Investigate the U.N. for Crimes Against Humanity

United_nations_flagFor consistently supporting terrorist organizations and for colluding with fascist regimes I propose that the International Criminal Court in the Hague open up an investigation of the United Nations.  The United Nations has put its support behind terrorist groups such as the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Hamas for decades.  It has worked closely with dictatorial regimes in Syria and Libya, to name only a few.  It has provided funding to areas knowingly using those funds in corrupt manners.  It has to this day not been held accountable.

I urge everyone to share this.  It may seem as some to be futile, but we must no longer remain silent as one the most corrupt organizations in world history continues its criminal activities.

Investigate the United Nations!


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4 responses to “Investigate the U.N. for Crimes Against Humanity

  • Shimon Vega Carvajal

    MUST BE DONE,,,AT ONCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chaim

    I have an idea. Lets blame the aid agencies! You’ve even got the conspiracy theorist website aesthetic. Perhaps when you get your first like the revolution will begin!
    Very amusing, thank you.

  • Mr Hat

    Is there anything wrong with what he has written?
    Hamas is using UN facilities for firing rockets and storing rockets, it’s not a conspiracy – there are video and footage.
    By doing so the UN basically chose a side – and you can not argue that they didn’t know about it – Israel has warned the UN for years.

  • Keren

    Great idea, but how do we go about arranging such an investigation?

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