, thank you!

      • Leah

        Dear David,
        I am a Zionist before anything else. But like Barak, I think that your letter is a little too strong. What I read about GC wife is that she is a Druze. (I know nothing about her father). Considering that she has been born into the world of Islam, let’s say that she has been very restrained. When we know what actually Islam teaches their adherents, it is no wonder how Muslims think in general. I like the work of Pamela Geller who is trying to educate the world about the basic teaching of Islam and put the blame where it should belong: in the religion itself.
        In my own (Jewish family) one granddaughter doesn’t accept any critic directed to Muslims because her best friend is Muslim. Therefore, she thinks that we are wrong in putting all of them in the same basket as Hamas or Isis.
        Really, when we go to individual situations, it is very difficult to judge.
        I have no idea how Georges Clooney thinks, but we have to understand and accept that for most people, the conflict Israel-Palestine is not the most important thing in their lives and I am sure that in the majority of cases, they could not care less.
        But, as Isis is getting too close for comfort, things may change. Maybe they will start to be interested, learn, think for themselves, in which case I am in no doubt of the direction where the world sympathy will actually swing to.
        Am Yisrael Chai.

  • Ezaza

    Clooney picked this stranger ” to our shores” for promoting his future night walking dreams of running for politics- the same way Weiner picked his wife, and it backfired in his Jewish face.
    Clooney will have no clue……

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