Why we need to Thank Israel

syriaWhen I first heard about Israel’s attacks on Syria I was somewhat perplexed.  Although it is well-known that Syria is an enemy of the Jewish state, to initiate aggression carries disturbing overtones and consequences.  Then I realized that I of all people should have no trouble understanding what Israel has done over the past few days.  Having  spent over a year promoting my book “Jew Face”, I have utilized my blog not only to sell the book but to do my part in increasing Holocaust awareness so that “Never Again” is more than just a slogan.

Israel’s attacks on Damascus makes that statement with the loudest voice.  The attacks were carried out to prevent the transfer of weapons to Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon.  These weapons would then have one purpose and one purpose only.  To kill Jews.  In a day and age where this is still tolerated by a large portion of the world, the government of Israel is making it clear that every Jewish life has value, and that any clear-cut threat against its people will not only not be tolerated, but will be met with whatever force necessary to prevent it.  Are you paying attention Ahmadinejad?

As an individual I am not and never have been a soldier in any military.  But as a Jew I am extremely grateful that there is a Jewish Army, the Israeli Army, that is run by people who will never allow Jewish people to be threatened without the strongest resistance.  Israel will undoubtedly get criticized by the masked and blatant anti-Semites around the world, but fortunately they take the approach that that is of little or no consequence in light of the bigger picture and situation at hand.  Protecting Jewish life.  Thanks to the State of Israel, “Never Again” feels like anything but empty words and collectively the Jewish people are safer as a result.

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