“Frankly my dear…” by Hesh Meister











I really could not care any less about the decision by an inconsequential church denomination to divest from Israel, and I am utterly disgusted by the verbal groveling by some of my fellow Jews to try to get this group to reverse that decision. To these tribespeople I say: Have you no pride? Have you no FAITH? Our success does not come from the piddling dollars and cents of lunatic splinter groups! Our success in solely in the hands of the One Above, and if one group divests, three more will invest. And the divestors, who in their self-importance threw their lot in with liars, thieves and murderers, will be left to wither and die.

Who Jah bless, no one curse.


Holland’s Heroes would like to thank Hesh Meister for joining as a contributor. He will provide his own fresh and clear perspective within the mission of the site, which is to combat attacks against the Jewish people and Israel and to discredit those who try to claim the Holocaust never happened.


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