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Holland’s Heroes Top 10 of 2014












To all of you who have supported and enjoyed Holland’s Heroes over the past year I say Thank you!  I will make every effort to provide worthwhile reading and will welcome input on how to make the website better.  Although my focus will remain on supporting and defending Israel, the United States, and the Jewish people, I intend to expand my efforts in other directions for those looking for a broader perspective and approach towards today’s world.

Acknowledging the time people took to read my posts I am providing you with 2014’s Top 10 most read posts.  The number next to each post is the amount of views the post generated  this past year.  Each post can be read by clicking the title of the post as a link has been set up on each one.

Thanks again to all of you.

10- Open Letter to Viggo Mortensen -3,368

9-   Open Letter to Ben Affleck-3,537

8-   A Liberal with Zero Tolerance-4,004

7-   Follow up Open Letter to George Clooney:Post Marriage-5,473

6-   Open Letter in response to Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz-10,601

5-   A Beautiful Irony-17,931

4-   Open Letter to Russell Brand-19,103

3-   Open Letter to Rosie O’Donnell-21,245

2-   Open Letter to George Clooney regarding his fiance’s comments-24,853

1-   Open Letter to Bryan Adams-28,738





If the World was Right







If the world was right this never would have happened.  If the world was right 132 children in Pakistan wouldn’t haven’t been slaughtered by thug bastards.  If the world was right there would be worldwide condemnation.  If the world was right there would be people mobilizing in the streets preparing massive protests.  If the world was right people would realize that the war Israel and the West is fighting is against the same type of people who committed this act.

But the world isn’t right; it’s very wrong.  It is filled with evil and hypocrisy and those who choose to remain silent.  Those who speak out against Israel’s fight for security but remain silent today carry some of the burden of responsibility for what took place today in Pakistan.  So Roger Waters, Amal Clooney, Bryan Adams, Russell Brand, Penelope Cruz and Rosie O’Donnell, if you have nothing to say now you show once again how you are NOT only not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Your hypocrisy is contributing to humanity’s downfall.  Where are you now?






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Follow Up Open Letter to George Clooney: Post Marriage

PAY-George-Clooney-and-Amal-AlamuddinDear George,

I admit I am a hopeless romantic.  I love it when two people get together, have the fairy tale love affair and get married in a beautiful wedding.  It brings joy to my heart.  But I’m not feeling it this time my friend.  What is usually the beautiful scent of romance in this case is replaced with the putrid stench of a disingenuous, political, self-serving union.

There are many who feel you and your Jew-hating bride are of little consequence.  Of course I would love that to be true, but the problem is that I think you may turn out to be a dangerous man.  For starters, the fact that you are “just an actor” doesn’t make me feel much better.  It is often mentioned that you have political aspirations and Americans have already shown they’d be willing to elect an actor to the highest office.  If you were as good of a man as the last actor to reach great heights in American politics I’d have no problem with that, unfortunately, not only are you not as good of a man as Ronald Reagan was, you’re not even as good of an actor.

As opposed to when I wrote my first letter to you, this time I’m convinced you share your wife’s views on Israel and the Middle East.  What I also now know is that you are a political coward.  You sit there and say nothing while your new anti-Semitic relatives do all the talking.  Your new father-in-law has declared your marriage is “very good news for the Middle East”.  I wouldn’t get too excited George,  I’m sure he always thinks it’s good news when two people who hate Israel get together.

I am sure I will be reprimanded by some for accusing you of something you never said, but let’s be real here.  By keeping quiet as often as you do, while your rabidly anti-Semitic wife and father-in-law speak,  you’re already making your statement loud and clear.  Of course coming right out and saying it might derail your political career, since after all, everyone knows the Jews control everything, right George? Just ask your new family.  They’ll tell you.

Unlike so many others out there I have no intention of congratulating you. Like I said, I’m a romantic.  I usually love this sort of thing.  But what usually is a fairy tale has the potential to be more of a scary tale, because like most dishonest people who wind up in politics, you are clearly going to try to hide your true feelings from the general public as long as possible.   Let me just tell you though, it’s going to be a lot harder to pretend you’re cool now that you’ve married into a family that hates Jews.  And if you do run for president one day you may have just lost New York, even if you did just win Michigan.

I would leave you with a Mazal Tov just to make you and your bride’s skin crawl both, but I just wouldn’t mean it.


David Groen





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A Message from a Former Liberal

liberal2I am here to announce to the world that it is now official.  I am renouncing my Liberal status.  Let me be clear that this is not a total overhaul of my views and opinions on all the social issues that could only label me as a Liberal. Those views have not changed. The reason for me renouncing my status is that I no longer wish to be associated with people making excuses for bad behaviors and for those who are tolerant of anti-Semitism masquerading as anti-Zionism.

I recently wrote 2 letters, one to George Clooney and another to Russell Brand.  Although the vast majority appear to have enjoyed and agreed with the tone and content of the letters, I have received more criticism on these letters than on anything I’ve ever written.  I don’t mind the criticism, on some levels I even like it.  I don’t suppress opinions and generally don’t wish physical harm on anyone for having opinions that differ from mine.  What I do have a problem with are people believing they are taking some sort of moral high ground by not criticizing anti-Semites or being so careful to not unfairly demand the opinion of those who could influence the thoughts of millions. I am convinced they take this approach because they either don’t truly understand how high the stakes are or because they are just too frightened to do otherwise.  Either way it’s a mistake.

Let me break it down and explain something everyone needs to understand before it is too late.  Yes I ridiculed Russell Brand.  I insulted him, referenced his mental illness, and attacked his character more than I attacked his words. Although I stand by everything I said to him, let’s say for argument sake my letter was a despicable and unfair defamation of character.  It’s still not even close to being as bad as what he is doing.  Hamas has two things people need to be aware of when looking at the entire picture.  First they have a charter that speaks of its commitment to driving every Jew out of Israel and its mission to kill every Jew alive.  The second is a sponsor, Iran,  with a large supply of weapons and a hatred for Israel, as well as a budding alliance with a rogue and nuclear North Korea.  Hamas has stated that its conditions for a cessation of hostilities includes the opening of a port and lifting of the Naval blockade.  If this would be done under Hamas leadership, it would put the very survival of the State of Israel in jeopardy.  So when Russell Brand gets on his high horse and criticizes Israel for his actions, he is in essence saying that its survival means absolutely nothing to him.  He is saying to me and to the world that it is perfectly acceptable to have North Korea ship nuclear weapons into Gaza.  So now I ask those of you attacking my words and defending him, what is more offensive? One man insulting and ridiculing another or the other calling for actions that translate into millions of dead Jews?

I’m more concerned as to whether or not George Clooney, a man who potentially can influence millions feels as his anti-Semitic fiance does, than I am with whether or not someone thinks I am out of line for connecting her words to him.  That misplaced use of Liberal ideals and so-called tolerance is unacceptable to me.  As I’ve said many times, “Never Again” does not mean Never Again unless it insults George Clooney.

Listen to the words of someone who has called himself a Liberal till now and has done so without apology.  Wake up and start realizing what is at stake here.  I do not have any children of my own, but I have many children in my family who I hope will be able to live a happy and safe life.  Too much tolerance for anti-Semitic behavior and too much concern for the feelings of people who aren’t helping us when they should is what truly offends me.  They threaten the safety of all Jewish children and ultimately all children on the planet, including the very children they pretend to defend.  If that doesn’t offend you more than a personal attack on an actor, I urge you to reexamine your values. Furthermore, this thought process that has people thinking my “nasty” letters somehow contribute to anti-Semitism is dangerously naive.  One person even said that Amal Alamuddin, George Clooney’s fiance, gave us a gift by turning down a spot on the panel as though she did it for any other reason other than her own benefit.  I am not going to thank an ant-Semite for something merely because they took one less action of hatred against Jews.

I used to believe that the ideal of Liberalism brought people together even when they disagreed on important issues.  Maybe it does that on some levels, but when it becomes a tool with which to hold views that translate into serious harm for the Jewish people and the entire civilized world, not only do I want no part of it, I question why anyone else who loves a peaceful and secure world would.



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Open letter to George Clooney regarding his fiance’s comments

george-clooneyDear Mr. Clooney,

I am writing this letter to you because I feel it is extremely important that you become fully aware of the impact your fiance’s carefully chosen words have had on the Jewish community.  I also wish to ask you some questions so that people know where you stand regarding Israel and the Jewish people.

The words I am referring to, the words of your fiance, were part of a statement she made when turning down a place on the panel created to investigate Israel’s tactics in the most recent war against Hamas, which as you know is a terrorist organization.  She said the following: “I am horrified by the situation in the occupied Gaza Strip, particularly the civilian casualties and strongly believe that there should be an independent investigation and accountability for crimes that have been committed.”  I was greatly disappointed with her use of the term “occupied Gaza Strip”, which besides being totally inaccurate, also reveals a strong anti-Israel bias.  Israel does not occupy Gaza, in fact it does not even want a presence there.  It is only defending itself against a terrorist organization committed to its destruction.  A terrorist organization that runs Gaza with such a strong hand it should actually be called the occupier.  Her words also imply that Israel is guilty of crimes even though they are preceded with a call for an independent investigation.  It sounds very much like she has already decided the outcome of that investigation.

One of the main reasons I am writing to you Mr. Clooney, is because there is a sentiment within the Jewish community that your movies should be boycotted based on Ms. Alamuddin’s stance and your close personal ties to her.  In a discussion I had on social media someone specifically requested that I write this letter to you and do so with an open mind.  Although I believe Israel and the Jewish people do not have much margin for error when it comes to tolerating any unmerited attacks, I will ask you some questions rather than accuse you of something I do not know to be fact.  And as you read this, please understand that as a Jew and as a Zionist, I feel that fair treatment would have been sufficient from Ms. Alamuddin when assessing the situation in Gaza.  Unfortunately that was not what we received.

The first question is a very direct one.  Do you support your fiance’s anti-Israel stance?  Normally I would not have a problem with someone in the entertainment industry being quiet about Israel and the recent war in Gaza. Quite frankly, with some of the incredulous political comments that come out of Hollywood, I sometimes prefer the entertainer that remains silent and non-political. Unfortunately your fiance has put you in the position where your response is not only relevant but required.  And although you may look at this and say, “who does this guy think he is? I don’t owe him any answers”, the truth is you do owe the Jewish community answers.  We have been supportive of your career and to some extent instrumental in your success. You do not owe me anything personally, but you do owe it to the Jewish people to show where you stand.

What I find ironic is that like so many other celebrities and politicians, your fiance has remained quiet about the atrocities taking place at the hands of ISIL.  Although often referred to as ISIS or IS, I am purposely using the name ISIL, the name they use when referring to their wider regional ambitions, ambitions that very much include her native country of Lebanon.  I understand that Ms. Alamuddin is Druze which makes her words now and lack of words earlier even harder for me to comprehend.  Back in December, ISIL imposed Sharia Law on the Druze in the Syrian district of Idlib, forcing 30,000 of her fellow Druze into a life they did not choose, but one they needed to accept or face death.  It baffles me that your fiance remained quiet regarding this direct persecution of people of her very own faith.  And as a Druze, I would think she would not be so eager to indict Israel when Israel has not only allowed the Druze to live freely within its borders, it has helped them develop into an important group in Israeli society through service in the IDF and as politicians.  What may be the most difficult thing for me to understand however, is how a woman whose family fled Lebanon during a Civil War very much started by groups similar in ideology to Hamas, would jump on the bandwagon against the one country willing to fight them.  Let me add that I realize she is Lebanese, but she has also spent much of her life in Britain, and knowing the benefits of western civilization, why would she do the bidding of an organization fighting against everything western civilization stands for?  It makes no sense to me and frankly, as an intelligent man it should make no sense to you as well.

It’s possible that in making her statement but refusing a spot on the panel your fiance felt she was diplomatically playing both sides of the fence.  If that was her intention, her comments referring to Gaza as occupied and her statement of certainty that crimes were committed before an investigation even commences, makes it so that many in the Jewish community feels she lacks any degree of objectivity.  It’s also possible that your involvement was to ask her to not be on the panel and that you thought by her turning down the position it would be enough to satisfy the pro-Israel lobby.  I am here to tell you that if that is the case, it is not enough.  I don’t expect everyone to express unconditional support for Israel, but when assessing this recent conflict, an unfair bias against Israel expresses a far more negative sentiment, not only towards Israel, but towards the Jewish people as a whole.

If you are not prepared to make a stand and show an objective fairness or if you remain silent and attempt to not get involved, you would deserve to lose Jewish support.  Your inaction and silence would imply agreement on your part and as a Jew it would tell me that you have very little affection and respect for who we are.  Under those circumstances, why should any of us spend our time or money on any of your projects?  Personally I hope you do not remain silent because I have enjoyed your work, but the future and well-being of the State of Israel is far more important to me than your entertainment value.

So I ask you Mr. Clooney, are you going to do the right thing or the easy thing? I hope you understand the seriousness of this situation and seriously consider what you say or do moving forward.  I suspect it may have an impact on your career.


David Groen


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If This is Your Lawyer, I wish you Luck

amalAmal Alamuddin, British-Lebanese Lawyer and fiance of actor George Clooney clearly is one of those lawyers who doesn’t care much about the facts.  In a statement in which she turned down the offer to sit on the UN’s Gaza-probe panel, Alamuddin made the following statement:

“I am horrified by the situation in the occupied Gaza Strip, particularly the civilian casualties and strongly believe that there should be an independent investigation and accountability for crimes that have been committed.”

She turned down the offer citing other commitments and 8 ongoing cases.

If by occupied she means occupied by Hamas and crimes committed by Hamas, I commend her.  However, since I know better, and since this committee was set up to investigate Israel, I’ll say this.  If Alamuddin is your lawyer, representing you in one of those 8 ongoing cases, good luck.  Knowing the facts and speaking the truth publicly don’t seem to matter to her, and as a client that would concern me.  To call it the “occupied Gaza Strip” should pretty much close the case in favor of Israel, since these alleged crimes are based on activities allegedly committed by a non-occupying force.  Since this is more of a witch hunt than an investigation I am sure the facts will not matter, but if Alamuddin was my lawyer, I’d be nervous.

One other point I want to make.  If you plan on criticizing me for attacking Alamuddin’s credibility as a lawyer, that’s fine, I can take it. But never expect me to feel bad about it when she is making statements that are incorrect and accusatory regarding the State of Israel.

And George Clooney doesn’t scare me.  He’s not Batman.


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