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A Liberal with Zero Tolerance

img65649I am a self-proclaimed Liberal.  I believe in being tolerant.  However, like everything else in life, tolerance has a breaking point as well.  Today mine was broken.  With the murder of Eyal Yifrach, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Frenkel, 16, I no longer believe a peaceful solution is possible with our Palestinian enemies.  Yes, I said enemies.  I did not say partners, I did not say neighbors, I did not say counterparts.  Just as the Germany that existed between 1933 and 1945 were enemies of not only the Jewish people but the entire civilized world, so too the Arabs in and around Israel have developed into the same opponents of decency not seen since Nazi Germany.

I am by nature, a pacifist.  I am no “tough guy”, nor do I ever proclaim to be. However, tolerance and liberalism needs to be saved for human beings who you have differences with, not with animals set on the destruction of anything decent.  With that said I wholeheartedly support the harshest of actions.  I also will no longer, and urge every human being who believes in what is right to do the same, support any government’s policies that stand in the way of Israel doing what needs to be done.

And now I will make a statement totally removing myself from my Liberal positions.  All of you out there, be you anti-Semites who like seeing Jews suffer, residents of civilized nations who thinks it is only the problem of Israel and the Jewish people, or Liberal Americans, Jew and non-Jew alike, listen very carefully.  They’re coming for you as well.  Like the Nazi sympathizers who thought they were exempt, anyone who supports this cause or does not fight against it will only be useful for as long as they are needed to push their agenda.  Once they do, if they can reach you, me, all of us, they will kill us as well.

To President Obama I say this.  At best you are exhibiting a similarity to Neville Chamberlain, at worst you’ve picked the wrong side.  Either way  you’ve got it wrong.  You want a legacy Mr. President?  Try using your powers as leader of the Free World to keep it free.  If nothing else please stay out of Israel’s way.

Sadly I now feel that the slogan “Bring back out Boys” needs to be changed to “Avenge our Boys”.

Now is the time for Israel to be the Guardian we’ve always hoped it would be



As the Israeli Security Cabinet gets ready to convene in an emergency session due to dramatic developments in the case of the 3 Kidnapped Yeshiva students, it strikes me that as Jews worldwide we are witnessing a prime example of what we always hoped we’d see, a modern nation whose primary purpose is to protect the Jewish people.

When Hitler’s Nazis came to power in 1933, the largest percentage of Jews were living in Eastern Europe.  As a population the Jews had some degree of unity, but never had a defensive force of any kind.   Jews were sadly for the most part, sitting ducks, with no way to defend against this powerful and evil military force.

Although the Jewish people find themselves exposed to hatred unseen for decades, the playing field is very different today.  To truly see to it that “Never Again” is more than just a slogan, we need to recognize the importance and encourage the support of the State of Israel.  More and more the world will see by the actions of the Israeli government, and I truly believe it is a bi-partisan policy, that actions against the Jewish people might take place on local levels, but any serious attempt to wipe us out the way that Hitler wanted to, will be met with the full force of a military that can and will cause serious damage if necessary.

As a people we may always find ourselves under attack, but thanks to Israel  we will NEVER AGAIN be helpless.  All Jews need to realize this, even those who feel Israel’s existence and government is contrary to the way they choose to practice Judaism.


Holland’s Football Heroes, the Agony of Victory, and the Whining about Diving

Arjen+Robben+IEven though this is a post to address the heroics of the Dutch National Soccer team earlier against Mexico, I want to start with a rant.  I am sick and tired of my fellow Americans bitching and moaning about players diving in the World Cup.  Seen an NBA game lately? Half the fouls take place when the offensive player moves into the opponent.  And flopping is a term coined for actions committed in the NBA.    How many players can even get off the ground without putting their hands out?  And don’t even get me started on how many superstars get away with travelling.  So enough already. You like that sport.  Teams win and lose and everyone has the option to use the rules to their advantage.  I’ve seen my teams lose often enough that I feel it was fair to see it go my teams way for once.  Especially when talking about The Netherlands in World Cup play.

The great thing about being a sports fan is that it allows you to put all your emotions and hopes out there without the fear of devastating consequences.  Everyone can pretty much say that when they follow a sports team they will see their team win or lose.  What you don’t know is when you will have that moment.  That moment when all seems lost, and quietly you know it is all over for your team, even if you tell yourself there is still hope.  That moment is complete when against all odds your team comes back from the dead with a performance of historic proportions.  I experienced it as a New York Met fan in 1986, as  a Philadelphia Flyer fan when a few years back when they came back from 3-0 down in a series against the Boston Bruins, and then from 3-0 down in game 7 , and I experienced it in this World Cup with Holland’s miraculous comeback against Mexico.  At the 85th minute of the game it felt like all was lost.  I already knew that I would have no more Dutch team to follow in this 2014 FIFA World Cup.  And then, Wesley Sneijder scores in the 88th minute tying a game that seemed lost,  and  4  minutes later Arjen Robben makes something from nothing and draws a penalty shot, comfortably put away by Klaas-Jan Huntelaar.

Yes I know this is just a game, and I know that these Dutch heroes don’t come anywhere near to matching the Dutch heroes I speak of in the book Jew Face: A story of Love and Heroism in Nazi occupied Holland, but on this day these Dutchmen gave me, many close to me, and millions of other people moments of pure joy only that moment of joy in sports can bring.

Now win it for my mother!   Pass this around…Let’s start a campaign….CLICK HERE..Come on Holland win it for my mother.

Attention Netherlands Soccer Players:Win it for my Mother

9781468573909_COVER.inddLieve Nederland..Dear Dutch Soccer Team,

My mother is 92 years old, born and raised in Amsterdam, and a soccer (she only calls it football) fan.

She has expressed a strong desire to see you win the World Cup.  God willing she has many more World Cups left, but she is 92 and the window for this team is questionable.  Find something extra guys and win it for her!

Go Holland!

Thank you Ted Cruz: Bring Back our Boys!

I never thought Ted Cruz would bring tears to my eyes, but in this speech he does.  Well done Senator.  You did not politicize this, you did not mince words and you made it as important as it is.  I for one will never look at Ted Cruz the same way.  Thank you.   Bring Back our Boys!

A Kidnapper only a Mother could love

suspectsThe old saying, “it’s a world gone mad” has taken on a new meaning.  We now live in a world where mothers can be proud of their sons for kidnapping without the world showing outrage.  Let’s look at this objectively.  If an Israeli missile kills civilians being used as a human shield by terrorists, the world now calls it genocide.  But when 3 young students, yes students, not soldiers, not terrorists, not “freedom fighters”,  students, get abducted for merely being Jewish, the mother of one of the suspects can speak of her son glowingly for his crime.  When asked about her sons suspected involvement in the kidnapping, the mother of Amer Abu Aysha said that “if her son did take part in the kidnapping, she was proud of him and hoped he would continue to evade capture, both by Israeli and Palestinian Authority security forces.”
Read more: Israel names suspects in kidnapping of three teens | The Times of Israel
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Are people so scared that they dare not speak, or has the world plummeted that far into a moral abyss?  Once again I ask the hypocritical anti-Semites masquerading as human rights activists, where is your loud voice now?  Or will this be one more example of how you only care about the lives you give value to?  Jewish lives are clearly not included.

Bring Back our Boys!

Yes indeed…We’re everywhere

beckermanpicAfter looking up various sources it appears the U.S.A. National Soccer team playing in the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brasil does indeed have a Jewish player on their team.  Whether or not it is both parents, just his mother (which would satisfy all Jews requirements) or just his father (something that would not satisfy the most traditional within the religion’s ranks) I do not know.  But I do know he is referred to as Jewish.  Good enough for me.

For the record, even if we didn’t have one I’d still be cheering for them to beat Germany today.   Just a little tidbit I know a bunch of you out there will appreciate.  Maybe he makes it into Adam Sandler’s next Hanukkah song.  That might depend on whether or not he helps us win.  Go U.S.A! (unless you play The Netherlands).

Why this Picture is Right

Lionel Messi with kidnapped kids shirtOf the over 17,500 hits I received from posting this picture, together with the article titled “A Beautiful Irony”, I have also received approximately 10 comments stating that this picture is indeed a fake one, with some claiming Lionel Messi is not pro-Israel or pro-Jewish at all.  Let me address that.  It is very clear to anyone who understands the timeline of the kidnappings and the current soccer schedule of Lionel Messi that this picture is a result of photo-shop.  But the statements made in my article are accurate.  Lionel Messi has indeed exhibited a pro-Israel and pro-Jewish sentiment and I will use his stance on the politics of the issue to make an important point.  Not all people who show sympathy towards the Palestinians are anti-Israel.  In fact, to show support for the development of the residents of the West Bank and Gaza while showing solidarity towards Israel makes the statement that the disadvantages that these people have are not the result of a mistreatment from the Israeli people and their government.  If anything it makes the statement that it is not Israel’s fault at all, rather the result of corrupt leaders, terrorist regimes, and lack of concern and even worse, manipulation by their fellow Arabs in the region.

Most importantly, as a result of that last post, more people have seen the picture showing the 3 kidnapped Yeshiva students, with the slogan that we must make everyone hear or see till they are freed, “Bring Back Our Boys”.  Not that I can speak for him, but from what I can tell, Lionel Messi has never shown anything other than behavior that would indicate that he would want the same.  One of the reasons I loved seeing him score 2 more goals today against Nigeria.

Another Schmuck Bites the Dust

Gary_Oldman_at_the_London_premiere_of_Tinker_Tailor_Soldier_Spy_(4)I remember when I once called Pink Floyd one of my favorite rock bands. Thanks to being partially made up of hypocritical anti-Semites Roger Waters and Nick Mason I no longer have a desire to even listen to their music.  Having for many years called my two favorite actors Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman, I can now say it’s down to one.  Goodbye Gary Oldman, you moronic, anti-Semitic, homophobic, misogynist blowhard.  Turns out you’re closer to being the class of person you were in the Professional to the class of person you were in Batman.  You not only defended Mel Gibson, you actually came close to out doing him with your classless ranting.  CLICK HERE FOR TIMES OF ISRAEL ARTICLE.  And oh yeah.    Thanks for making the upcoming Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie less enjoyable.  Even though from the previews I have the feeling it doesn’t work out well for your character.

“Frankly my dear…” by Hesh Meister











I really could not care any less about the decision by an inconsequential church denomination to divest from Israel, and I am utterly disgusted by the verbal groveling by some of my fellow Jews to try to get this group to reverse that decision. To these tribespeople I say: Have you no pride? Have you no FAITH? Our success does not come from the piddling dollars and cents of lunatic splinter groups! Our success in solely in the hands of the One Above, and if one group divests, three more will invest. And the divestors, who in their self-importance threw their lot in with liars, thieves and murderers, will be left to wither and die.

Who Jah bless, no one curse.


Holland’s Heroes would like to thank Hesh Meister for joining as a contributor. He will provide his own fresh and clear perspective within the mission of the site, which is to combat attacks against the Jewish people and Israel and to discredit those who try to claim the Holocaust never happened.