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In Support of Greek Jewry

As documented in the book Jew Face, the nation of Holland had 75% of its Jewish population murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust.  Another nation with one of the smaller Jewish populations which suffered similar devastation was the country of Greece.  Between 60,000-70,000 Greek Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, most of them in Auschwitz.  At the end of the war an estimated 8-10,000 survived.  Keeping alive the rich history and culture of Greek Judaism with such a small number remaining is a difficult task, one which my friend Richard Solomon has taken upon himself to do.  The following is a link where you can acquire a CD  of a discussion about Greek Jewish history and the Greek Jewish Synagogue and Museum of New York.Go to http://kkjsm.org/ and help keep alive the Greek Jewish history and culture.

What a mess!!!

So I am sitting enjoying the company of my 90 year old mother, yes, the same woman on the cover of Jew Face, and she insists that we watch the World News.  Despite the fact that I generally prefer to get my news online, since I am sitting with my mother anyway, and she wished to watch, I decided to sit and watch our world’s impending doom unfold in front of my eyes.

It starts with Spain requesting bailout money. Reinforced by the fact that similar crises have hit Ireland, Greece, and Portugal, I am listening to how Europe is collapsing.  Great news, especially since both World Wars started in Europe and the Jews are still in finance.  Needles to say I am being sarcastic.

The next story is how a massive investigation has been launched to discover the source of national security  leaks coming from the White House.  Republicans are accusing the White House of leaking the successes on purpose for political gain.  So this means that either the opponents of the president have sunk to the lowest level, or the current administration has.  Either way, the end result is the international community having another excuse why they should not trust America.  Did I mention that any criticism of the United States tends to be wrapped together with criticism of Israel and the Jews?  More good news.  Thanks Mom.

The next story was a little lighter.  All this was about was a potentially new E-Coli outbreak.   No worries.  I’ve lost my appetite anyway.  Now I really encourage you to buy the book Jew Face.  At least you can read a story about how things can work out well for people even after the worst things happen.   Anyway, this article is done.  Time to have dinner and hope it doesn’t kill me.

Stay tuned for a special post. Post number 100 is next!