Open Letter to Lady Gaga

Lady-Gaga-7Dear Lady Gaga,

The reason I write to you today is very simple.  I am an American Jew and a Zionist. I am also very active in blogging and in social media in providing whatever support I can for Israel and the Jewish people at a very difficult and scary time. I have attempted to reach a number of celebrities through my use of Open Letters.  Most of these letters are letters in which I harshly criticize these “stars” for their very blatant anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic stance.  To be quite frank with you it sometimes becomes a bit draining.  It often feels like I am banging my head against a wall when I try to wake people up to how their political viewpoints and so-called humanitarian stances are really just prejudice against Jews.  So thanks to you I have an opportunity for once to write a more pleasant letter, and seeing how I always have enjoyed your music and style anyway, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity.

In my last paragraph I referred to these people as “stars”, using quotation marks to make the point that many of these people are shells of their former celebrity selves with their careers on downturns.  That is part of why I am so intrigued and grateful to you.  You are still as true star.  Your talent has not diminished, your fan base is still growing, and you never have and never will pander to a certain group because you have nothing better to do or nowhere else to achieve your fame.  You are a real and genuine individual with real and genuine ideals.  A large percentage of the people who read my work fall into the category of Conservative so I am sure they don’t agree with your stance on certain issues, but in this world where evil and hatred are gaining a strong foothold, I hope they recognize your actions in standing behind Israel are a shining light in a darkening world.

Don’t you find it interesting that the supporters of Israel like myself only get mad at those who hate Israel and the Jews while those on the other side get mad at you for not hating Israel?  I would never be mad at you for showing compassion for anyone, as long as you continue your fair and clear-minded treatment of Israel and the Jewish people.

I also hope your actions wake up those who seem to have tolerance for everything other than the most free and democratic society in the Middle East.  I don’t know if your enlightenment is based on studying and understanding issues or you were just “Born this way”, but whatever it is I thank you and hope you have the time of your life performing in Tel-Aviv.

Thank you again.


David Groen

P.S. When I write the nasty letters I try to find the ugliest pics of the people I write to, but in your case I picked this one because I think you look super cute.





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