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My hatred for Ronaldo stays on the pitch

hoaxI’ve never liked Cristiano Ronaldo.  I think he is arrogant, obnoxious, and with the exception of how he played for a few matches prior to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, very overrated. His Portugal National Soccer team plays a dirty aggressive style and has beaten some of my favorite teams.  So in that typical way a passionate sports fan will, I hate Ronaldo. However, I also know the dangers of attacking someone incorrectly. Apparently the story claiming he refused to exchange shirts with an Israeli player is as made up as the pictures you see here showing Ronaldo and a photoshopped picture above Lionel Messi with a photshopped picture.  The real story, a story that incidentally took place at least a year ago is that he didn’t exchange his jersey with a fellow Portuguese player that was already wearing an Israeli jersey.  The truth is that during his trip to Israel he happily posed on Tel-Aviv beach, commented publicly about enjoying Israel and is even pictured smiling and shaking the hand of Shimon Peres.  So until I hear otherwise, I will continue to hate Ronaldo the way I hate any athlete who I consider the enemy…in a game.  In real life it appears the guy may not be that bad after all.

As anyone who has read my writing knows, I am never bashful when it comes to going after someone I feel is an enemy of Israel and the Jewish people.  But despite my somewhat poor-sport dislike for Ronaldo, Portugal beat Holland and England too much for my liking, I won’t attack someone if I don’t see it as warranted.  I’ll just root against him on the pitch.

We have enough real enemies that we don’t need to make them up.





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Open Letter to Lady Gaga

Lady-Gaga-7Dear Lady Gaga,

The reason I write to you today is very simple.  I am an American Jew and a Zionist. I am also very active in blogging and in social media in providing whatever support I can for Israel and the Jewish people at a very difficult and scary time. I have attempted to reach a number of celebrities through my use of Open Letters.  Most of these letters are letters in which I harshly criticize these “stars” for their very blatant anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic stance.  To be quite frank with you it sometimes becomes a bit draining.  It often feels like I am banging my head against a wall when I try to wake people up to how their political viewpoints and so-called humanitarian stances are really just prejudice against Jews.  So thanks to you I have an opportunity for once to write a more pleasant letter, and seeing how I always have enjoyed your music and style anyway, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity.

In my last paragraph I referred to these people as “stars”, using quotation marks to make the point that many of these people are shells of their former celebrity selves with their careers on downturns.  That is part of why I am so intrigued and grateful to you.  You are still as true star.  Your talent has not diminished, your fan base is still growing, and you never have and never will pander to a certain group because you have nothing better to do or nowhere else to achieve your fame.  You are a real and genuine individual with real and genuine ideals.  A large percentage of the people who read my work fall into the category of Conservative so I am sure they don’t agree with your stance on certain issues, but in this world where evil and hatred are gaining a strong foothold, I hope they recognize your actions in standing behind Israel are a shining light in a darkening world.

Don’t you find it interesting that the supporters of Israel like myself only get mad at those who hate Israel and the Jews while those on the other side get mad at you for not hating Israel?  I would never be mad at you for showing compassion for anyone, as long as you continue your fair and clear-minded treatment of Israel and the Jewish people.

I also hope your actions wake up those who seem to have tolerance for everything other than the most free and democratic society in the Middle East.  I don’t know if your enlightenment is based on studying and understanding issues or you were just “Born this way”, but whatever it is I thank you and hope you have the time of your life performing in Tel-Aviv.

Thank you again.


David Groen

P.S. When I write the nasty letters I try to find the ugliest pics of the people I write to, but in your case I picked this one because I think you look super cute.





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From Netanyahu to Netanyahu, there is none like Netanyahu

gif-leaders-netanyahuWhen speaking of the greatness of Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, otherwise known as Maimonides, it is often said, “from Moses to Moses, there was none like Moses.”  This of course speaks to the importance and greatness of Moses in the Bible, the prophet that lead the Children of Israel out of slavery in Egypt, and generations later the great impact Maimonides had in his and future generations as a Rabbi, philosopher and physician.

In June of 1976 the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijacked an Air France plane en route to Paris from Tel-Aviv and forced it to land in Entebbe, Uganda.  With the support of the Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, the hijackers took hostages, separating the Jewish passengers from the non-Jewish passengers and held the Jewish passengers hostage at Entebbe Airport. A group of 100 commandos, lead by Yonatan Netanyahu freed every single hostage on July 4, 1976, going down in history as one of the most amazing rescue missions of all time.  Sadly, Netanyahu, was killed during the mission.  He will always be remembered fondly as a great hero.

38 years later, Yonatan Netanyahu’s brother Benjamin is Prime Minister of the State of Israel during one of its most challenging times.  As is the case with any high-profile leader, Benjamin Netanyahu has his critics on both sides of the spectrum.  There are those who feel he is too compromising, accusing him of not having the willingness or stomach to do what needs to be done to eliminate Israel’s threats regardless of collateral damage or civilian casualties. The other critics go as far as saying he is a war criminal, guilty of leading a genocide against the Palestinian people.

I personally think he is a great man, one whose performance in the wake of tremendous pressure both internally and externally has been nothing short of exemplary.  His priority has been the safety and future security of the citizens of Israel.  He has shown respect for world opinion by publicly clarifying and explaining Israel’s actions, something expected from no other country, possibly with the exception of the United States.  He has displayed a calm leadership during chaotic times.  He has shown strength, reason, intelligence, and the quality he is given the least credit for, compassion.  I believe we are very lucky to have him.

From Netanyahu to Netanyahu, there is none like Netanyahu.


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Welcome to a World where Terrorists Charge War Crimes

Pflpmayday2005When I read that Palestinian Foreign Affairs Minister Riyad al-Maliki arrived in the Hague with the intent to make a case charging Israel with war crimes, I decided to read up more about the man appearing to the world as a defender of humanity. After all, the Palestinian Authority produces nothing but the highest quality individuals.  Sarcasm aside, here are the facts about the latest “humanitarian” to be produced in defense of the people in Gaza.

Riyad al-Maliki was a leading member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine(PFLP).  The picture inserted in this post is its 2005 May Day poster.  Tells you a lot already.  The PFLP, al-Maliki’s faction,  supports a one-state solution,  which basically means it favors the destruction of the State of Israel. The PFLP has conducted terrorist attacks worldwide since 1968, but I’ll just show a few that took place since the year 2,000.

A suicide bomb in a pizzeria in the West Bank in February of 2002 killing 3 teenagers…CIVILIANS

A suicide bomb in a market in Netanya in May of the same year killing 3 Israelis….CIVILIANS

A suicide bomb in a bus station in Petach Tikvah on December 25, 2003 killing 4…CIVILIANS

A suicide bomb in a market in Tel-Aviv in November 2004 killing 3..CIVILIANS

There are plenty more to show but you get the point.    The world we live in today is so backwards when it comes to morality and decency, one might think if the Warsaw Ghetto uprising would have happened today the Jews would have been condemned for it.

Riyad al-Maliki, the latest Palestinian terrorist to put on a suit, is the man presenting the case against Israel.  To the world’s shame it is listening.  One day some of these people will look back and lament how they took the side of terrorists over a free and democratic country.  By then it may be too late.


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Israel wins a game of Chicken

faa-logo-387x400If the report from Channel 2 News in Israel is accurate, the Israeli government outmaneuvered the American government in what might be described as a political game of Chicken.   The report from Arad Nir of Channel 2 Israel states that the Israeli government told the US that it understands the rules and reasoning of the FAA in banning flights to Tel-Aviv, but that the situation could not continue this way and that to change it they would need to amp up and accelerate the operation in Gaza.   Click to see the report by the Jewish Press.

In doing this Israel reinforced one fact and may have proven another. The fact that it reinforced is once again that it has been showing incredible amounts of restraint.  This fact has been reinforced over and over in numerous ways so there is no reason to believe those denying it will change their tune, but this indeed does provide one more piece of evidence.  The second claim it may have verified is that the ban from the FAA was more about politics than it was about safety.  If indeed the US Government was using the banning of flights into Ben-Gurion as a way of strong-arming Israel into stopping or pulling back on its operation in Gaza, Israel’s response politically outmaneuvered the U.S.

The fact that Israel may have been put into a position where it needed to outmaneuver the United States, a nation that traditionally has been a close friend and ally,  is another sad commentary of a very sad time.

Are These the Actions of an Evil Regime?


Israel, the Apartheid State.  The government that is persecuting Palestinians.  The regime committing genocide against the people of Palestine.   Really?  Does this sound like a country that would be taking care of the wife of the leader of the Palestinian authority?  Well that is exactly what happened this past weekend as the wife of Mahmoud Abbas had leg surgery in a hospital near Tel-Aviv.  But did the fair-minded speak out about this?  Did they ever stop to consider what would have happened if three Palestinian students had been kidnapped and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife would need surgery in most Arab nations?  Or even closer to home in the West Bank or Gaza?  As three Yeshiva students remain missing, likely kidnapped by Hamas or another similar terrorist organization, the Israeli government welcomed in and allowed the wife of Abbas to be cared for.  Does this strike you as the behavior of a state motivated to wipe the Palestinians off the planet.  Does it look like a government lacking in ethical human rights behavior?

We all know the answer.  Roger Waters knows the answer.  Emma Thompson knows the answer.  Alice Walker knows the answer.  But these phonies, Anti-Semites masquerading as humanitarians would never utter the words of truth that are so evident from the events taking place.   The worldwide movements to discredit Zionists, a smokescreen for decreasingly less subtle attacks on Jews, would never declare the truth about Israel, that it is a true democracy with true freedom and the highest level of human rights.  To do that would result in elevating the status of Jews worldwide, which in reality is why it is not done.  If you doubt this to be true just look at what it is happening in France on a regular basis to people because they are Jews, not because they are Zionists. And look at the recent murders in Brussels and wake up to the truth.  And that truth is that there are people who want to wipe the Jewish people from the planet, regardless of where they live.

We all say Never Again to something that on some very frightening levels has begun to happen again.  Did we ever know what we would do to stop it if it did?  Maybe not.  But it starts by seeing the reality of the situation and not closing our eyes, pretending it is not there and hoping it will go away.  That never worked and never will.