Why Stop Lying Now? It’s worked so far

156822845.jpg.CROP.article568-largeAs Hamas claims victory, I wonder if those who have chosen to believe their lies will choose to do so now as well.  After all, if they do, they can’t continue to criticize “big bad” Israel.  Their whole humanitarian argument has been based around the superiority of the Israel Defense Forces.  Yet somehow all of a sudden, Hamas not only has defeated Israel, they defeated the entire west.   Has humanity gone mad? These same people who rally the whole world against Israel and the Jewish people now claim they were victorious.  They throw out the term Genocide like it’s nothing and then claim they won?  Survivors of genocide don’t celebrate victory when the war ends.  They may cry tears of relief, and thank God it is over, but there is no joy when real horror was so real and so recent. Believe me I know, I was raised by two people who survived a real genocide. These people in the photograph don’t even look like they had a bad day at work.  Once again, and it has happened so many different times this past month, their very words and behaviors expose their lies.  However, I am sure, as has been the case till now, those too blind to see, whether it’s from ignorance or anti-Semitism, will not recognize the truth.


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