Open Letter to Marsha Levine; BDS supporter who snubbed an Israeli girl’s question about horses


Dear Marsha,

It was recently suggested to me that when I write one of these letters I refrain from personal attacks.  While I acknowledged and have even tried to follow that advice, it is next to impossible to express my feelings towards you without doing so.  The reason being that your attack on my people is not only infuriating but very personal as well.  I could make this quick and easy, call you a stupid idiot and sign off, but I first wish to make some critical points. Once I am done I promise to make my personal feelings very clear.

As a Jew whose parents survived the terror of Nazi occupation while 6 million of their brethren were murdered all over Europe, I take serious offense to you saying that “Jews in Israel have become Nazis”. Consider this the educational portion of the letter “Dr.”  To properly address this I first need to thwart your contention that those persecuted and killed by Hitler’s Nazi Party are similar to the Palestinians in the territories.  The Nazis were never threatened by the Jews in Europe.   Jews in Germany, the land where the Nazi party was formed, and I state the obvious because you give no indication of having knowledge of the obvious, were law-abiding contributors to society.  Jews in Germany did not form terrorist organizations that murdered women and children.  They did not have elements within their midst with an ideology committed to the destruction of the German people.  They were not claiming land and using that claim as justification to murder innocent people.  The Jews never asked for half of Berlin.  Palestinian leadership has been offered significant portions of land and refused each offer, preferring to continue the cycle of violence instead.  So to compare the conditions of the Palestinians to the victims of the Nazis already shows your lack of wisdom and credibility.

Second of all, to compare the actions of Israel’s government to the actions of Nazis is not only factually incorrect, but an insult to the memory of all the Jews killed by the Nazi Party.  Does Israel have death camps created to solve the “Palestinian problem”?  Are there chimney stacks in Israel spewing ash that is the last remnant of exterminated Palestinian men, women and children?  Do Israeli doctors perform experiments and torture Palestinians?  Are Palestinian being shoved into cattle cars and shipped to hard labor and concentration camps where they are starved to death, worked to death, shot or gassed? Are Palestinians being publicly humiliated for the amusement of Israeli soldiers?

Do you have any understanding of how ridiculous your comments are? I am guessing you know fully well and are driven by your own personal emotional issues. I do not know you personally, and frankly I don’t care to, but I do know that anyone who has so much self-loathing that their response to a little girl asking about horses would be a political and verbal slap in the face is likely very scarred from events in their early life.  Frankly I don’t give a horse’s hind quarters what you went through in life, I just wish you would shut up and stop showing this juvenile enjoyment you seem to be getting from insulting my people.

I end with 2 things.  First of all I want to make it very clear that referring to the Jewish people as my people and not your people or our people is not an oversight.  As far as I am concerned there is nothing Jewish about you and we’re better off without you.  Second of all, as promised, I will end by saying that  you are indeed a stupid idiot who has traded decency and morality for your 15 minutes in the spotlight. Ironically that makes you more like a Nazi than the people you criticize.


David Groen








8 responses to “Open Letter to Marsha Levine; BDS supporter who snubbed an Israeli girl’s question about horses

  • Lana Volman

    Marsha just victimised 13-year-old the same exact way Anna Frank was victimized, shamed, felt scared and feared for her life. this girl indured 15 thousand rockets fired at Israel in the last 10 years, hiding in bunkers to save her life as recent as last summer. this 13-year-old is probably watching her back walking the streets been aware that she could be stabbed or run over by a car or been shot at. 13-year-old was told that all this attacks in Israelis are justified by BDS and Marsha. feeling as if the world is gaining on her right to live in the country she can call her own.

  • Bruce

    Abbas and his mob are cashing in from ignorant countries also the likes of this Masha individual, who continue to fund & support Palestinian terrorists. Will they eventually wake up ? Abbas’s bank accounts will be in the hundred of millions $$$$$$ {remember Arafat’s rich widow in Paris still has all the siphoned funds which were supposably meant to uplift Gaza & it’s people} Can the world not see that it is not part of P.A. plan to make peace. The longer the misery, violence & sympathy continues the funds will flow. To stop the violence would mean to dry up the cash flow to Abbas, and this will not happen as long as ignorant Marshas are involved.

  • Dan

    Marsha – you a thug hiding behind an academics wall, one of the worst kind of bigots there are.

  • Debbie Bar

    As a Jewish person I’m ashamed to see a person like you doing what you’re doing and have a group of idiots following you like CODE PINK.
    Most of Jewish people in America are with Israel and support Israel. Why don’t you get yourself a new hobby or maybe a man in your life.

    • Lauren

      How she even got a doctorate is beyond me!! She has no logical thinking. She’s a complete uninformed idiot! I think she should do some serious research into the History of Israel & maybe she’ll find out that those in Gaza want the whole of Israel & they don’t care how they go about getting it. It sounds to me like she’s never set foot in Israel as she is totally clueless! And about her getting a life & finding a man as someone stated on a previous comment, no real man would look at her, this is probably why she’s so bitter & messed up!

  • Fred

    Marsha Levine is a disgusting, reprehensible–sick, mentally twisted individual. She represents the worst in human beings. Not only is she a traitor to the very people she claims to be part of–which she is not– she disgraces the memory of 6 miilon Jews who were MURDERED and tortured for nothing other than being Jewish. She hates herself so much that in an effort to make herself feel better, she tries to ally herself with the enemies of Jews and Israel because she wants to feel loved, wanted and appreciated. And there is no greater, faster way to fulfill this sick need than make up lies about your own people and to support the other side. Immediate self-gratiifction as the enemies LOVE traitors who side with them, and they bestow her with the sick mentally deficient needs of appreciation she so desperately needs. On behalf of my Holocaust surviving parents, four murdered Grandparents, dozens of aunts, uncles and cousins murdered at the hands of the Nazis, I wish you only the worst things in life Marsha Levine.

  • Sol Bleiweis

    This article and all comments are right on. The only that could add is a personal point of view. My beloved mother was a sole survivor from a very large family All were shot over a pit with all the Jews of this little shtetel in what is now Ukraine. From 1945 until her passing in 1984 she suffered a great deal. I know for certain no Palestinian went through such trauma By the way I am also a Palestinian Jew since I lived in Tel Aviv from April 1935 to October 1937. That is why we survived. Shame on Marsha Levine she is not worthy to mention our Jewish heroes and victims.

  • Henry-Hank Granek

    My Dear Marsha Levine


    H.D. (Hank) Granek

    ’Twas the start of December,
    when all through the ‘net
    So many were stirring,
    on that you can bet.

    The postings a-plenty,
    The comments abound,
    were focused on Marsha
    A new Grinch had been found.

    For Marsha Levine
    had emerged from her hole,
    to maliciously chastise
    an innocent soul.

    A girl of thirteen
    what act did she commit,
    to merit the venom
    a heinous crime would befit.

    Learning ‘bout ancient horses
    ’tis what gave her rapture.
    So she called upon Marsha,
    an equine scholar of eminent stature.

    Four questions were posed
    each one was polite.
    An inquisitive young mind
    is such a delight.

    The response was swift
    the tone, oh so callous.
    Wherefore, whence had brazen Marsha
    sown such malice?

    The young girl was—Jewish
    of that, there was no dispute
    Oh the horror, the sin
    She was Israeli, to boot.

    Then the kid must be evil
    It is there willy-nilly,
    that a monster is growing
    inside that Judaic young filly.

    No doubt, a conniving sweet teen
    with her equestrian course,
    Will gallop roughshod through lands
    like a Zionist Trojan horse.

    What would spur such contempt
    of a young girl’s frolic?
    Only a pandemic of
    BDS colic.

    That type of logic
    needs no magnifying lens
    to show the true colours
    of Marsha and her BDS friends.

    “Peace and Justice,” they have yelled.
    J’accuse! They have lied.
    Like Lady Godiva,
    Their true selves they cannot hide.

    A Clydesdale, Appaloosa,
    Mustang, Shetland Pony,
    even an Arabian—all would buck
    that BDS phony baloney.

    Deep down inside
    must be some thing to enable
    a once-respected academic
    to act so unstable.

    Perhaps Marsha might have
    an unrealized interest to sate
    in equine relations
    like Catherine the Great.

    But no honourable stud
    would want such a melding.
    A stallion would rather
    be turned into a gelding.

    Tho’ Marsha’s own neighs
    may appear refractory,
    she seems happy in misery,
    Do not send her to the glue factory.

    Into the corral
    Rein in this cantor’s canter.
    To the homestretch we go,
    enough with this banter.

    At the finish line—this stall tale
    with no horse, alas,
    My dear Marsha Levine
    please—just kiss my ass.

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