The Reality of World War III

Hamas-in-private-jet-e1405339215100Let’s be honest.  World War III is already under way.  Since we are in the beginning stages there is no comparison as of yet to the first 2 wars that took millions of lives, but inasmuch as it is spreading and infecting the entire planet, this is a battle of global magnitude.

Everyone who knows me even somewhat knows that I am not a racist or bigot. It goes against everything  I believe in to target one group of people. As the son of Holocaust survivors I find the persecution or targeting of any group to be as abhorrent as any other crime.  I get no pleasure in the suffering of innocent people even if they are part of a society committing acts of evil. Indiscriminate murders,  acts of terror and the killing of innocents is the behavior of all types of people from all societies and from various walks of life.  Nevertheless, whether they want to admit it or not and despite their efforts to justify it, the Muslim world can not deny that the source of most civil unrest, acts of aggression, and terrorist activity are from within Muslim societies and nations.  Let me repeat my personal sentiment.  Attacking one group of people is contrary to my basic belief system.   With that said, I believe the masses within these societies are victims as well.  They are pawns and weapons in the war against civilization.  An uprising within their midst may be the only thing that ultimately stands in the way of the death of millions, of which they will be included.

I don’t truly believe Islam is to blame.  When you see Hamas leadership laughing it up on a private jet while Gaza gets bombed you realize that these leaders are no different from any other self-serving tyrants and murderers throughout the ages.  They are in it for power and fortune and use their religion as a sickening way to rally the masses towards their way of thinking.  The evil they commit against their own people is almost, if not as bad as the evil they commit against their so-called enemies.

If we don’t call it what it is,  it will never get better.  As difficult as that is, I truly believe we have no other choice.

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