U.S. Policy Towards Israel:One Step Forward, Two steps Back

OBKThe most recent piece of bad news regarding the relationship between the United States and Israel is troubling regardless of which way it is spun.  It seems when presented with the choice of once again appearing incompetent on foreign affairs or publicly appearing at odds with Israel, the current administration prefers the latter, but in truth it is clearly both.

The worst thing about this story requires a moment of total objectivity, which means I will look at this as the American that I am without any consideration for my love of Israel and the Jewish people.  Unless I read this wrong, and I pray to God that I did, the White House and State Department were blindsided by the transfer of weapons to Israel on the authority of the Pentagon and stated that the White House and State Department need to be consulted before any future transfer of weapons takes place.  The idea that the administration does not know what the Pentagon is doing scares me silly.  That degree of incompetence is ominous at best and proves we are anything but safe.

On a more subjective note, as a Jew and a staunch supporter of Israel I am tired of this administration’s technique of taking one step forward and two steps back when it comes to its relationship with Israel.   Yes they have done some positive things for Israel, but this recent turn of events is one more example of an administration that seems to be doing everything it can to damage a relationship that past administrations not only appreciated, but understood the importance of, and in doing so is empowering the wrong people.  It’s not only bad for Israel, but bad for America and the entire Western World.


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