Roger-WatersPink Floyd front man Roger Waters has been one of the most outspoken celebrities against Israel and is an active member of the BDS Movement. Click here to read…MY RESPONSE TO ROGER WATERS








george-clooney-600In light of comments showing blatant and strong anti-Israel bias made by his fiance Amal Alamuddin, I call on George Clooney to clarify his position on the subject.  Click here to read my..Open Letter to George Clooney regarding his fiance’s comments





22What more can I say about Russell Brand than I do in this letter?  I guess the village idiot just brings out the best in me.  Click here to read my…Open letter to Russell Brand










Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Canada's PM Stephen Harper on the side lines of the United Nations General Assembly in New YorkSomalian born and former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali may have said it best when she said in a fair world Israeli Prime Minister would receive the Nobel Prize for his resolve during the current Gaza conflict.  Of course it is not a fair world and he likely won’t, but he deserves all the gratitude and appreciation he can get.  Click here read my..Open letter of appreciation to Benjamin Netanyahu




GTY_penelope_cruz_javier_bardem_ml_130723_16x9_608After making comments calling Israel’s actions in Gaza a genocide, I decided to express my displeasure with two people who really should have stuck to acting.  Something they clearly realized when they attempted to backtrack from their comments later.  Click here to read my….Open Letter in response to Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz





US-SYRIA-CONFLICT-CONGRESSAfter hearing of more money going to Gaza almost immediately after learning that a large portion of other monies was spent on terror tunnels, I decided to send a letter to the United States Department of State.  The following is my letter as well as the almost insulting….Response from the State Department










Ban Ki-moonWhen it comes to the corrupt farce known as the United Nations I could probably write a letter every week.  I am sure I’ll write another one soon. Click here to read…My letter to United Nations Secretary General






Barack ObamaFeeling disappointed and disillusioned by his lack of support for Israel during the most difficult of circumstances, I felt compelled to write this letter to Mr. Obama. Click here to read my letter titled…Dear Mr. President






Yad_Vashem_BW_31As hard as it is to fathom, a group of survivors and some of their descendants got together to denounce Israel’s actions.  My words in this letter don’t accurately convey my dismay, but as the son of Holocaust survivors I felt it my duty to show compassion.  Click here to read my…Open Letter to the Jewish survivors condemning Israel’s actions in Gaza



jimmy-carterI controlled myself on this letter as well because it’s a former President, but my letter to Jimmy Carter was one of the more enjoyable ones to write.  He however is not enjoyable to listen to.  I’m not at all wishy-washy about my feelings towards this man.  He’s a despicable disgrace.  Notable fact.  When you type Jimmy into Google, he doesn’t pop up on the first 10 options.  On the second page of 10 options he pops up 3rd, just after Jimmy Choo’s shoes. Read my…Open Letter to Jimmy Carter



lula_bryan_adamsIt was good while it lasted.  For many years I called the song “Everything I do” by Bryan Adams my favorite song.  However, nothing created by a hater of Israel can ever be my favorite anything.  It makes his music ugly rather than beautiful.  Click here to read my…Open Letter to Bryan Adams





russellSo far Russell Brand is special.  He got 2 letters.  After he made his glorious claim in the Huffington Post that he is not an anti-Semite, I had not choice but to write to him again.  Apparently he doesn’t think that calling for policy that puts 6 million Jews in danger is ant-Semitic.  And here we thought he was so smart too. Click here to read…Another Open Letter to Russell Brand









UN-Secretary-General-Ban-Ki-moonIsn’t it ironic how UN peacekeepers had to run to Israel for protection.  Not bad for a war criminals.  For those who don’t realize, that was sarcasm.  Somehow Mr. Secretary General and his cohorts didn’t seem to be very appreciative of the fact that the country they consistently bully saved their employees.  So Ban ki-Moon and Russell Brand now have 2 things in common.  They both hate Israel and they both got letters.  Click here to read…Dear Mr. Secretary General





120810091855-jerusalem-skyline-story-topAs Israel faces constant dangers, I have found the support of the Christian community enlightening and gratifying.  This is the one letter I know for sure has already made it to at least some of the people it’s addressed to.  I believe the future security of the planet rests in the hands of what are true partners in peace.  Click here to read…An Open Letter of Appreciation the Christian Community.




lady-gaga-640_s640x427It’s a treat when someone actually thinks equal rights applies to Jews and Israel as well.  Up comes Lady Gaga who does exactly that. She’s a great talent, incredibly interesting, lots of fun, and super cool.  She’ll be performing in Israel this September and doing so without hesitation or apology. In fact on her video saying Shalom Israel she looks downright excited.  Well I hope the trip is everything she wants it to be.  She deserves it. I admit I have a borderline crush on this woman now.Click here to read…An Open Letter to Lady Gaga.



452581-eric-roberts-lors-de-l-avant-premiere-637x0-2I really wish Eric Roberts would have just kept his mouth shut.  To make a statement saying George W. Bush killed James Foley is something that should offend Republicans and Democrats alike.  It’s just a stupid comment and one I chose to address.  Click to read my..Open Letter to Eric Roberts.








Bobcat Goldthwait, Robin WilliamsSo many people everywhere were devastated with the sudden and tragic death of Robin Williams.  A man I personally called the funniest men alive shocked us all when he took his own life.  Click here to read.. The Letter I wish Robin Williams could have read.



safe_imageA friend of mine in Vancouver brought to my attention the ignorant and unjustified rantings against Israel by a local radio personality.  After providing me with a clip of the show I had no problem going after him.  Click here to read my…Open Letter to Mike Eckford regarding anti-Israel remarks on his Vancouver radio show.



rayriceA real man never hits a woman.  End of story.  Click here to read my…Open Letter to Ray Rice.








markzuckerbergHard to tell what Mark Zuckerberg’s role is in helping in the fight against terror, but Facebook certainly has become a player in international politics and communications.  It’s a Catch 22.  If he’s doing what we’d like him to do we really shouldn’t even know about it, so I chose to tread lightly in this… Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg.



bbWith all the problems in the world it’s quite remarkable that this former beauty thinks opposition to Jewish Dietary Laws is something she needs to for. It’s kind of sad to me, very bizarre and to be honest, annoying in the way a mosquito is when it buzzes near your ear.  Click here to read my…Open Letter to Briggite Bardot.



cunyWhen CUNY’s Doctoral Students’ Council was all scheduled to vote on boycotting Israel, many people rallied together to get the word out.  Something worked because pro-Israel activists made it to the vote, despite the fact that they held it on Friday night in an attempt to keep Jewish students from coming, and the vote was unsuccessful.  The following is the letter I constructed to provide people to pass around to as many politicians and activists as possible.  Click here to read..My letter to CUNY.



bg1I often wonder why so many of the rich and famous spend more time worrying about popular causes than they do about real causes.   Poverty, illness, disease, these are issues people often stay away from. Not Bill Gates. The more you learn about this man the more you will like him.  Click here to read my…Open Letter to Bill Gates.



Elizabeth_Warren_CFPBI’m not convinced Elizabeth Warren’s intentions were bad when she didn’t speak out in defense of Israel, but had she done so there would have been no question her intentions were good.  This was an opportunity I felt she had and let slip away, which was my point in this..Open Letter to Elizabeth Warren.







henk.jpgWhen a 91 year old Dutchman who saved a Jewish child from death in the time of Holocaust chooses to return the medal he received from Israel honoring his service, there is no question we are dealing with a complicated issue.   Understanding that he appears to be the victim of bad influence from biased sources, I sent a letter to this man with full understanding of who I was dealing with and how he deserved respect for his actions in his early years.  Click here to read my…Open Letter to Henk Zanoli: The Dutchman who returned his Holocaust medal.



UnrwaAfter a friend of mine attended a Confab at the United Nations on Global Anti-Semitism, she was so disturbed by the banners displayed by UNWRA she approached me to write a letter in protest. Once I read the banners and saw the incredibly biased and typically United Nations way in which these banners were put together, it was an easy letter to write.  The following is my..Open Letter to UNWRA Executive Director Abby Smardon.



gelb1In one of the most disgraceful perversions of art you may ever see, the New York Metropolitan Opera chose to ignore the sensitivities of decent people worldwide and scheduled the performances of “Death to Klingoffer”, an opera about the terrorist attack on the ship the Achille Lauro, in which Palestinian terrorists shot 69 year old wheelchair bound Leon Klinghoffer and threw him overboard.  The following in my…Open Letter to Peter Gelb-General Manager of the Metropolitan Opera.



GodAs the Jewish New Year approached, this was my little personal prayer in the form of an…Open Letter to God.






Viggo-MortensenThis actor, who I personally consider mediocre at best, needs to focus more on his skills and less on politics.  When someone makes the following comment, “No one in the media seems to have a problem with anyone criticizing Palestinian terrorism…”, there’s really not much more to say.  Click here to read my…Open Letter to Viggo Mortensen







George-Clooney-and-Amal-AlamuddinMy original letter to George Clooney was one of the most popular, yet polarizing letters I’ve written to date.  With the big day finally here, rather than wish the happy couple congratulations on their nuptials, I chose to write this..Follow-Up Open Letter to George Clooney:Post Marriage


Spurs' Green reacts after sinking a three point basket against the Heat during Game 3 of their NBA Finals basketball playoff in San AntonioIn what falls into the ‘not as bad as it looks category’, this basketball star showed a degree of thoughtlessness that needed to be addressed since it touched on the issue of Jewish suffering during the Holocaust.






Affleck 1209In what was a very compelling 3 way discussion between this A-list actor on the Bill Maher show together with Sam Harris, it appeared as though we were listening to someone whose heart might be in the right while refusing to accept some very harsh realities.  Click here to read my…Open Letter to Ben Affleck.



w70f0kThe Village Idiot was at it again.  I really wish this guy would just go away, but maybe if he keeps on talking enough people will realize how pathetic he is and stop paying attention to him. Unfortunately in the meantime with 8 million followers on Twitter and a very big mouth this fool still needs to be addressed. Click here to read..and another Open Letter to Russell Brand.



slI have great respect for good people who practice their faith, but none for someone who runs away from mine.  Especially when I think it’s nothing more than a publicity stunt for a newly released movie.  Click here to read my….Open Letter to Shiah Labeouf from a Proud Jew.







resized_anti-joke-chicken-meme-generator-did-someone-say-your-a-chickenshit-940947When an administration official anonymously calls Israeli Prime Minister a chickens**t, said official is basically showing that he or she is the actual chickens**t.  Whoever you are, and you’ll never have the guts to reveal yourself, I hope you read my..Open Letter to the administration official who called Netanyahu a chickens**t.





Film-maker-Michael-Moore-006In some ways everyone is a hypocrite sometimes, but this letter is to those who usually are hypocrites.  For those who take the expedient self-serving side every time they open their mouth, regardless of right and wrong, this letter is for you. Click here to read my…Open Letter to Hypocrites Everywhere.

2 responses to “OPEN LETTERS

  • Edie

    Add to this Hall of Shame: Dianne Feinstein, of California, not Jewish by birth,and a graduate of both Catholic school and Sacre Coeur ( need we say more), most of Hollywood’s Jewish film executives from David Geffen an Israeli born, to Steven Spielberg who never voices his support for Israel, but used to hs advantage to interview and traumatized holocaust survivors, to the likes of liberals like Stresand…. to another Israeli only child of survivors, Eugene of KISS, who married a gentile who paraded wearing a huge cross on the reality show, which flopped finally.
    How about NY Times writer Cogen, with hs biased oped’s
    And least but not to skip: all those who wanted to embarass PM Netanyanu: who came to tell the whole world: watch out! We, Jews are here to stay with or without your help or accepting of us”!!!

  • Ezaza

    Add to this All of Shame : comedian Baron Cohen and his German ” convert” of a wife Isla Fisher – she is NOT an Australian Jew, keep: Eugene, of the KISS band, UN secretary Monkey Doood, Queen of England’ s saluting Hitler ( she was not cute and coy, but damn cold and arrogant), still is.

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