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A sacrifice that continues

Born from the ashes of the Holocaust in Europe, the Jewish nation of Israel declared its independence in 1948.  Those who have died defending it or whose lives have been taken in acts of terror need to be remembered and honored by Jewish people all over the world, not just those living in Israel.  Being that this blog revolves around a book that chronicles the lost souls at a time when there was no organized Jewish army, I feel nothing could be more appropriate than showing respect to those who lost their lives in the name of never allowing it to happen again.  Although this is a video taken a few years back, the air raid siren is what happens all over Israel in honor of those who were lost.



Hidden Heroes-Dutch Resistance Part 2

In a previous post I showed the video

“Hidden Heroes-Dutch ResistancePart 1″.  Here is Part 2 of that series.

Holland's Heroes


The date was Friday, August 13, 1943, and it felt like the worst moment
of Sipora’s young life. She knew that the Germans were in the building
and getting closer to finding her. She had already been through so much
and she knew that the situation was going to get a lot worse before it got
better. Her will to live was being taken over by despair. She was not the
type of woman who would ever do anything to speed up her own death,
but she also did not feel like running or fighting. So she decided that she
would just wait on the third floor and when the Nazi soldiers located her,
she would willingly leave with the rest of the patients and hospital staff . At
least then she felt…

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The Importance of Freedom

As Jews all over the world celebrate Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath), I think back once again to what we commemorated and remembered this week.  It strikes me how the Holocaust reached even further than the 6 million killed.  The basic freedom to practice the religion in any way was stripped from mostly every Jew in Europe.  The lesson to  us all, regardless of what we believe in or practice, is to never take for granted our freedom and to stand up and fight those who would oppress others merely for being what they are and for what they believe in.  We must recognize it happened before in order to prevent it from happening ever again.

Beautiful at 19, beautiful at 90

Take a close look at these two women.  One is 19, the other is 90.  That’s the only difference. It’s the same woman.  The woman on the cover, my mother Sipora Groen is now 90 years old.  The second picture was taken on Wednesday night April 18 at a synagogue in Elkins Park, Pa. where she spoke for Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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Holland’s Experience:Test your knowledge

In a continuous effort to increase Holocaust awareness, I have put together a series of questions regarding what the Dutch community went through during the Nazi-occupation.  The answers are at the bottom of the page.  Comments are welcome and well be posted after moderation.

1-What percentage of Amsterdam was Jewish in 1940?

2-How many Dutch Jews were murdered in the Death camps?

3-What was the name of the concentration camp in Holland set up to accommodate German refugees in the 1930s and later used as a transit center?

4-What was the name of the Death camp where an estimated 34,000 Dutch Jews were murdered?

5-In what concentration camp did Anne Frank die?

These are just 5 questions but they will give an indication of what you know about what Holland experienced during this time.  The more we know, the more we can increase awareness and fight those who try to claim it never happened.  Again, your feedback is welcome.


Answers-10% 2-104,000 3-Westerbork 4-Sobibor 5-Bergen-Belsen