How about this novel approach towards the Corona virus? CALM


Let me start by saying that I am no expert on the Corona virus.  Why is that an important place to start from?  Because most of the people opining in the media are also not experts.  Many of them have said there is a lot “we” don’t know. So with that in mind I want to suggest a radical approach to the current growing crisis.  That approach is one of calm.

I am careful in choosing my words in this piece.  Yes I urged calm immediately after calling it a crisis, but I did so because in my eyes the crisis we face today is not a health one, it’s a behavioral one.  I do not know what the future holds.  I am also fairly certain there are significant facts we do not know regarding COVID-19.  All I know is where we are today and what almost everyone is saying regarding this illness.  They are saying that if you are elderly or have an existing medical condition you are at risk should you contract the virus.  If you are healthy, not elderly, a child, a teenager, or anyone else not in the previously stated categories you are not considered at risk.  So then why is the world going crazy and our global economy in peril?  Because people scare easily and love drama.

Although I am not one to generally attack the media, if major news outlets are unable to behave responsibly I would rather they shut up or talk about something else.  Yes it is highly dramatic to show a cruise ship coming into port knowing it was kept at sea due to infected passengers, but all things like this do is work people up into a frenzy.  And since people like drama they are willing participants.  Is it possible the situation is worse than we know?  Sure it is.  Does that mean we should participate in making it a much bigger problem? Absolutely not.

The hysteria and drama we see increasing on a daily basis is starting to bring much of the world to a halt.  People are ceasing to travel, events are being cancelled, schools are being closed, people are talking about working remotely from home on large scales.  The scariest thing about what is happening today is that assuming the health problem gets resolved, the impact of the reaction could be far more devastating.  If that is the case, after years of Conservatives blaming Democratic presidents and Liberals blaming Republican presidents for destroying our way of life, something not one of them has ended up doing, what has the potential of bringing us down is the stupidity and irresponsible reactions of a panicking populous.  Of course that might be because in today’s society the 2 words most likely to cause panic, are “don’t panic”.

At I sit here today, fear and ignorance is still far more dangerous than the Corona virus.  If the Corona virus is significantly worse than we are lead to believe, the way our world is constructed will make all of these extreme actions mostly useless.  If that turns out to be the case we will find out when it happens.  In the meantime if we stay calm and go on with our lives as normal, and yes, even enjoy ourselves when possible, we will be doing a lot more to better the situation as it stands today.  For now why don’t you get a flu shot, stop smoking, don’t abuse drugs or alcohol, watch what you eat and exercise.  If you don’t do all those things it seems far more likely that it won’t be the Corona virus that kills you.






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