Open Letter to Greta Berlin in response to her claim of Mossad responsibility for The Paris Massacre











Dear Ms. Berlin,

Normally I wouldn’t give someone like you the time of day, but since your insane blubbering has gotten quite a lot of play I find it imperative that I address you.

I’ll get back to the fact that you are delusional later in the letter. First let me paraphrase a great statement I heard someone make this morning on one of the news channels.  “Attacking a group of people you know won’t do you physical harm is false courage.”  The guest commentator was using this as a way of magnifying the courage it took the people at Charlie Hebdo to make satirical comics about Islam.  He used the example of going after Buddha in the United States, stating that if he did so he might make some angry and face criticism, but he would not be putting his life in danger. That doesn’t imply that one is automatically a coward for criticizing a non-violent group, but let’s be real here.  It takes a lot more guts to blame Muslims than it does to blame Jews.

Your fabrications are not ideological, they are not based in any reality, and they are from far brave.  I am proud to write this letter to you and not threaten you.  That is not how us Jews work.  Despite your delusional insane rantings, the Jewish people and the government of Israel are not designers of elaborate schemes to change the world order.  We do not threaten those who disagree with us, ridicule us, or mock us.  But we do speak up with reason and intellect and more often than not we do so with a basis in fact and reality.

There is always some crackpot that uses the suffering of others to propel themselves to the forefront.  You decided to do that yesterday.  You somehow felt that you would take the murder of innocent people and turn it into a tool to spew your nonsense. Congratulations Ms. Berlin.  You are now not only not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.  You are the equivalent to a modern-day Nazi sympathizer and quite frankly an embarrassment to your country and ironically very little help to the people you claim to want to help.  You would help everyone a lot more if you would just be quiet and go away.

Of course unlike those you defend with so much exuberance would do if the situation was reversed, I wish you no physical harm.  I am sure if those you attack felt otherwise, your voice would not be nearly as loud.  All you are doing with your comments is helping those that wish to murder innocent people. Although that is a fact you will just have to live with, I have a feeling you are able to do so with very little problem.


David Groen







2 responses to “Open Letter to Greta Berlin in response to her claim of Mossad responsibility for The Paris Massacre

  • Ross Satterthwaite

    Dear Mr Groen,
    I have just read your reply to this Greta Berlin person regarding “Mossad – Paris link” (in her demented mind, at least), and it made me happy. Her insane rant(s) annoyed me.

  • jackh

    I dont know if Greta Berlin is antisemitic. It doesnt matter to me. (I agree w/ her politics and activism.) But what does matter? is that she is a LIAR on a personal level. this is someone who is shameless in her untruthfulness and dishonesty. Quite wild to watch her in action. She will just lie straight to your face, despite any and all evidence that she is doing so. Jarring how someone claiming to be fighting for justice can be so untrustworthy in person.
    She’s a nightmare

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