Open Letter to Jimmy Carter







Dear Mr. Carter,

For a long time I shied away from writing you this letter.  Seeing as you are a former President of the United States I imagine I am restricted at some of the things I am allowed to say to you, certainly in the manner in which I say them. Despite that I will speak to you openly and will temper my remarks out of the respect I have for the rule of law in the United States of America.

Even your biggest critics and detractors have never doubted your intellectual capacity.  Your comments and sentiments can’t be chalked up to just being an ignorant peanut farmer.  Some people believe age has caught up to your mind and that a degree of dementia has set in.  I think that is an unfair thing to say, especially in light of the fact that the culpability you try to apply to Israel is more as a result of your botched policies 35 years ago when you were a much younger man, and incidentally and sadly, the American president.

If I thought you were merely a dumb man, I believe I would be a little less disturbed by your frequent anti-Zionist rantings and I would be more amused instead.  However, the anti-Zionist/anti-Semitic statements you frequently and exuberantly make are deliriously and cleverly mixed with language that makes the less educated and open-minded people of the world susceptible to your misinformation.

Let’s be honest here Mr. Carter.  Had you not mishandled the Iranian revolution in epic fashion, the worst problems we face today may not ever have existed.  Had you shown the strength and character to address the Muslim uprising back then in the manner you should have, the people of Gaza who you pretend to care for so much would not be controlled by the corrupt iron fist of an Iranian puppet.

I know you feel the best solution to the world’s problems is a lot of dead Jews, but as one of those Jews I find your approach to be a disgrace to America, to good Christians everywhere, and to the special and respected office you once held.

I know you find your own opinions to be fascinating, but please keep in mind that a long time back they weren’t even impressive enough to win you a second term in office.

I wish you health and a long life, I just hope I don’t have to hear what you have to say anymore.


David Groen




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4 responses to “Open Letter to Jimmy Carter

  • Neil Edwards

    You are being much too charitable here David. Jimmy Carter is a disgrace to the high office he once held. This country would be better off if he just faded out of sight and disappeared from public life.

  • sam

    This idiot peanut farmer has outlived his unusefulness. time for him to drop dead

  • jay Mincis

    Dude he is a piece of crap and was an absolute embarrassment to the office of the presidency. He is clearly an antisemitic person who probably always harbored disdain for jews and Judaism. I don’t think he is any great scholar. It is obvious that he doesn’t know the meaning of words such as apartheid. Based on his constant anti israel diatribe, like Roger Waters, he is not worthy of respect. He is not owed any respect by the Jewish community. It would be nice if he just shut his mouth.

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