A Disgrace

HenrySiegmanThis post is more of a rant than an editorial, but seeing as I can hardly believe what I just heard I felt the need to do this.  No Henry Siegman, Israel is not the disgrace, you are.  No one is happy innocent civilians are being killed, but how dare you as a man ordained as an Orthodox Rabbi, portray yourself as a voice for the Jews.  You call on Israel to stop the killing as though they were the one’s who stopped it.  You call the U.S. hypocrites for not working with Hamas, the same organization killing the people you claim to be part of.  Would you have told the people in the Warsaw Ghetto to go easy on the Nazis too?  How come I never heard your name while Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists were blowing up Jewish families?  I guess you’ve taken your life experiences and come out a self-hating Jew. I can think of no other logical reason.  You’re a disgrace.


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4 responses to “A Disgrace

  • Old Jules

    Thank goodness there are Jews such as Henry Siegman to prove not all Jews are racist, power-hungry land grabbing killers. Only Israeli Jews, many of them can be described that way. No better, no worse than the rest of humanity. The only thing Israli Jews object to about the NAZI Holocaust is the fact Jews were targeted. If it had been Africans or Arabs they’d have applauded.

    • davidgroen1

      Your comment was approved because unlike Hamas and those like Hamas, Israel, the Jewish people, and all decent people are not afraid of the truth. You should look into the truth. It’s very enlightening

      • Old Jules

        Yeah, until I began to learn the truth I always supported Israel and assumed precisely what you claim to be the truth. Just in the past couple of years I discovered I’d been wrong about you from the Six Day War onward, and the truth is found in the way you’re treating Africans forced into Palestine as refugees, the way you’re scoffing at International Law and the United Nations by settling the occupied territories outside your legal boundaries.

        Israel is a rogue nation, might always have been, and as NAZI as any who’ve ever lived.

  • J kovac

    “Nazi as any who’ve ever lived” With those words you lose any credibility to anything you say. Now you sound like a school child taunting and screaming anything that may upset the other side. When rational people know and examine the facts, they can understand the source if the conflict and they can understand the necessity for self defence and the need to defeat this enemy.Many books and commentaries have been published in this subject, but when you get down to basics.
    1) The Jews are entitled to their own state which was recognized 66 years ago.
    2) the surrounding neighbours did not recognize this fact and perpetrated many wars with he intent of murdering all the Jews and destroying the state.
    3) the convenience of creating a Palestinian crisis for the Arabs has left them off the battlefield while the Palestinians became the pawns , and deflecting all attention from their issues.
    4) the Palestinians continue to call for the death and. Destruction of Israel and continue to launch attacks against Israel’s citizens.
    5) Israel has the responsibility to defend itself andits citizens
    6) until the Palestinians can live in peace and prove that it is a worthy partner in peace, Israel will not trust them and therefore cannot allow them to arm themselves.

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