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Open Letter to Kanye (Ye) West regarding his continuing attacks on the Jewish people

Dear Ye,

I am actually writing this letter more to those within the Black community who believe they should be listening to you in regard to your stance towards Jewish people than I am to you directly.  I am writing this because it is my hope that people will begin to understand that not only are your words hateful lies, but they also do a disservice to the community you claim to represent.  You see, not only should Jews not be seen as the enemy, to anyone truly looking to help people of color, they would recognize that Blacks and Jews are natural allies.

It’s ironic.  I am someone who usually is most disgusted in situations such as these because of the unwarranted attack on my people.  As a proud Jew and Zionist, I see the world as a melting pot of people of all races and colors.  Every person I meet, regardless of color, race, nationality, sexual identity, or social status, starts off exactly at the same place with me.  I once met a woman who when I told her that I do not see color, responded to me by saying that she felt my statement was the epitome of white privilege.  While I chose to remain silent, I generally tend to avoid wasting my breath on idiots, I did think to myself that a white woman deciding what is right and wrong for the Black community is actually the epitome of white privilege.  Remembering what I thought that day, and always making every attempt to not be a hypocrite, I will not sit here today and claim to know what choices black people should make.  I will however say that to portray another community as the enemy of your community solely for the purpose of garnishing attention, and with so little merit that it is of detriment to your ability to work positively with that community, is cynical and selfish.

I want black people to know that about 50 percent of civil rights lawyers in the south in the 1960s were Jewish.  I want them to know that about 50 percent of the whites that marched in Mississippi in 1964 against the Jim Crow laws were Jewish. I want them to know that Colin Powell, the first African American Secretary of State spoke Yiddish, having learned it from a shopkeeper that employed him at a young age.

Do these points I make mean that everything Jewish people do towards people of color has always been correct and even decent? Of course, it doesn’t.  But within every community there are the good and the bad people.  What is important to know is that over the years Jews and Blacks have suffered similar attacks of hate, often fought for the same causes, and often worked their way from the bottom to the top.  Barack Obama’s first Chief of Staff was the son of a man who fought for Israel’s independence as a member of the Irgun, an underground Jewish organization battling the resistance of Jew haters to the creation of the Jewish state.

So, to any of you in the Black community reading this who want to know the truth, you should know that there is not one group in the entire United States of America more of a natural ally than the Jewish people.  And if you choose to believe otherwise because an attention seeking, self-serving, money hungry man who happens to be the same color and was once somewhat talented tells you otherwise, you are not only hurting me, but you are also hurting yourself.

I urge you to not let anyone tell you how to think, least of all someone hiding behind similar skin color claiming to be your advocate.


David Groen

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Open Letter to Ted Nugent


Dear Ted,

Originally when I knew I would be writing you this letter, my intention was to go after you in a way I have not done since Russell Brand.  However, in the name of responsibility I first delved a little deeper and realized that although your post is wildly irresponsible and insane beyond reason, your claim to actually like the Jewish people and hate Nazis will hold me back slightly.  Nevertheless for the damage you’ve done, it really needs to be addressed.

Ted, Ted, Ted.  You say that your father killed Nazis.  Well for starters I don’t think your post would make him very proud.  The great soldiers and resistance fighters who battled against one of the greatest evils this planet has ever known would not take this comparison lightly.  Comparing Jewish leaders whose stance on guns is different from yours to Nazis is not only irresponsible, it comes off as extremely anti-Semitic.  Now as I started saying in the beginning of this letter, I don’t believe you to be a total Jew-hater.  For the most part, people who hate the Jewish people are quite proud of it and certainly don’t make a point of disputing the assertion.  That being said, we don’t need you or anyone else helping those who hate us already hate us even more, and we don’t need anyone providing them with the ammunition your post gives them.  Is your vision so distorted that you don’t see the harm this does?

Furthermore, it is critical that you and everyone else with the same misguided stance understand what the Nazis were and what heinous acts they committed.  They murdered millions of people including 6 million Jewish men, women and children. They openly stated the need for a solution to what they referred to as the “Jewish problem”.  From the very beginning Hitler attempted to dehumanize the Jewish people.  To post the pictures of Jews, with Stars of David in each box, and to say that these people are the ones out to destroy our freedom and to call them “Nazis in disguise” is so far out of the realm of normal I am almost at a loss for words.  In one swoop you managed to make an argument for ultra-liberals  and ultra-conservatives to hate Jews.  The ultra-liberal will say that this is an example of Jewish people helping to strengthen the rise of fascism, and the ultra-conservative will say this is an example of how Jewish liberals are destroying the country.  Either way this becomes the Jews’ fault.  You claim to be a friend Ted? Frankly, with friends like you, who needs enemies?

I appreciate your hatred for Nazis and therefore stop short of saying the things I would say to someone I believe wants to finish off what Hitler started, but I want, no I pray that you look at what you are doing and the awful impact these types of actions can have on a somewhat fragile society.  I personally am someone who shifted from far left to very centered on the gun issue over the years, but no one can ever accuse me of having been a “Nazi in disguise” when I believed in the total abolition of guns for the average citizen.  I am not a better Jew nor a better American now because I’ve shifted so far to the right that I understand the need for citizens to own guns, and I, as do many others, take offense to the viewpoint that those who still oppose guns on the strongest level can be compared to supporters of a government that legalized mass murder.

So Ted, in the name of all that is decent I urge you to reassess your stance on this matter and understand that if your motives are indeed pure, these actions have the reverse effect.  All you are really doing in a post like this is spewing venom that poisons the very fabric of our civilized society, and if you are sincere about your desire for freedom and justice, you will look at this carefully and know this to be true.


David Groen