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A Terrifying Question

photo-8This is a post I was reluctant to write because it poses a question I am so hesitant to ask. Let me start by saying this. To my brothers and sisters in Israel, if your nerves are on edge and the suggestion of something terrifying will be unpleasant for you to read, please stop reading this now and move on to something else.

It’s the question people are afraid to ask, but needs to be addressed. Now that we know of the terror tunnels that exist from Gaza to Southern Israel, how do we know that similar tunnels are not being built to Israel’s north and to Israel’s east? The news out of Israel now is that recently captured Hamas terrorists revealed a plot to send terrorists trough these tunnels this coming Rosh Hashana, just under 2 months from now and murder and kidnap as many Israelis as possible. Israel is surrounded by people committed to her destruction and to think that it is not at least a reasonable possibility that there are tunnels on other borders would be irresponsibly naive. I posed the question to an Israeli family member of mine and his response was quick and succinct. He basically believes the Israeli government now assumes, as does he, that terror tunnels are being or have been built on other borders as well.

Let me be very clear. I am proposing a question, not providing verified information. But knowing the barbarism of the enemy, and understanding that the enemy is on more than just one front, to ignore the possibility could be devastating.

It must be emphasized and can’t be said enough, that despite the horrific tragedy of the kidnapping and murder of the 3 Yeshiva boys, their death has come to have incredible meaning. Their murders triggered this campaign that discovered this evil plot to kill thousands of Jewish residents of southern Israel. The lives saved by their deaths is something quite astounding and makes their memory even more special to everyone.


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Remembering the Rally cry of my youth: Torah v’Avodah

Bnei_akiva_logoTo all those out there who have either been members of, or been exposed to the Jewish youth group B’nei Akiva, the title of this post will immediately strike you with what will most likely be a fond and warm recognition. Although the practice of my faith has a lot to be desired, the rallying cry of Torah v’Avodah seems more important to me today than maybe any other time in my life.

Some of you reading this will have shared some fun times with me when I was part of the organization as a teenager in Philadelphia and London and belonged to what was called, Shevet Amichai, literally the “Tribe of Amichai” based on the names given to each age group.  I have no trouble admitting my reasons for being a member were social more than anything else.  There were the few, such as the late great Ari Horowitz, or my dear friend Danny,  that seemed to be motivated by some idealism at that age, but for me it was simple.   It was about the girls and the fun gatherings of friends.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had anything to do with B’nei Akiva.  My last memory was one I should be somewhat ashamed of, but seeing as it was over 30 years ago and no one got hurt, I look back at it with more amusement than shame.  Me and 3 other friends, 2 from Dublin Ireland and one from Liverpool went to the small town of Petach Tikvah, right outside of Tel-Aviv, went to a B’nei Akiva gathering and falsely portrayed ourselves as the heads of branches.  Two in Dublin, one in Liverpool, and myself in London, where I was a member of the organization from 1976-1980.  It worked like a charm.  We achieved a degree of celebrity status for the day and each of us had dates with some of the cutest girls in the group for one very enjoyable summer Saturday night.  It was all in good fun, not all that serious, and went no further than that.

Today I think of B’nei Akiva, and being significantly more mature than I was 30 plus years ago, the 2 words that represent the group have a far greater importance than ever before.  Jewish unity is critical.  Everyone needs to do something during this very difficult time in our history.  It is my feeling that what makes the term Torah v’Avodah so poignant today is that no Jew who genuinely cares about the Jewish people and the State of Israel has an excuse not to at least choose one or the other.  If you are a dedicated and practicing Jew who follows the laws and listens to and studies Jewish teachings(TORAH), then you are strengthening the Jewish people.  If you question religious dogma or philosophically struggle with Jewish practice, that should not stop you from making some efforts or working (AVODAH) towards helping Israel and the Jewish people.  And which ever one you choose, unless it is both, I implore you to show respect towards those who choose the other.  For without unity we are lost.

And then there is that one lesson I learned from being part of B’nei Akiva even when I was just there for the girls.  That the future of the Jewish people is tied to the State of Israel.  Something all Jews need to realize today more than any other time in my lifetime.

Shabbat Shalom.

Our Words Can Help


Hi David,

I couldn’t see a way to send you a private message on WP so I found you on FB. Anyway, what I want to say is please keep writing!! I live in Israel and have first hand experiences of this war. Your words on your blog and support for Israel mean so much to me!


UrgentNaturally I like when my posts gets shared.  Some of it is ego but a lot of it is that I believe in what I am doing.  Be that as it may I almost never ask people to share my posts.  This is different.  I am not only asking, I am encouraging, practically pleading for ALL of you to share this post.  I believe it is that important.  To those in Hollywood who have been quiet, I choose not to berate you, but to all those with the means to do so I implore you to do the following.  Charter as many jets as necessary to get the Israelis stuck in Turkey out of that country.  There are at least 4,000, maybe as many as 10,000.  The Turkish government led by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made its disdain for Israel so clear and been so vocal that these people are in what is at best an uncomfortable situation, at worst a very dangerous one.  Turkey extended the flight ban for EL AL flights to Israel till July 31.  To those of you with the means like Steven Spielberg, Rob Reiner, Billy Crystal, etc., I implore you, beg you, charter jets and fly them out of here.  I am not asking for your vocal support, I am asking for serious and real action.  Fly these Jews home.   Everyone share this.  Make this so big that they do see this. Let’s use our social media platform to really help!

I’m a Hater

111I hate war. I hate violence. I hate cowards that hide behind women and children. I hate seeing women and children dying because these cowards make them targets.  I hate terrorists.  I hate what these terrorists make young soldiers do.  I hate being hated for being Jewish. I hate Roger Waters.  I hate that I’m not welcome in Teheran or Beirut or Istanbul.   I hate that Jews in Paris can’t walk the streets safely.  I hate the leaders of the wealthy countries that sponsor terrorists.  I hate the people attempting to destroy civilization.  I hate that Israel has never lived in peace.  I hate that so many in the world don’t realize that all Israel wants is to live in peace.  I hate the United Nations. I hate Iran’s leadership.  I hate terror tunnels.  I hate anti-Semites.  I hate double standards.  I hate the lies being told.  I hate the instigators of violence. I hate missiles being fired at my people.  I hate those who don’t think my people have a right to make those missiles stop.  I hate those who desecrate the name of God by preaching murder.  I hate those who make me hate others. And I hate that I could keep going and going, but I will stop.  Because most of all, I hate hating.

I’m a hater