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The Model of Evolving Totalitarianism

triumph_of_the_will_stadium_shotIt’s a stroke of genius. Identify what hits a chord with the population, and whether your words and images are factual or not, pound them into the psyche of the masses.  It’s a model used throughout the ages with more devastating consequences in the 20th century than any other. Most notably Hitler’s Nazi party which preyed on the economic misfortunes of the populace to assign blame to anyone they felt would stand in the way of their agenda, or even worse, use a scapegoat to rally strong support.  By the time throngs of people were shouting Heil Hitler, most of them were just spewing out structured opinions and no longer thinking for themselves.  Which is in many ways what it is all about.

Many people, whether they wish to admit it or not, feel comfort and security in allowing leaders to choose their path.  It’s the draw of religion.  A friend of mine once told me, people buy with emotion and then justify it with logic. Tyrants and dictators are selling a product, and when people are downtrodden and desperate they’re buying that product.  People who like their life may protest, and may even have opinions laced with hate, but they hardly ever commit acts of violence in the name of civil disobedience.  What Hamas is doing is following a model, and doing so with precision tactics.

Their biggest advantage is also their biggest deception.  They are not in it alone.  Backed by Iran, a nation that was taken over in 1979 by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, a man who used the same model to rally enough of a nation behind him to take over a government and start a global revolution, Hamas is a microcosm of a much bigger threat.  That bigger threat is one the world needs to be aware of, but won’t be as long as those most threatened appear to be mostly from one group. That one group is the same group initially targeted by Hitler.  The Jewish people.   Yes there were others the Nazis hated and persecuted almost immediately.  Homosexuals, gypsies, Poles, were all hated by Hitler, but from the start the Jews were the cause of everything bad in Germany.  They were called subhuman, a word that popped into my head earlier when seeing how the United Nations Human Rights Council showed its usual disregard  for the human rights of the inhabitants of the Jewish State of Israel.  But maybe they see Jews as subhuman too.  It just doesn’t support their current agenda to admit it.

The lesson of previous models, specifically of World War II should be obvious.  To some it is and yet they choose to disregard it.  To others, those caught up in the fervor of Hamas propaganda, they have bought into the mass hysteria often created by evil dictators, and in doing so they are doing what was done before, go after the scapegoat, which once again is the Jewish people.  Although it seems to be easy to let others think for you, they are making the same tragic mistake.  They do not see that which has always been the case when following this model, that the goal is world dominance.  Ultimately that means there is no room for any major group of people with different ways of thinking, as already evident by the way Christians have been brutally murdered in places like Iraq and Nigeria .

If the right people with the right amount of power wake up to the true dangers facing civilization, a full-scale World War III may be averted.  If they don’t, and continue to get caught up in the hysteria of lies and deception, civilization as we know it is in danger.  It’s that horrifying, that deep, that simple, and yes, just a matter of time.  Let’s hope people study the model and learn from history.

When it Comes to Human Rights the UN tends to exclude the Jewish State

UNHRC OHCHR_CIThe United Nations Human Rights Council(UNHRC) is preparing an investigation as to whether or not Israel has committed war crimes during the recent operation in Gaza, questioning whether or not enough has been done to protect civilians.  Once again corruption stands in the way of what could otherwise be a righteous mission.  They do not destroy their credibility by investigating Israel, they destroy it by only investigating Israel.  By conveniently leaving Hamas out of the investigation, the UNHRC is transparent in its anti-Israel stance.   An investigation that would be acceptable if it was in conjunction with an investigation of whether or not Hamas is doing enough to protect Israeli civilians, has now become another example of the UN’s hypocrisy.  The inconsistency is so glaring it is bizarre that it is not ridiculed and attacked outside the Jewish world. Israel targets Hamas military locations, Hamas targets Israel’s population centers, yet only one side gets investigated.  And it’s not the side you would expect if you would read the previous sentence without bias.  The hypocrisy is glaring and disgusting.

Any human rights organization has the responsibility of being objective and thorough.  If 2 acts of violence occur on a local level, the police are required, and justifiably so, to investigate both actions, even if one was clearly a crime and the other an act of self-defense.  A conclusion must be drawn that if you have done the right thing, an investigation will identify that.  If you were in the wrong, an investigation will show that as well.

In only investigating Israel the United Nations is once again showing why it is the most corrupt organization in world history.  If the goal was for justice and world peace, they would search for the truth rather than for a way to justify their bias.  It is not the first time Israel has been targeted by the UN and it most certainly won’t be the last.  It is time that people woke up to the hypocrisy of an organization that is taking civilization down a tragic path. Unfortunately there is no sign that people will want to wake up to that reality that any time soon.