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Open Letter to Codepink Activists Trixie Lamonte and Ariel Gold


Dear Trixie and Ariel,

You are actually somewhat fortunate.  An older, wiser, more experienced individual recently suggested I would do better with these letters if I was a little less vicious and a little more educational. Said individual’s logic was that if I jump all over someone I find to have expressed ignorant or distasteful viewpoints against Israel and or the Jewish people, the likelihood of the target of my attack paying any attention to my words is minimal at best.  So yes, since I received this advice from this individual who I highly respect, I will refrain from calling you the names I so wish to call you.

What I will do instead, and to be frank I will do so in only a few words, is attempt to wake you up to the misrepresentation of reality your stance as a pro BDS Jew displays.  I’ll throw you a bone and start from a place that says peace can be achieved and Israel’s occupation of the territories is the biggest obstacle, even though I know better.  The BDS movement is an organization whose ultimate purpose is to bring down the Jewish government in Israel.  It is not in place to protect Palestinians, to fight terrorism and violence, or to better the economic lives of the Palestinian people.  It exists for one purpose and one purpose only.  To destroy Israel as it exists today.

Don’t be fooled by the eloquent words of its leaders, the highest ranking of which was educated in Israel at a Jewish run University by Jewish people and Jewish professors.  Don’t be fooled by its claim to improve labor conditions of the Palestinian workforce.  Their attack on Sodastream caused the unemployment of countless Palestinians, Palestinians satisfied and comfortable working for what BDS calls “the Occupier”.

This is hypocrisy on the highest scale.  The BDS movement, supported by some misguided entertainers such as Roger Waters who lives off his millions upon millions while using the Palestinian people to either satisfy his hatred for Jews or at best make himself feel important, is a movement riddled in inconsistency.  It does nothing to better the lives of the Palestinian people.  It keeps quiet while Hamas uses the people as human shields, yet it attacks businesses that provide Palestinians with an income.

So when you make the choice to show your support for an organization whose sole purpose is to destroy Israel’s Jewish government, you are doing nothing remotely humanitarian.  Peace is a beautiful thing.  I often pray for it.  But know this.  All the BDS Movement is is an offshoot of the terrorist organizations that ultimately wish to see the death of all Jews, the two of you included. What I hope you will come to realize is that in putting your support behind BDS, and doing so in front of a holy Jewish site, all you are doing is feeding into their devious ways, and ironically making peace for everyone more of a long shot.


David Groen







Taking the Fizz out of Hypocrisy

M7u7PRhAs someone who is always keeping his eyes open for anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiment, something that most honest people know to be one of the same, I tried to find evidence that the banning of the SodaStream ad from the Super Bowl by FOX was one more example of hatred of the Jewish people.  Despite any solid evidence to back this up, the ripple effects of this story have been enormous in a variety of ways.

Although diminished over the years, I have a personal connection to SodaStream.  This personal connection has caused me to pay a little extra attention to the company and the success it has generated.  When I heard that Scarlett Johansson had agreed to be a spokesperson and would be in a commercial airing during the Super Bowl, as was the case with many other Jews and Zionists, I felt a tremendous degree of excitement and pride.  Not only was this a blow to the BDS  (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) Movement  inasmuch as it had a major Israeli company on the public stage, it also represented a high profile, popular and beautiful actress showing the character and strength to support an Israeli company with no apparent concern for the backlash she might receive from others within her industry and from other industries.

But it gets better.  As many already know, SodaStream is an example of everything that is right in modern Israeli capitalism.   Here is a company, providing a good product, environmentally sound and beneficial to its users, seemingly providing great success to its owners and management team while providing fair and equitable employment to residents of the areas of Israel where the product is manufactured.  Let me repeat that for Roger Waters and other proud supporter of the BDS Movement.  Providing fair and equitable employment to residents of the areas of Israel where the product is manufactured.  That encompasses what they like to refer to as the “occupied territories”. 

The best news of all however, is that not only despite the fact that SodaStream’s ad was pulled from the Super Bowl but maybe even because it was, the company has become more well known in the past few days than it may ever have dreamed of becoming.  In some ways I’ll go as far as saying that a situation that was supposed to be nothing more than a business venture has turned into a political gain for the State of Israel.  The United States of America, a country I am proud to call my home, is now the setting for one of the most blatant examples of corporate censorship you will ever encounter.   The control that Coca-Cola and Pepsi have over the Super Bowl is so tremendous they have basically forced the network covering the event to not allow an advertisement that attacks their product.   The fact that the company that manufactures this product, SodaStream, is being unjustly attacked for making a product at the expense of the human rights of others, will totally expose those whose activism against Israel is based on anti-Semitism rather than a genuine, albeit misguided pursuit of justice.   The irony practically makes me giddy and although I myself am not a soda drinker, the impact this has had will cause me to purchase SodaStream as a gift for someone at my first opportunity.   

Of course the one sobering fact is that logic and truth have never stood in the path of those who have wished to cause pain to and destruction of the Jewish people.  With that said the fight needs to continue on many fronts, and today as a Jew and Zionist I thank Scarlett Johansson and SodaStream for what in the minds of many is a victory in one of the many battles we will unfortunately continue to have to fight.  Then again the personal connection I mentioned earlier makes it very easy to believe that SodaStream would be in the middle of something so significantly helpful to Israel’s image at a time it needed it the most.