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A Tribute to the Decent

Decent_Human_Being_for_DummiesKeep reading! I probably mean you.  After all, it’s  not that tough to make it into the category of the decent, and if you’re reading this you’ve most likely already increased the likelihood.  I was motivated to write this piece by a comment I received earlier today in response to my calling Henry Siegman a self-hating Jew.  I won’t use the person’s name but the comment was as follows:

“I block anyone who uses the term “self-hating Jew.” Are you a psychoanalyst? Or do you just use this term for anyone who isn’t sufficiently right-wing? In either case, bye-bye, you and your childish and thought-free discourse are blocked.”

Let me start by saying that I really don’t care if I’m blocked by this person or not, but felt like making my opinion very clear for those of you who read what I write, especially on a regular basis.

You do not have to be active to be a decent human being.  You do not even have to care.  Everyone’s personality and everyone’s life is different.  There are those who are too busy, too frightened, even too disinterested in what is going on to get involved.  That doesn’t mean you’re not a decent human being.  If you are Jewish and choose to do nothing, show no support and are not involved on any level, that does not make you a self-hating Jew.  There are so many reasons a person may not be involved in what is taking place in the world and I am not going to judge anyone for that.  It is not my place to do that.  However, if you are someone with enough importance to get on national television and the words you speak are against the Israeli government on a level that undermines it, I have a problem with you and most likely will see you as a self-hating Jew.  I’ll take it one step further.  If you want to criticize Israel and identify the areas where criticism is warranted, but still recognize the truth that Israel is fighting an enemy committed to its destruction and therefore must take action, I have no problem with that either.

Live your life, do your thing, and if your choice is to not be involved you can still very easily be a very decent human being.  Side with terrorists and I don’t have to be a psychoanalyst to know you have issues I want no part of, and if your voice is an influential one I WILL speak out against you.  As far of the rest of you are concerned, thanks for being decent human beings.


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