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Acknowledging those who are helping during the crisis (videos included)

The notion that there are many famous celebrities and organizations helping during the Coronavirus pandemic is not just an inspirational one, it’s an accurate one.  There are many stories of people giving significant amounts of money and support during this critical time.  This is not a contest. Each and every one who gives whatever they feel they can is a winner for doing so, and we thank you.  In this post I picked out 2 celebrities and 2 organizations that struck me as particularly noteworthy.


The very talented singer and actress has donated $5 million dollars to The Clara Lionel Foundation which she founded in 2012 to help support Coronavirus relief efforts.  In addition she has donated Personal Protective Equioment (PPE) to medics in New York state. Thank you to her, and indeed, Take a Bow.



Drew Brees

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees and his wife have donated $5 million dollars to the state of Louisiana to help in relief efforts to fight the Coronavirus.  In a statement Brees said the  following:

After “considerable research and conversations with local organizers,” this money will “be mobilizing our partnerships with Second Harvest Food Bank, Ochsner Health Systems, Walk-Ons, Jimmy Johns, Smalls Sliders and Waitr to prepare and deliver over 10,000 meals per day throughout Louisiana.”

Thanking them for their generosity. And if that wasn’t enough for you, enjoy this video and watch this incredible quarterback in action. Especially noteworthy are highlights 13,17, 18 & 19.




I’m usually a Scotch or wine  guy, but after I saw the commercial telling me they were doing this, I almost wanted to go out and buy a beer. But since I am STAYING HOME. something we all need to do, I let the moment pass and decided to write about it instead.  Anheuser-Busch is redirecting all the money it uses on advertising for sports and entertainment to its non-profit partners for the Coronavirus relief effort.  In a statement, CEO Michael Doukeris said the following:

“COVID-19 has changed how we all live our lives, but it hasn’t changed Anheuser-Busch’s priorities and our commitments as an employer, a business partner and a corporate citizen. “While we can’t solve this crisis on our own, we are proud to do what we can to serve and support our communities in need and the heroes on the front lines, using our capabilities, our relationships, and our reach to do our part. We invite other companies to use their unique capabilities to join us in this effort, however they can, so that together we can make a difference.”

Thank guys. The next Bud’s for you.


The New York Giants


Disclaimer: I’m a Philadelphia Eagles fan.  That being said, I just love what the New York Giants are doing.  They are funding a program at the Meadowlands YMCA to provide free childcare for emergency response personnel for the next 10 weeks.  Thank you New York Giants. Here’s hoping you come in a strong second in your division next year.


Again I reiterate that there are many out there who are helping and that every bit of help should be appreciated.  If you have any stories you wish me to share please email me at hollandsheroes80@gmail.com.

Stay strong and stay home.








It’s all Fun and Games until someone loses a Head

isis-videoLet me start by making something very clear.  I am by no means making light of the horrific and graphic murder of journalist James Foley.  I am however asking two very important questions.  My first question is why did it take till now for everyone to take the threat of ISIS as seriously it should have?  And my second question is, as the United States debates bombing a second country after the beheading of one journalist, why has it been so hard for the world to accept Israel’s reaction to the murder of three teenage boys?

The questions seem very different but the answer may be the same.  Regarding the subject of terrorism, Muslim extremism and the threat it poses to the entire civilized world, the Israeli government and its supporters, in Israel and throughout the world, are ahead of the curve.  As much as I dislike them on a personal level, the celebrities who proudly display their anti-Semitic sentiments through opposition of Israel’s actions don’t understand how much they are hurting themselves in the process.  I dare say that to some this is a new Muslim Chic.  Captivated by the culture, the music, the hum of the call to prayer, the smooth talking Palestinian leaders have them taken in by what they see as the Palestinian’s plight.  I am not going to berate Liam Neeson for expressing his attraction to Islam because he did so in a positive context, but I may also want to say to him, come take a look at Judaism.  We don’t have large factions within our ranks looking to take over the planet through brutal violence.

Criticizing the realities that exist within Islam is not racist, its realistic and practical.  Celebrities and politicians who have bent over backward to ignore those realities until now are partially to blame for James Foley’s death and for those who will be murdered by these factions in the future.  When the two young stars, Rihanna and Selena Gomez tweeted messages along the lines of “Free Gaza” or “Free Palestine”, did they ever stop to consider how young women like them are treated by the Hamas government and the society they are defending?  In contrast are they aware of the equality and opportunities provided to young women in Israel, even going as far as being important contributors in the military?  I am sure they didn’t.  They posted it on Twitter because it seemed like a fun, neo-humanitarian thing to do at the time.  Not so much fun anymore when there’s a video of an American journalist being beheaded on YouTube is it?

If the rest of the western world had put the same value on the lives of  Naftali Frenkel,   Eyal Yifrach, and Gilad Shaar as Israel did, and supported the operation in Gaza as it should have and understood its importance, it would have sent a message to groups like ISIS and Hamas, and even the oft ignored ringleader Iran, that it understood what is at stake.  But not only did they not do it then, some continue to not do it today.  But to those who needed to see it in front of them to make it real, the beheading of James Foley was a wake up call.  Not so Chic anymore is it?




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