Is it Immoral if they think they are Right?

Hamas-supporters-via-AFPQuick answer: morality in our eyes is not subjective, so therefore there is a clear distinction between right and wrong.  During a recent conversation with my brother regarding the ongoing hostilities between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, my brother made a statement that for me summed up the current situation as well as any statement  I’ve heard or read till now.  “Those who are attempting to keep a scorecard between Israel and Hamas have lost their moral compass.” He went on to say, “no country on earth should have to live under a constant barrage of missiles.”  Although I agreed with him 100%, there was one aspect of the conversation that gnawed at my brain the remainder of the day.  What exactly is morality?

1-a particular system of values and principles of conduct, especially one held by a specified person or society

2-the extent to which an action is right or wrong.

So yes, to many of us who will read this, there is no question that the actions of our enemies is wrong, therefore immoral.  I’ll go as far as to say that the leadership that leads their people in these acts of aggression and terrorism also know that their actions are immoral and wrong.  But people do what is wrong for personal gain every day in all parts of the world.  The problem is, the one I consider to be the biggest problem facing us, is not in the leadership and their mentality.  They could be eliminated much easier than the loyal followers they have created.  The problem lies in the indoctrination of the masses and the fact that they have rallied around a manipulation of philosophies within Islam to influences millions towards a different morality.  They have not actually lost their moral compass, they have done something far more sinister.  They’ve reinvented it.

All parties that want a solution agree that a re-education is needed.  What many do not agree on is how to conduct and start that re-education.  But if we do not accept that this different morality exists and search for answers, we may be completely overrun by it with very tragic results.

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