The Harsh Reality












This is one of those days when the emotion of the situation has impacted me so greatly that I almost need to express myself through the written word.   I am the son of Holocaust survivors.  I grew up knowing not only the evil the world was capable of, but the hatred it was able to show the Jews as well.  Even with that knowledge I never believed I would see what I see today, and that saddens me and simultaneously angers me to no end.

The fear I have is for others, not for myself.  I know we are all in danger at this point, and therefore I fear for the children, the elderly, or the helpless.  This is not a situation that can be ignored. This is not someone else’s problem.  I speak to those in places like London, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, and my home of New York.  Do not think you are immune from this disease.  I assure you many in Paris thought they were, and now the whole world sees otherwise.

As disturbing and depressing as this may be, I am not writing this to upset people, but to wake up those who believe you can just go on with your life without recognizing the harsh realities.  We must be vigilant, aware, and look out for each other.  We must also use our voices to wake up those in power, or better yet elect into power those who are willing and able to take the necessary actions to not just save us, but to save the entire world.

How long do people like myself need to say this is World War III before the powerful democracies of the west wake up and take the harsh actions necessary to save millions of lives?  What will it take? Maybe we need to see this week’s events in Paris as being similar to a “TIA”, a Transient Ischemic Attack, otherwise known as a mini-stroke.  A TIA is often seen as a warning that sometimes allows someone to straighten out their health before they get a major stroke which can either debilitate them or even worse, kill them. Anyone who does not see these events as a warning as to what is yet to come, is either misinformed or too frightened to face the truth. But the funny thing about reality, is that even if you run from it, ultimately it chases you down and finds you.

Let’s all do whatever we can now.  Before it is too late.








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