Is the Corona Virus as much a message to humanity as it is a virus?


I am a simple man.  Some might say to a fault.  I believe that to its core, life is not that complicated.  If you are blessed to do so, you get up each day and do your best to make the most of the waking hours ahead of you.  You do some things right and some things wrong.  You get some of the things you want to get and fail to get others.  You feel joy and pain.  You are healthy or sick.  There is a word to describe what this makes every single one of us.  The word is human.  I also feel that whatever it is you believe in is so personal that to judge others for contrary beliefs is only justified if those other beliefs are designed to, or clearly will cause harm to others.  So when I say that at the core of everything I believe is a belief that there is an all powerful God, I quickly and I feel fairly add that if someone reading this does not share that belief, I do not feel I am better than they are as a result.  That being said, I will continue to share my thoughts with that very clear and certain belief, dare I say knowledge that there is indeed a God that watches over us and causes events to occur.

I’ve heard the rebuttals.  What kind of God is it that causes suffering?  Anyone who thinks that is a question I haven’t considered is clearly unaware of the information and history that was in the forefront of my life from as early as I can remember.  Being the son of Holocaust survivors I was taught to have not only an understanding of the overall horrors of what took place, but a personal account of what it was like to be alive, scared and devastated by personal loss as a result of what took place.  So again I understand that you may ask, what kind of God does that?  Maybe the answer lies in the message being sent to the human race.

One of the first things a true belief in God should do is teach humility.  As certain as you may be that you do, you do not have all the answers.  You may be a leader in your community, am expert in your field, the most educated person among your piers, or the strongest person physically, mentally or spiritually anyone ever has ever had the  pleasure with which to interact.  Any of these qualities or statuses are wonderful achievements and they are to be appreciated and respected.  That being said, to try to understand God on a human level, to think however great your achievements are you can know what God is doing and why, may very well indicate a basic misunderstanding of what or who God is.  So we theorize.  Mostly everyone feels it is acceptable to do that, but to apply our personal or the current world’s standards to God’s purpose and actions is not only futile, it is often dangerous.

With all this in mind, I still sit down and write this with the basic belief that with what is happening in the world today, God is sending a strong message.  I feel this way for a number of reasons, but the one reason that is most prevalent is that in my lifetime I have never seen the powerful more powerless than I do today.  There are scientists working on a cure and governments taking actions to slow down the spread of the disease, but when you listen carefully to what experts and politicians are saying, it sounds a lot like a glorified version of throwing things against the wall and hoping something sticks.  All of that would be quite terrifying unless you go back to that core belief that God has a purpose and reason for all that is done.

Do I know that what I am opining here is the truth?  Of course I don’t.  I am neither deluded or that conceited to think my answer is absolutely the correct one. However, I do feel strongly about what I am about to share with you.  First of all, the one thing I feel that making the powerful powerless should teach them all, is that as much as high or lofty a level as they have achieved in the world, they are not the ultimate power in the universe.  If they were to truly comprehend and feel that I believe they would be better leaders.  Let’s wait and see, but not hold our breaths and find out if that is a positive result that comes from the current crisis.

The second thing is the message I feel this is sending to mankind, and it not only goes back to that simplicity I referred to in the beginning of this piece, it also does not require you to believe in anything other than humanity.  The message as I see it is as follows. Do your true best to be decent to living creatures,  treat your home and planet with respect, and most of all, be nice to your fellow human being.  We will all make mistakes.  We will offend people we care for, we will be selfish when we should have been selfless, and we might put our personal ambitions ahead of what is the right thing to do.  But the God I believe in knows when our intentions are pure.  When we wish well on others, find more sadness than joy in the pain of others and truly care for our fellow human being.

There are many who say that a good mental state of a cancer patient helps to advance their health in a positive direction.  It’s far fetched and out there to say a world in which we show more care and affection for each other will help to cure the virus, but no can dispute the fact that it certainly won’t hurt the situation.  None of us will get it completely right, but if we all try we might just be getting the message, and maybe once we do things will begin to get a lot better.






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