Honor One Mother and You Honor Them All

momdayBeing fortunate to have the blessing of my mother in my life, and never taking it for granted, on this Mother’s Day I was more cognizant than usual of those close to me who no longer have their mother in their lives.  Occasionally I have felt as though I was possibly being insensitive to them when speaking of the enjoyment and benefit I get from my mother.  However, when I stopped and thought about it a little deeper I felt there was a common message I was getting from every one of them, be it a conscious message or unconscious one.  The message I felt I was getting was, “you better realize how lucky you are and make the most of it.”

There are people who matter to me who have lost their mother in the past year, and many more who matter to me who have lost their mother in previous years.  Nothing I can say can ever change the facts, however I feel that I can honor them all in one very poignant way.  By honoring and loving my mother and thanking God she is still here for me to do so.  I would love and honor my mother regardless, as I am sure everyone reading this would do for theirs as well,  but on this Mother’s Day I offer this message back.  In showing my love and respect to my mother, I also do so to honor all mothers, those living and those who have passed on, and by realizing the blessing it is to have my mother in my life I am making the statement that I recognize the blessing that all our mothers will always be to everyone one of us.

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