Creating Desperation: The Hamas Way

When World War I ended and Germany was defeated, their punishment for being the aggressors was so severe the economy plunged into depths that caused poverty and hunger of immense proportions.  I am not condemning this, merely stating this to address the circumstances leading to the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.  Hitler fed off of the desperation of the German people, found a perfect scapegoat, and promised Germans a better life.  All they had to do was follow his leadership regardless of how evil and heinous the outcome.  He took their awful life and promised a good one, in the process convincing the masses the suffering of others was of no consequence. As we all know the strategy worked with tragic precision and Hitler reigned in Germany till his defeat by the allies in 1945.  Hitler used the suffering of the German people to push his agenda, and like many fascist regimes before him the process was successful.

One can hope and pray that history will show that Israel never allowed Hamas to grow into the killing machine the Nazi party was, but it certainly wont be for lack of trying.  What sets Hamas apart in the early stages of its rule over its people is something even more cynical and morally repugnant than the Nazis in their establishment of control over their people.  While the Nazis took the pain and suffering of the people to establish the regime, Hamas has actually created the pain and suffering to create theirs.  Israel left Gaza to its own means in 2005, and as Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer said, “we hoped it would become a Singapore,  instead it became an Iran”,  implying what could have become a booming economy, technologically advanced, with a secure present and optimistic future became just the opposite.  Hamas took their funding and rather than help the population, they became Iran’s proxy, training terrorists, building terror tunnels and making their corrupt leadership perversely wealthy while keeping the money out of the hands of the community.  Rather than having to answer for their misappropriation, they used the suffering it caused to channel their desperation into hatred and the belief that death was better than life. With the life they gave them in Gaza it was an easy sell.  The video in this piece shows what happens to people when they feel the best outcome to their life is death.

While Hitler took the desperation he found and turned it into mass hysteria with his promises of a better life, Hamas has formed a new and cynical blueprint.  Create the desperation and then promise a better life, even if it is through murder and suicide.


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