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A Statesman Departs


At a time in American politics when everything is so contentious, we look towards the State of Israel and remember one of its great statesmen.  Former Prime Minister and lifetime public servant for the Jewish state Shimon Peres passed away yesterday at the age of 93.  For so many years I never knew the difference between a left-wing politician and a right-wing politician when it came to Israel’s heads of state.  Yes I knew that Menachem Begin was more to the right then most and Shimon Peres was more to the left, but when it came to defending Israel against its enemies when under attack, it has always been difficult to see a clear difference.  Why?  Because Israel’s leaders have lived lives as protectors of the Jewish people.  This is not about politics, it is about gratitude.  Today we should take a moment and remember a man who devoted his entire adult life to the service of the State of Israel.

Rest in Peace Shimon Peres and thank you.








An Invisible Shield over The Jewish State

irondYes, I am referring to the Iron Dome.  Or am I?  Those of us who believe in God would argue that there has been an invisible shield over the Jewish State since its creation.  Only now it is in a more visible physical form.

I was pleased when earlier today a major news channel assessed the situation in a more honest and accurate manner.  FOX News, in a report about the Iron Dome, said the following.  I paraphrase:

‘When 4 Palestinian children were killed in Israeli attacks it captured world attention, however when one looks at the map of where Hamas is firing it shows that a large percentage are aimed towards highly populated civilian areas.’

The importance of this statement, one I discussed in a previous piece about what many in the world call a “disproportionate response”, (CLICK TO READ), is that it reveals how Hamas is not attempting to miss Jewish civilians, they are indeed targeting them.  Were it not for the amazing technology, invented by Israel and funded by the United States, these missiles would have caused serious damage and even worse, a large loss of life.   The science of the Iron Dome technology can certainly be used to argue against Divine intervention, but those such as myself who do believe in God will maintain that it is not only another example of God’s hand but one made more visible to people at a time when faith is more critical than ever.

Either way, thank God it works.

Mind boggling

bar_refaeli_face_photoIt is tremendously unfortunate that I need to follow up my post about Bar Rafaeli by defending a woman who made global news in defense of the Jewish state.  Since the time I wrote the last post, I’ve been told she is a draft dodger who has been highly criticized in Israel for not going into the army.  I’ve even been told that she is widely criticized for her Liberal views.  Since when does having Liberal views automatically label you as being bad for the Jewish people or State of Israel?  Bar Rafaeli came right out and went after an individual, Roger Waters, who is and enemy of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.  I appreciate the passion felt by former soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces, and a Jew I am forever in their debt for their service.  This I say with total sincerity and conviction.  However, to those criticizing Rafaeli I say this.  Go after your enemies not your friends.  Here is a public figure using her high profile status to try and combat a subtle but significant evil and what she deserves is gratitude and support.  It is not everyone’s responsibility to be part of the solution, but in going after Bar Rafaeli you become part of the problem.

The Morality behind Being a Hard Liner from a Safe Seat

As someone who loves Israel I sometimes wonder the morality behind my hard-line statements.  In this post I will only refer to myself, because each person who speaks their mind about Israel may have done things to help the Jewish state that I am not aware of even if on the surface they appear to be just like me, an opinionated person who supports aggressive response without being in the range of retaliatory missiles.   On top of that, I am not writing a post of judgment as much as I am putting a concept and question out there.

As rockets fly into Israel, no reasonable person questions Israel’s right to self-defense.  There is not a country on earth that would sit by and allow their territory and their people be attacked without a response.  But when this happens I will be one of the first to openly express my wish for Israel to crush the enemy.  I do not say this out of lack of respect for human life.  I say this out of respect for Jewish life that throughout the ages has been seen as expendable.  But I say these things from a comfortable chair and from a computer in New York City.  When Israel retaliates and missiles are fired all over Israel, I do not have to run for shelter.  I do not run the risk of being killed in the middle of the night and I will not be fighting on any front line if the war escalates.  Even as I believe the only way to combat this enemy is with stronger force and that Israel is 100% correct in handling it that way, one might say, as the phrase goes, “It’s easy for you to say David.”

No one has said this to me and I believe that Israelis appreciate the solidarity shown by supporters worldwide, but the question needs to be asked.  Do we have the right to encourage violence, albeit justified, even if we do not suffer any immediate consequences?  In a previous post I stated my belief that these missiles are aimed at all Jews. I still believe that.  However, that reality is still more conceptual than actual.  So in truth, as painful and disturbing as the situation is, compared to others, one might feel that it is easy for me to say.