Letter to President Obama Regarding the Administrations Foreign Policy

pobamaDear Mr. President,

Please allow me to start by saying that I write this letter to you with the utmost respect for the office you hold and will therefore address you accordingly.  However, as a citizen of the United States and as a Jewish American exercising my right to free speech I intend to speak on some issues I find both concerning and disappointing.

I am by no means your usual critic.  I am a Democrat and a social Liberal who voted for you twice.  I’ve defended your performance and I’ve verbally attacked those I have felt were opposed to your presidency for inappropriate reasons.  I have been aware and willing to speak out against those whose criticism seemed to be a smokescreen for racial bias caused by the color of your skin or your middle name.  I have recognized that you have encountered serious opposition from the House of Representatives and Senate often making your job more difficult than it would normally be.  I say all this to emphasize that I, as a citizen and a supporter, have been more than fair in my personal judgments.  So with that in mind you will understand that this is not a letter from a Conservative Republican that would have found very little favor in your performance, nor is it from a racist that would have found none at all. This is a letter from someone who has been somewhat of a supporter and defender of you and your efforts over the past  6 years.

Even as I write this letter I hold out hope that the issues I find disturbing do not tell the whole story and that you are doing things behind the scenes that would explain their logic and benefit, and that I, as someone with no understanding of the inner working of politics would have no way of knowing what actually is the true reality.   I accept that as a possibility, but with the information that I do have available and with my somewhat limited understanding, I will share with you my major concerns, specifically with your administration’s foreign policy.

My biggest concern has been with the administration’s approach towards Islamic extremism.  I understand and will not question your acknowledgment of people of all faiths.  It is a commendable sentiment and in a perfect world people of all faiths can live side by side with dignity and respect.  However, as you are fully aware, not everyone in the world is pursuing that same utopia. I do not think for one second that you are not aware of the threat ISIS and other terrorist organizations pose to the free world, but as a citizen observing your actions or inaction toward their development and growth, I respectfully question your strategy.  I can understand your reluctance to engage in military conflict unless completely necessary, what I am questioning, as are many other Americans, is at what point do you actually deem it necessary? The humanitarian mission recently carried out in Iraq was a commendable one and it was easy to see the necessity there, but at what point is action taken to eliminate a serious threat to America and its allies?  ISIS has taken over land, weapons, and large sums of cash with what appears to be little to no resistance.  I understand not getting involved in the internal problems of other countries, but it seems abundantly clear that ISIS is not merely a problem that will remain isolated to the region.  Are we to wait until they do attack us on American soil?  I am sure you feel as we all do, that waiting for that to happen is unacceptable.  I just don’t see what is being done to prevent that.

There are those on the far right that not only question your tactics in dealing with Muslim extremism, but your motives as well.  I am under the assumption and belief that you mean to do what is best for the country even if I question your methods.  This is what baffles me most about your dealings with Israel. I am not alone in feeling at least some degree of abandonment and betrayal towards Israel and the Jewish people.  I recognize some of the support you have given to Israel, particularly in the funding of Iron Dome, but some of the actions taken by the administration as well as some of the statements made, have been anything but positive.  I have often said, in an attempt to be fair and objective, that the Jewish people need to understand that you were elected President of the United States, not Prime Minister of Israel.  But knowing that as I do, I am baffled that you would not put your complete support behind Israel, the country most likely to fight an enemy not only committed to its destruction, but to America’s destruction as well.

Mr. President, I know that compared to the ocean that is your set of accomplishments in life I am a mere drop of water. I also know that I do not match up to you intellectually.  That being said I am still an American with a voice and an opinion that is shared by many other Americans.  Our opinion deserves to be considered.   As a Jew who has lost a significant degree of faith in your friendship towards the Jewish people, I ask you to recognize Israel’s need for support in combating not only its enemy, but America’s as well.  Most of all, I ask you to tell us how you intend to keep us and future generations safe from enemies that appear to be growing with little resistance.


David Groen


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5 responses to “Letter to President Obama Regarding the Administrations Foreign Policy

  • Sue Retchin

    and you should be ashamed of yourself for voting for the party instead of the best person for the job. After this presidents first term it was clear he was not for Israel. As a jew how could you have voted for him for a second term? the writing was on the wall. My hope is that the next presidential election you vote for the person who will support Israel and fight against Islamist extremists .

  • J Kovac

    Thank you for the articulate and eloquent letter . It represents the feelings many of us have , Jew and Non Jew alike. I believe this President has a mission to make his personal mark on history as a peace maker , much like Jimmy Carter did, and Neville Chamberlain did a generation before..I do not believe that President Obama grasps the reality of the Islamic Jihad , and he is unwilling to commit his presidency to fight that war. Unfortunately , we are living in an era that has presented the world with evil doctrines and movements that must be defeated before universal peace can be attained .If and when the attacks are repeated on American soil , he will have to change his approach , but until then , he is determined to hide his head in the sand , just like the French and British and Germans have done . The leaders of the ” Free ” world believe that their followers are sick of war , and by turning their backs on the clear and present danger , they will not be marked by history as warriors .
    Somehow , I hope your letter will reach the ears of those in power , and will be followed by thousands , no…. millions , more letters that echo the same sentiments .

  • Michael mellon

    David thanks for sharing your thoughts. I must respond as a person who knowingly reelected President Obama. I’m not ashamed to not back a party who takes away so many social rights that I stand with, (women’s, gay, middle class, minorities, etc). I feel as you do about our President and have expressed my disappointment in his lack of clarity or set of balls in terms of our only friend over there, Israel. I think his main problem is a political correctness to the point of coming off as meek or unwilling to take the right stand. I am from a 9/11 family, and the threat to us here, by groups like Isis left to grow and recruit is a perilous and very dangerous one at that. We don’t need to be shot in the face again to recognize who our enemy and who any Democractic nations emery is, and for that I’m disappointed in the message sent out by Obama. He HAS repeatedly stated the right of Israel to defend itself, he just hasn’t been strong enough about it. I also weigh in the consistant lies that are thrown at us from the other party. That is always part of my equation.

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