Ironically, only Israel wants to Free Gaza

mqdefaultAt some point Israel will be  left with no other choice but to inflict damage that will show everyone the true restraint they’ve shown until now. When that moment comes, those in the world with power and influence using it to obstruct and criticize Israel while empowering Hamas, will have to answer for the war  they prolonged with their corrupt and self-serving politics.  The spilled blood that will follow will be on their hands more so than anyone else’s.  If these people have clearly thought this through they know that making it difficult for Israel to cripple Hamas will lead to a prolonged conflict that will consist not only of more fighting but much more intense fighting.  If they truly cared about civilians more than their personal gain they would support Israel in removing the cancer destroying Gaza.  But since it is clear that  money from Qatar is not being spent on freeing Gaza, don’t expect that to happen any time soon.


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