Open Letter to Russell Brand

Russell-Brand-006Dear Russell,

Before writing you this letter I did a little research on you. Although no one, including myself ever thought you had it all together, I never realized how messed up you truly are.  ADHD, bi-polar, substance abuse, and bulimia?  Your accomplishments are astounding.  I guess that is what qualifies you as an expert in Middle Eastern affairs.

I’ve listened to your delusional rants and since you won’t stop talking I finally felt compelled to address you.  I guess when your biggest problem in life is should I fall off the wagon this week or next week and what movie should I suck in next, it is hard to relate to what is it like to live under the constant threat of terror attacks and missiles.  I normally make an argument in favor of my position when writing one of these letters, but for the most part I will make an exception in your case.  The reason being is that I am on to you.  This isn’t about your concern for the people of Gaza.  Those who care about the people of Gaza focus on their plight rather than regurgitate the usual nonsensical anti-Israel propaganda they picked up in Hamas for Dummies.  As you can see, despite the fact that I am Jewish and a Zionist, I am not actually heartless.  I don’t attack those who legitimately care about the safety of innocent people.  But that’s not you. What this is about Russ, may I call you Russ? No? Good.  What this is about Russ is your need for attention and purpose in life.  You sit and ramble from some dumb couch all cozy and comfortable, speaking about matters that are life and death for the people you speak about, but all you are really doing is looking for a way for an addict to feel important and some satirical way for you to promote yourself and some stupid home based show you think matters to people.  You appeal to idiots, because quite frankly you are one.

You are also a coward.  I say that because if you were so concerned about human rights violations and had any integrity at all you’d be going after ISIS, not Israel.  But you know, as do so many other cowards like yourself, that the worst you have to face when going after Israel and the Jews are economic consequences and letters like this.  If you went after Hamas or ISIS you might actually get hurt, and then you wouldn’t be able to sit on your couch chuckling like a manic moron waiting for the pills to take effect.

Russ, I’m the son of Holocaust survivors.  That means my parents were not among the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis, but that they did live through that horrific time.  I know people such as yourself tend to shake their heads when we bring that up, saying things like, “there goes a Jew whining about the Holocaust again”, but I genuinely don’t care if you like it or not.  What I do care about is the approach you take that if successful would contribute to the possibility of another Holocaust.  Of course you don’t see that because frankly, you don’t want to.  If your attempt at intelligent and original thought went beyond some big words most of your followers don’t even understand, you might see the Trewth, and then the Trews might have some credibility.  Now all you are doing is establishing another anti-Israel and anti-Semitic platform with no basis in fact and honesty.

I don’t usually say this to an addict, but I think you need to go full throttle back into the drugs and alcohol man. Chances are you’d do a lot less harm than you are now.  You’d like it more too.  After all, if you don’t know what you’re talking about anyway, you might as well do it under the influence.


David Groen



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30 responses to “Open Letter to Russell Brand

  • Theo Jacobs

    . Do not send new e-mail to me.!!!

  • Jacqueline Jones

    He is indeed a moron and looks quite mentally disturbed. Why anyone would want to watch anything with him on is beyond me! But then I dislike unkempt dirty looking individuals.

  • be

    This might have been a better letter if it wasn’t a full frontal personal attack and stuck to the issues. Escalation fail.

  • Lauren Ch.

    sorry but I’m pretty sure that this douche is not even worth my time of reading about anything that comes out of his weird mouth. so long russell weirdouche.

  • Dear David,

    What exactly is this about David? Is this an open letter about the legitimacy of Israeli and Palestinian war crimes, or Russell brands previous addictions? It’s articles like this that cause sheer embarrassment to our people.
    You have thrown around words like ‘legitimacy’ and ‘delusional’ when clearly there is some factual basis for what Russell is actually pointing out. You realise the whole reason this debate about Sean Hannity went viral is because of his nonsensical approach to the current war – and you my friend are just another irrational person reacting like he did.
    You talk about your family of holocaust survivors, and in the same vein Palestinians would refer to their families got expelled of what they considered their home. And we are not talking about what that piece of land was labelled as a country, no, we are talking about the physical presence of their four walled homes.
    If Israel is so just in it’s actions, where are your facts? where is your proof?
    The underlying truth of this whole matter, and what we should not forget, is this is a war. Yes, this is a war. I think Russell makes some very valid points in his initial video (which from your arguments I presume you never watched?!) What WE need to recognise is this war is not about numbers, it’s not about deaths. This war runs deeper, it involves over 70 years of history and is deeply ingrained in both Jewish and Islamic religions. This includes right to land, contradicting beliefs, political affairs, current affairs and economic motives.
    I am a Jew. And I strongly believe propaganda is running viral from both sides of this war. Ultimately, I want to be safe, and I want Jews outside of Israel to be safe. And in reality what BOTH Sean Hannity and Russell Brands videos encourage is anti-semitism, because to you and I being Israeli and being Jewish are two different things. But to the rest of the world, we are the ones who are part of this war too.

  • Dear David,

    I think this video reiterates Russell’s stance “I am not an anti-semite, I condemn violence” – “non violence, non violence”

  • Jessie

    Your obvious lack of education on issues like addiction and bipolar disorder completely delegitimize your points on the actual issue. Good job on becoming just another idiot ranting on the internet.

  • Patricia Murphy

    Brilliant – I believe David pretty much nails the mess that is Russell Brand. Couldn’t be said better.

  • Miki Nathan

    Well done to you David

  • anon

    Although I agree with the right to defend our nation from people like him badmouthing it when they don’t know the half of it this letter truly shows us in a bad light and bringing up his past is not a fair thing to do considering he Is moving on and it isn’t any of your business what has happened in his life. I would think again before sending a letter like this in to the public eye and making a disgrace of the Jewish and Zionist people who currently are looking for people in the public eye yo be supportive of us instead of turning around and saying they were right about us.

  • Daniela

    Im all for the lets tell him what an idiot he is but i think its extremely offensive to people with adhd like myself, or bipolar to reference those right after saying you had no idea how “messed up” he is.
    His being messed up really has nothing to do with that and probably more to do with drugs so no need to put people who do have that in the same boat as him because i guarantee you most of them, myself included are not even nearly as crazy or stupid as he is.

  • Jeremy Cunningham Green

    The vast majority of those who are famous are not significant and the vast majority of those who are significant are not famous…

  • Jeremy Cunningham Green

    People can become addicted to fame, money, and attention as deeply as they become addicted to drugs…

  • James

    Dr Mr Groen

    You are certainly right about Brand being a self-publicity seeker with no credentials to speak in this arena. However, your rant about his drug use is a bit of a cheap shot – sort of kitchen sinking aren’t you?

    I do not understand why you think it is not possible to go after Israel and Hamas and ISIS for their atrocities – why you think folks must pick just one.

    Finally, you are right about folks thinking: “there goes a Jew whining about the Holocaust.” Many ask: which Holocaust – the 6 million Jews in Germany, the 10 million Ukrainians in Russia or the 30 Million Chinese in China. One rarely hears anyone say “I am the son of an Armenian, Cambodian or Rwandan survivor.” The objection comes not from lack of sympathy, but the from the sense of unique entitlement that demands others cede the moral high ground before the argument is joined.

    • George Foster

      Dear James,

      I am also the child of Holocaust survivors and having spoken to Armenians and Rwandans, I can vouch for the fact that they have similar feelings. It is not a matter of feeling any entitlement but rather that despite the Holocaust antisemitism continues to rise and there are again calls for the annihilation of not just Israel but all Jews worldwide. You only have to read or see the news to see the virulent attacks upon Jews in Europe, Great Brittain and even America. So once again we do not feel safe and I no longer believe in the mantra “Never Again”. All I feel entitled to is the same respect and understanding that all should receive and to be left I peace to pursue my life as I wish and will give others the same respect.

  • _

    Drivel. It is just a personal attack and incredibly insensitive to anyone who has suffered from the range of psychological problems listed. …”looking for some satirical way for you to promote yourself” – (and he writes an online open letter.) Whoever David Groen is, he is obliviously (not a typo) a dickhead.

  • Jacob R

    I believe I understand David’s letter and it’s clear and honest attempt to destroy Russell Brand’s credibility. It gives me insight into David’s character and perspective. As a professional who works as a therapist with people who have addictions and mental illness, I found the letter sadly mean-spirited. Perhaps David struggles with a kind of generational PTSD and is projecting profound rage and anguish onto Russell (very common amongst the children of holocaust survivors). David actually makes his own case that he is “heartless” though he says he is not. Additionally, calling someone a coward in this context is dangerous (RB is on his plush couch, etx). To me, David suggests that unless you live in Israel or Palestine or are Jewish (maybe being Jewish qualifies you, I’m not sure from David’s perspective), then and only then is your opinion valid. That is a problem. The end of the letter then shows a link to buy David’s book. Interesting. I wonder if David is defending Sean Hannity–that would be most disturbing (talk about mean-spirited). I will say this: anyone who has ever struggled with addiction or mental illness will possibly feel alienated by David’s letter. I find it profoundly insulting and, in some ways, makes me smh that another Jew is spewing hateful, cynical and ignorant rhetoric. Try again David…and this time perhaps try to build peace instead of building hate. Shalom.

  • Piran Ezra

    This letter has no re-buttles or explanations to the points Russell Brand puts out there, he just launches a personal attack trying to discredit using Brand’s past and seems like just another Jewish person using anti-semitism as a tool to fight any views which oppose Israel’s use of excessive force in the name of “defense”. Their “defense” is the multi billion dollar iron shield which has been put to the test successfully and has destroyed EVERY rocket launched from Gaza. Leveling Gaza with air strikes is not a defense strategy and disagreeing with extensive bombing in civilian areas where women and children live (and cannot leave) is not anti-Semitic.

  • naj andraos

    Its evident that David has no case to argue with Russel on his logic or facts . So first he launches a personal attack against him to humiliate and embarrass him, then he brings up the holocaust/ antisemitism refrain which all zionists revert to prevent anyone from criticizing Israel, under any condition even when it is wrong. That is a sure way to scare off and shut every one up as it has been the case over the last 66 years of occupation, abuse and subordination of a whole people. In fact i believe Russel is one of those very courageous humane celebrities who dare to break this heavy silence and speak out for those oppressed who have no voice. he dares to call the oppressors by their name, and for that he is crucified!It is expected that he is despised by David and many other Davids and Patricias and Mikis.. . But he is also admired and respected by many more, many of whom are less prejudiced non-zionists Jewish people who are logical, humane and fair, and see things from a peaceful not a hateful aggressive perspective. These are the people who would contribute to real just and sustainable solution, and not the zionists whose ultimate ambition is to have a pure Jewish State, not only on Israel proper land, but also on the present occupied Palestinian territories, and control all of its natural resources specially water and Gas. It is therefore clear even to simple minded people that the war on Gaza is not prompted by “fear and intimidation” of Hamas rockets (which did not kill more than one “Arab” Israeli , and which are more like fireworks compared to the lazer beam and other sophisticated Israeli weaponry bombing Gaza and killing thousands) , nor by the abduction of the three settlers (which is yet to be confirmed that it was done by Hamas ), but it is strictly aiming towards this end: Total destruction of Gaza and cleansing of the land from all other ethnicities. Any argument has to be around this premise . Other intermittent events and skirmishes here and there by the Palestinian resistance (which is the term usually used for people’s struggle under occupation in line with the Jewish resistance in Warsaw ghettos and French resistance against the Nazis occupation of France), are trivial details, in this war ON Gaza (not with Gaza, considering the disproportionate retaliation by one party based on substantial power “im”balance to the benefit of the oppressor). Humanitarian case unacknowledged by the international community, peaceful majority irrelevant, the issue at hand is strictly dictated by the law of the jungle: survival of the fittest-until/ unless the conscience of the “powerful” awakens and take responsibility. This is where celbrities like Russel could make a difference.

  • Antwerp

    Very embarrassing to read this letter.

  • Els

    non of you on here actually got what david was trying to say. you’re all thicker than the next. Enough with Israel already, lets destroy ISIS. Israel is defending itself, Please people stop acting like your heads are stuck up a donkeys back. You all know very very well that Israel is not committing genocide but rightfully supporting itself.Pull yourselves together and stop acting like morons. Didnt you learn anything from history??? There’s no way you can defeat the jews (ie Israel). Its been tried for over 2,000 years and we are just not going away. How about sucking up to them for a change after all have you seen what they’ve done for man kind? Nope prob not because you guys are busy sucking up to the muslim world.
    Ah do what you want, ya’lemon heads…G-d will take care of us. He has a fantastic track record. No more nazis, no more egyptians, no more romans, or greeks etc etc but yep, the jewish people still around. So you can either be blessed or be cursed. You choose..

  • Olla Mbele

    I’m from Nigeria, where Christians are being killed by their hundreds every week by Muslims, and I agree with what Mr.Groen says.

    Russell Brand only cares about himself. He doesn’t care about Hamas using the people of Gaza as human sacrifices. I say sacrifices because Hamas sacrifices the lives of children who they use as shields. Just like the Muslim terrorists ISIS, and Boko Haram, and Al Qaeda, etc.

    Where was Russell Brand when the Muslim terrorists were cannibalizing little children in front of their Christian families, killing the children and then cooking and eating them, sometimes forcing the parents to eat the flesh of their own children. It’s happening in Nigeria, in CAR, Sudan and parts of Somalia…. but he doesn’t care about Christians or other minorities being killed by Muslim terrorists.

    Does he care about the half a million Iraqi Christians already killed by Muslims? No, otherwise he’d have protested long ago.

    Does he care about Yazidis being killed by Muslim terrorists? No….again he’d have protested.

    He only pretends to care about a few Muslims being killed by Israel, a Jewish state, because anti-Semitism is fashionable in Britain now.

    But he doesn’t care about some of my relatives who had to watch their baby being cannibalized. Although I’m sure that sort of news gives him a very sick wet dream, because that’s the kind of person he is. He’d eagerly partake given half the chance.

    I’m sad that my adopted country has such bad and evil people, who speak out against a tiny county trying to protect itself, but refuse to speak out against genuine massacres, and evil deeds committed by people just like Hamas who he’s supporting, and by the way, are fighting in Gaza side by side with ISIS, who are also killing the people of Gaza.

    If it’s true that Russell Brand is bipolar, and a drug addict, couldn’t he do the world a favour and do to himself what the great, and really funny Robin Williams did?

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