Open Letter to Ray Rice










Dear Ray,

What happened today made me angry for a few reasons.  First of all, the obvious one which is the one most decent people can relate to, is the fact that a “big strong man” didn’t have enough inner decency to stop himself from knocking out a woman.  The second reason I was angry was because this story didn’t bother me enough when it first came out.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have always been outspoken about this subject.  I have never hit a woman and I never will.  I have put myself in danger by getting involved in a confrontation between a woman and her very violent ex-husband, causing him to be arrested and prosecuted.  When it comes to physically protecting a woman the only thing I would ever fear is apathy.  So when I look back at the part of the video I did see, and I realize I didn’t get all up in arms then, I get angry.  Mainly at myself, but also at those who managed to get this somewhat pushed under the rug.

As a man, who thinks women are God’s greatest creation, let me say this to you.  A real man does not raise his hand to a woman.  Today was also the first time I saw your statement after the story broke and to be quite frank it was very revealing to me.  Your words were something along the line of  “I made the worst mistake of my life.”  That tells me a lot.  It tells me had you not gotten caught, and not become infamous for the incident, you would not have been close to as remorseful as you were.  Ray, it’s not that you made a mistake, it’s that you did something disgusting and vile.  Your statement should have been something along the lines of, “I did a terrible thing. My actions were despicable.” But no.  You “made a mistake.”   What was the mistake? Doing it in a public elevator with a camera?

Some may feel sorry for you, but I am not that forgiving.  I am not the almighty judge who determines your fate in the future, so I don’t know where you end up after all this is said and done, but for now, in my opinion, you are exactly where you should be, unemployed and humiliated.  Whether you end up with any further punishment I leave to those smarter and more qualified than me.

I leave you with this thought.  Again, you, and all those “men” who think it is OK to hit a woman need to understand that doing so makes you anything but a man.  It makes you a weak coward with no character whatsoever.  And also, take accountability.  That means realizing that what you did was not so much a mistake, but a disgraceful act of violence against the fairer sex and that you deserve whatever punishment you get.


David Groen




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