Open Letter to God

Sunrise_in_Eilat_Israel_by_DelusionistDear God,

I know your plate is full, particularly on the eve of the Day of Judgment, but I have a few things I would like to ask you for in a more personal way than I will over the next few days as I read and sing out of books compiled by men many many years ago.

First thing I ask of you is to keep the good people of this earth safe.  I understand you have a plan, and my faith is strong enough to trust it, but people are hurting.  People are scared.  Many have a feeling that eventually it will be their turn to suffer.  I do not know what your plan is, but I wish it did not involve so much pain and suffering for so many.  It makes some people question or dispute your very existence.  Despite this however, there are so many people who remain devoted to you, and I often feel as though they deserve better.  But of course that is for you decide.

I naturally  have my own personal requests, but compared to the bigger picture, they are relatively insignificant.  Maybe you’re testing us, waiting to see who will make sacrifices and who will not.  It might all make more sense if it was not for one thing. Right now it feels like the bad guys are winning.

Personally, I believe in you and trust you.  But you are not making it easy.  Sickness, murder, war, poverty, these are not what people hope for when they turn to you in prayer.  I understand we are all accountable for our actions and I personally accept my accountability for mine, I just wish the world was a better place, and I fear the human race may not be capable of making that happen on its own.

That is why today I turn to you, on the eve of the day when millions of Jews will turn to you to ask you to not only help us, but help everyone turning to you for help.  I ask you to heal the hearts of those who hate us so much, but most of all I ask you for peace.  Not just for us, but for all humanity.  I know I might be asking a lot, but at least I know who to ask.

Thank you for allowing me to make it another year and thank you for all your mercy and kindness,

David Groen

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