Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Mark-Zuckerberg.Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

This is not the most difficult letter for me to write but it may be the most complicated.  I have written Open Letters to a number of different celebrities over the past 2 months, some of which praised these celebrities while many were critical of their position on Israel and the Jewish people. Although I’ve been persuaded by a number of people to write this letter to you, I hope I they won’t be disappointed, since in this letter I won’t be criticizing you nor will I be making any demands.

The argument can be made that in attacking you in a letter I’d be biting the hand that feeds me.  Not that I make any money through Facebook, but I do use it as a forum for which to express my opinions, make friends, but maybe most importantly support Israel.  Be that as it may, if I felt your actions were against what I believe in, it wouldn’t stop me.  The reason I am taking this uncertain approach towards you is simple.  I don’t really know how you feel or what you actually do.

I hope I’m not going to be punished on my page for saying this, but I  never saw the movie “The Social Network.”  So I don’t know for sure when I say this, but I am guessing your main reasons for starting Facebook was because it was fun and lucrative. Well I don’t know if you’ve been having fun, but you’ve certainly made money.  You’ve achieved enormous fame and fortune, most likely beyond your wildest dreams.  What I don’t think you could have expected is the immense power your creation has given you.  And this is not the type of power usually provided to people who make a lot of money.  You have access to global information and personal information unparalleled in human history.  This may in some ways make you the most powerful man in the world.

I hope you’ll forgive the Spiderman reference, but as I am sure you know, with great power comes great responsibility.  People asked me to write this letter to protest pages and expressions of hate against Israel and the Jewish people.  Although I don’t like the pages I’ve seen in this category, I don’t actually believe that the best thing you can do is eliminate them.  This is where I get to the message I want to convey in this letter.  We all know the saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  It is my hope that somewhere somehow you are using information provided, information revealing threats or possibly exposing criminals and terrorists to help authorities keep people and free societies safe.  If you are indeed doing this and if you’ve provided access that has helped uncover terrorist plots or other heinous actions, you are using your immense power for a remarkable good.  For all any of us know you may have already saved the lives of thousands of people.  The problem is, by the nature of the service I hope you are providing, there is no way we would or to be honest, should know that you are. That is what made this letter so complicated.

There are those who may think I am being naive, but let me make something clear.  It’s not that I necessary believe you are doing this, it’s that I hope that you are.  And since this is the type of theory that is almost unverifiable by definition, I just don’t know what you think or what you are doing.  Knowing this takes away any passion I might have to attack you verbally, for if you are doing this, you are not only doing the right thing, you’re using your power for the ultimate good.  If that’s the case, not only do you not deserve criticism, you’re actually a great man.

It’s also possible that you’re just another very rich guy only concerned about yourself, enjoying your money, and choosing not to get involved.  If that’s the case, with all due respect, please get off your ass and do the right thing.

While I have your attention, thanks for Facebook. I really like it.  Usually.


David Groen




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