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Israel wins a game of Chicken

faa-logo-387x400If the report from Channel 2 News in Israel is accurate, the Israeli government outmaneuvered the American government in what might be described as a political game of Chicken.   The report from Arad Nir of Channel 2 Israel states that the Israeli government told the US that it understands the rules and reasoning of the FAA in banning flights to Tel-Aviv, but that the situation could not continue this way and that to change it they would need to amp up and accelerate the operation in Gaza.   Click to see the report by the Jewish Press.

In doing this Israel reinforced one fact and may have proven another. The fact that it reinforced is once again that it has been showing incredible amounts of restraint.  This fact has been reinforced over and over in numerous ways so there is no reason to believe those denying it will change their tune, but this indeed does provide one more piece of evidence.  The second claim it may have verified is that the ban from the FAA was more about politics than it was about safety.  If indeed the US Government was using the banning of flights into Ben-Gurion as a way of strong-arming Israel into stopping or pulling back on its operation in Gaza, Israel’s response politically outmaneuvered the U.S.

The fact that Israel may have been put into a position where it needed to outmaneuver the United States, a nation that traditionally has been a close friend and ally,  is another sad commentary of a very sad time.

If a Plane Went down, Would they blame Israel?

russianmissileIn light of the events of earlier today in which the FAA shut down flights from the United States to and from Israel, I ask the following question.  If, God forbid,  a plane travelling into Tel-Aviv were to be shot down, who would be held accountable for yet another unspeakable tragedy in the skies?  Last week when Malaysian flight 17 was shot down killing all 298 passengers, Russian supported rebels were identified as responsible for firing the surface to air missile that brought down the plane.  The world has understandably been in an uproar over this horrific act.  Governments, including the United States government have been demanding action from Vladimir Putin, as the leader of Russia, the nation most people are blaming for this tragedy.  So if such an awful event would take place near Tel-Aviv, naturally any logical thinking and fair-minded individual would blame Hamas who is firing the missiles, or even take it one step further, Iran, the nation that sponsors the terrorist organization ruling Gaza. Naturally, but unlikely.

As much as that should make sense to anyone reading this, we all know Israel would be blamed and pressured into stopping the operation whose sole purpose is to stop these attacks.  There would be no headline reading, ‘Plane shot down by Iranian missile”.  I pray to God this theory isn’t tested, but I know that any such test would prove my theory accurate.  There is, more often than not an unfair standard when it comes to world opinion and the State of Israel.  I am quite confident this would be no different.

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