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Open Letter to Hypocrites Everywhere

hypoDear Hypocrite,

You know who you are.  You’re the person who screams and shouts against injustice when it’s fashionable.  You take a stand against those you know won’t hurt you.  You somehow manage to miss the obvious, stay quiet through the worst atrocities, and pick on the people you don’t like, not the people who actually do something wrong.

I admit I will never be completely objective.  I am a Jew and a Zionist.  I am also an American born of Dutch parents.  This means that I will always hope to find the positive when assessing the behaviors of anyone Jewish, Israeli, American and Dutch.  I also have a particular fondness for Canadians and I feel a strong connection to the British.  I actually like a lot of people.  What I don’t like are manipulators, thieves, imperialists, and most of all murderers.   I admit there are many grey areas in the first 3 categories and therefore some of it could be left open for interpretation, but a murderer is a murderer and I therefore won’t ever defend one.  What is important here is that this is the category in which you specialize.  You don’t look at the facts and determine who really is a murderer, you use your personal biases to change the terminology and manipulate the narrative.

Case in point, “the militant” or “freedom fighter”.  You somehow establish a moral equivalency between the Israeli soldier and the Palestinian terrorist. You try to make the case that the fight is equally justified on both sides, when in reality Israel’s fight is not against an established army of a credible nation, it it is a war against terror.  You may or may not work for the United Nations.  If you do, and I’ll be fair and not make any assumptions, you may be in favor of investigating Israel for war crimes or you may not.   If you are, do you realize that your hypocrisy is contributing to the destruction of the planet?  Your agenda is one that attacks the one democracy in the Middle East and ignores the wrongdoings of those committing acts of murder.  You speak of human rights yet you give a pass to those most guilty of human rights violations.  It makes no sense to the unbiased person, but makes all the sense in the world to those with a certain very dangerous and cynical agenda.

Then there’s the hypocritical Liberal.  I personally hold some viewpoints that would only be described as liberal and subsequently  am not blanketing all Liberals in this letter by any means.  The one’s I am referring to are those who claim to fight for tolerance and understanding and then turn around and attack and defend the wrong people.  Case in point, the academic that puts all their focus on boycotting Israel because they claim Israel has apartheid views and is persecuting the Palestinians, but says nothing about those nations openly and aggressively persecuting certain groups within their citizenry.

It’s always easy to distinguish between the sincere defender of the innocent and those who are tainted by personal bias.  The most objective statement a genuine person would have said about the war in Gaza if all they cared about was human life and not the political aspects and causes would have been, “I wish they would stop fighting so innocent people no longer get killed.”  I’ve never criticized one person who said they wanted peace for both Jews and Palestinians.  There truly is nothing wrong or hypocritical in wanting that. What is wrong is to claim you want this and put the blame on Israel.  You make excuses for the bad behavior of terrorists causing the conflict and concern yourself more with their rights than you do for the rights of not only the Israelis fighting it, but the Palestinian people being used as pawns by their very people.  Your behavior is not unlike the activist that focuses more on the treatment of a criminal in jail than on the rights of the victims they hurt.  You may define it as Liberal, but to me it is at best the epitome of misplaced Liberalism, and at worse devious hypocrisy.

If you are someone who claims to be a fighter for women’s issues and gay rights why are you not fighting against those governments or terrorist organizations that abuse both women and gays?  Why are you more focused on Israel building houses in areas most of you can’t even find on the map? And if you care so much about dead babies, why do I never hear your loud voice when it comes to Jewish or Christian babies?

You may also be that wealthy celebrity that speaks out against capitalism and inequality in western society while living off of the success you achieved from the very structure you so vehemently criticize.  Personally I’d rather you just shut up and give a huge donation to people who need help.  Otherwise all you’re doing is attempting to make yourself look like someone who cares.

Hypocrisy isn’t a Conservative or Liberal thing, it’s not a Republican or Liberal thing, and it certainly isn’t only an American thing.  It’s a self-serving cowards thing, and it’s becoming rampant.

I could go on and on because we live in a world overflowing with hypocrisy, but you get my point and most importantly, you know who you are.  You may pretend to care about right and wrong but in the end you just want to make an impression or push an agenda, and you are causing irreparable damage.


David Groen





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No More ISIS Horror Images:My personal stand

dhBritish aid worker David Haines is the latest westerner to be executed by ISIS. Earlier today images were released hauntingly similar to those taken of murdered journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff. After hearing the arguments made against even showing the pictures taken just before the executions of the 2 journalists, I’ve decided that starting today I am taking my own personal stand.  I will do my small part to no longer give these murderers the soapbox they so sickeningly crave.  I will not feed into their hate, I will not contribute to the fear they are trying to generate, and I will encourage everyone to follow suit. I will not show them even the slightest amount of respect and I will only give honor to the men and women they murder without conscience.

My friends, these are evil and scary people, but rest assured their days are numbered.  In their efforts to destroy civilization as we know it I believe they will galvanize the good of the world to exhibit force not seen since 1945, and maybe even surpassing that element of force.  The time will come when they push the wrong button on the wrong leaders nerve and then they will be hit with force they never even imagined.  It might be Israel who does it, it might be the U.S., it might even be Britain, Russia or China.  But it will happen. It’s always darkest before the dawn.  It is yet to get darker, but there is a dawn on the horizon.  Of this I am sure.

David Haines left behind a wife and 2 children.  He was 44.  May he rest in peace.




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If This is Your Lawyer, I wish you Luck

amalAmal Alamuddin, British-Lebanese Lawyer and fiance of actor George Clooney clearly is one of those lawyers who doesn’t care much about the facts.  In a statement in which she turned down the offer to sit on the UN’s Gaza-probe panel, Alamuddin made the following statement:

“I am horrified by the situation in the occupied Gaza Strip, particularly the civilian casualties and strongly believe that there should be an independent investigation and accountability for crimes that have been committed.”

She turned down the offer citing other commitments and 8 ongoing cases.

If by occupied she means occupied by Hamas and crimes committed by Hamas, I commend her.  However, since I know better, and since this committee was set up to investigate Israel, I’ll say this.  If Alamuddin is your lawyer, representing you in one of those 8 ongoing cases, good luck.  Knowing the facts and speaking the truth publicly don’t seem to matter to her, and as a client that would concern me.  To call it the “occupied Gaza Strip” should pretty much close the case in favor of Israel, since these alleged crimes are based on activities allegedly committed by a non-occupying force.  Since this is more of a witch hunt than an investigation I am sure the facts will not matter, but if Alamuddin was my lawyer, I’d be nervous.

One other point I want to make.  If you plan on criticizing me for attacking Alamuddin’s credibility as a lawyer, that’s fine, I can take it. But never expect me to feel bad about it when she is making statements that are incorrect and accusatory regarding the State of Israel.

And George Clooney doesn’t scare me.  He’s not Batman.


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