Coming Soon to an anti-Semitic stage near you:More Israel Bashing

gazaflagIf Hamas is telling the truth, and this is the one time it actually might be, fighting between Israel and the terrorist organization will resume tomorrow. They have made it clear that unless Israel removes the naval blockade and allows Gaza an active port they will resume hostilities when the cease-fire expires.  With an open port Hamas would be able to receive unlimited amounts of weapons from its supporters, bastions of morality like Iran, Qatar and North Korea.  As obvious as it should be that removing the blockade would be devastating to Israel’s security, and as obvious as it will be that Hamas is the one resuming the fighting, be prepared for another round of Israel bashing when civilians once again get killed because the leadership of Hamas has no respect for human life.  Those who hate Israel and the Jewish people will only be happy if they are willing to take a beating, which thank God they are not.  Stay tuned for the predictable.



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