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The importance of Walid Shoebat












Yesterday I pushed the idea of not giving in to fear, and while I still feel that way, I nearly called this piece, “Why Walid Shoebat scare me”.  It’s not because Shoebat is a frightening or evil man.  It’s because he once was, and therefore understands the inner thoughts, motives and capabilities of those that still are.


Walid Shoebat is one of the most remarkable and brave men on the planet. A former Palestinian terrorist, Shoebat came to his own intelligent, thoughtful and logical conclusion that the ways of his people were not only evil, but self-destructive to their goals.  I can’t even imagine the threats this man receives and the caution he needs to exercise.  Here is a man who openly denounces a group of people who claim their entire structure revolves around a perverse sense of honor.  He is not merely an outspoken critic of their ways or supporter of Israel like a Sean Hannity, Howard Stern or Jon Voight.  This man is someone who once was within their ranks and committed acts of terror along side the very men he is now trying to expose to the world.  He does it openly and without apology, and without disguise or camouflage.

Walid Shoebat reached his conclusions based on an understanding that the entire system he once believed in was orchestrated around one major concept, the hatred and destruction of the Jewish people.  Interestingly enough, and the reason I find this man most genuine and increasingly credible, is that although he does support Israel, the bulk of his dialogue does not revolve around professing his love for the Jewish people or the State of Israel.  He just no longer functions from principals of hate.   In the absence of hate you don’t always find love.  Nor do you need to.  The absence of hate is enough.  And the insight this man provides, clarifying the education and thought process of the Palestinian terrorist and the ideology being forced on the entire population is more beneficial than some sugar-coated sweet talk. This man’s perspective can help save lives.

The flip side however is that when Shoebat explains things, the reality of the dangers we, particularly those of us who are Jewish, face in the days ahead becomes even more clear.  The entire culture he was raised in indoctrinates its people to hate the Jews.  Just as the Nazis used hatred of the Jews as a means from which to rally the people around their power, so too the Palestinian leadership  uses the hatred of the Jews to rally the people to their cause.   Except this  may ultimately turn out to be worse.  Entire generations are being taught that hating Jewish people is as normal as enjoying a meal.  Let me make something very clear as I write this.  I am not writing this as opinion, even though I have little to no trouble believing it.  I am writing this as an account of what is told not only by someone who lived in it, but by someone who committed acts of terror while living it.  When you hear Shoebat speak of their desires, plans and capabilities, it is chilling, alarming and needs to be taken very seriously.

We need more people like Walid Shoebat and son of Hamas author, Mosab Hassan Yousef.  These are people I suspect are prepared to not live long lives, although I hope they do. The key to so much that we hope for in the future lies in the emergence of more significant amounts of people like Shoebat who have found the inner decency and incredible courage to speak up for what is right even in the face of the gravest dangers.  He’s someone worth listening to.  Just be prepared.  You may not like what you hear.




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Another Open Letter to Russell Brand

rus2Dear Russell,

Frankly I am not sure what upsets me more, the fact that you are still talking or the fact that last week the Huffington Post chose to provide you with a forum to regurgitate more of your self-serving ramblings(CLICK HERE TO READ THE OP-ED).   I am glad you think you’re not an anti-Semite because indeed that may be a step in the right direction, but unless you wrote that piece after once again dropping acid, something that in the past gave you your “pro-Jewish” epiphany, you are missing some very important points in your argument.

First of all, there is no fair way to discuss Israel’s military action in Gaza without mentioning the terrorist activities of Hamas.  Not only do you not do that, you never once even mention Hamas.  I maintain, as I did in my last letter to you(CLICK HERE TO READ), that you, like so many others don’t go after terrorist groups as hard as you go after Israel because you know the Israeli government won’t hunt you down and kill you in the street.  Hamas just might.  So conveniently leaving Hamas out of the discussion, and with all the dribble you wrote I am sure it was not a mere oversight, you are once again showing your cowardice.

Here is why mentioning Hamas is so key to the discussion.  You claim the actions by Israel are based in the economic gains of a right-wing government aligned with right-wing institutions in other parts of the world.  You do not back it up with facts, facts I would love to see because it would be enlightening to see how the Gaza campaign did anything to better anyone economically.  In truth the Gaza campaign was necessary, and sadly more campaigns will be in the future, because the ruling party of Gaza is sworn to the destruction of Israel and to the death of all Jews.  You somehow missed that in your long Op Ed professing your love for the Jewish people.

Allow me to teach you something you are required to learn if you do not want to be deemed an anti-Semite or someone who promotes anti-Semitism.  What you need to understand is more than just what you choose to see about an Israeli government.  What you need to grasp better is the concept of the modern State of Israel.

The State of Israel declared independence in 1948, 3 years removed from the murder of 6 millions Jews.  Or as your buddy Khaleed Meshaal says, a genocide only half as bad as what Israel committed in Gaza.  Israel was not set up as a way for Jews to colonize the entire Middle East or commit atrocities.  It was set up as a safe-haven, a guardian nation so to speak, for a race of people, my people incidentally, that was devastated in an unspeakable fashion.  The State of Israel was in somewhat set up as a nation designed to guarantee that what happened to the Jewish people under Hitler would indeed never happen again. So when you promote political and philosophical viewpoints that put the State of Israel in danger for its life, you don’t merely attack Benjamin Netanyahu and Likud, you attack Jews worldwide.  You may claim that you are not an anti-Semite, but your statements increase the likelihood of many dead Jews. Regardless of what you claim to be your intentions, it doesn’t get much more anti-Semitic than that.

I loved this line of yours in your Op Ed: “It is the exclusion of the sane majority that allows extremists to prosper. The insanity across the Middle East is so deeply terrifying and giddyingly futile that most people, despondent and bilious want to look away.”  And yet, no mention of Hamas.  No mention of terrorism.  No mention of how similar Hamas is to ISIS or how Israel gives more civil rights to their Muslim citizens than almost every Arab country. It seems like you almost get it sometimes, but then your personal bias or delusion takes over and you revert back to the Neo anti-Semite you so don’t want to be.  Cough cough.

Although most people seemed to like my first letter to you, there were some disturbed my personal attacks on you. I almost felt bad about it till I read how in referring to Bill O’Reilly you said he was “A hollering parasite of his own punctured anus,” and Sean Hannity you called a  “Fox News’ shop-dummy-polemicist.”  I feel much better about calling you an idiot and a coward now.  Something I still believe to be true.

Since you claim to believe in positive action, here’s a suggestion for some very positive action. Shut up.  You are actually doing more harm than good.  I know you think you are this generations Jesus, but in truth you are merely a court jester giving more Brits the ultimate justification to jump on a plane to Syria, (via Turkey) to sign up for ISIS and battle the west you clearly seem to hate so much.  Funny enough, it’s the same west that made you rich.  I think you need to realize there is something far worse than being so despondent and bilious that you want to look away.  It’s looking right at it and ignoring the truth.  Something anti-Semites are very good at.


David Groen



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