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Kindle Giveaway

Only 10 more to go.  When the Facebook “Jew Face” page gets to 150 likes someone will win a Kindle version of the book.  Here’s how it will work.  First I will pick a letter from A-Z.  Once I do that I will pick a corresponding number for each person who has liked the page whose name starts with that letter.  So for example, in the first round if I pick the letter A, only someone whose name starts with A will have the chance to win.  As of right now there are 11 people who have “Liked” the page whose name starts with A.  If that would be the number when reaching 150 Likes I will put the numbers 1-11 in a hat and the name that corresponds alphabetically with the number I pick will be the winner.  There are 2 rules.  The first rule is that the person who wins must allow me to mention their name as the winner on the site and on the page so that everyone knows a winner was indeed chosen.  The second rule is that an email must be provided by the winner in order to send the Kindle version of the book.  The winner may choose to give the book as a gift as long as the proper email to send it to is provided.  Only 10 more to go!  Once this milestone is reached there will be another one set for a future giveaway.  Good luck to everyone and tell your friends about the page and of course the book!

Cyclists in Amsterdam between 1900-1930

I am posting this video to give a little bit of a flavor of what life was like in Amsterdam up until 10 years before the Nazi invasion in order to make it possible to relate to those living in Amsterdam  in the book Jew Face.

What is Iran up to?

When Nazi Germany rose to power in 1933 very few, if any, knew what type of horrors they would be capable of inflicting on Europe.  Even with the strong anti-Semitic rhetoric no one predicted they would put their “Final Solution” which would lead to the murder of 6 million Jews.  Even with Kristallnacht, “Night of Broken Glass”, German Jews knew living in Germany would no longer be comfortable, but most did not predict the gas chambers and death camps.  The Nazi strategy was one of gradual progression.  They did not hide their disdain for the Jewish people, but what they did was start by taking away their rights, turning public sentiment against them, removing their basic dignity, and finally taking away their life.  Their strategy was so successful in Holland that many did not realize how bad it was going to be until it was too late.

Any Jew who believes that anti-Israel sentiment is not the same as anti-Semitism has chosen to turn a blind eye very similar to the blind eyes turned by so many during the reign of Nazi Germany.  Israel, the Jewish state, has been a willing partner in peace and a nation that has given up land in the name of peace.  We have the nation of Iran committed to its destruction.  Its leadership has consistently denied the Holocaust ever happened, as I discuss in my article, “Holocaust Denial: Deceptive hatred”, and it continues a campaign of political manipulation designed to lull the world to sleep while it gains enough strength to attempt its ultimate goal, the destruction of the Jewish state.  At this point in time close to 6 million Jewish people now live in Israel.  Iran recently instructed Hezbollah not to attack Israel or to fire its missiles into it cities.  Their reasoning is that they do not want to make Israel seem like the victim and create more worldwide support.

Their strategy is to progressively build their army, manipulate public opinion, and when they think the time is right attack in devastating fashion.  The major difference between now and the 1930s is that today there is a strong and organized Jewish Army known as the IDF, Israel Defense Forces, and the response and or preemptive strike will be with the might of a nation committed to survival.  Hopefully it never comes to that, but if the world and a comfortable Jewish populous turns a blind eye similar to that of the 1930s, the conflict and loss of life will be inevitable.

Holland's Heroes

When the Nazis occupied Holland in 1940, 10% of Amsterdam’s population was Jewish.  In those days, Amsterdam was not as it is today, a city with various minorities making it far more difficult to identify with certainty a person’s religion or ethnicity.  In 1940, a person with a dark complexion and dark hair in Amsterdam was assumed to be Jewish.  To the German’s, the ‘Joden Kop’ was a way of harshly identifying that they recognized the face of a Jew. Sipora Groen, my mother, was seen as having one of those identifiable faces.  Hence the title of the book “Jew Face”, the story of my parent’s life, taking place primarily during the time of the occupation between 1940-45 and revolving around their journeys and experiences during those years not only of horror and sadness, but also courage and strength.

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Occupation-72 years ago today

On May 10, 1940 Germany invaded Holland.  5 days later the Dutch government capitulated marking the beginning of what would be 5 years of Nazi occupation as chronicled in the book “Jew Face”.

Pope John Paul II speaking about the Holocaust

March 23, 2000 at Yad Vashem


From a young age I can remember hearing and discussing the question that will always be one of the most important, most poignant questions of our age.  If there is a God, how could he let the Holocaust happen?  Six millions Jews killed.  For what?  To many who went through that time they would come out questioning whether God existed at all.  There were some who said it happened so that the modern State of Israel could be born.  Many would come to the conclusion that we will never know why it happened because there is no explanation why man could resort to such evil.  And many survivors would ask why it was they would live while others will die.  I will share my thoughts on the subject later, but right now I am hoping to get input from all of you reading this post.

Holland's Heroes




In 1948, three years removed from the end of Nazi terror and the murder of 6 million Jews, the State of Israel was born.  Every year we  remember the souls who lost their lives in defense of the Jewish state.   But just as many days of sadness ended in 1945 with an eternal moment of celebration in 1948, so too every year we celebrate Israel’s independence the day after we remember those we lost.  So for me, nothing signifies the strength of the Jewish people more than an Israeli flag at sunrise.  For when the sun sets on the Jewish people and the world becomes dark, the sadness ultimately passes and the sun rises once again.  

Happy Birthday Israel!  Consider this my  message to you on your Facebook wall.

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Children of the Holocaust

Children were not spared the horrors of Nazi Germany.  This video, used in middle schools to introduce “The Diary of Anne Frank”, powerfully gets that message across.

Holland's Heroes


The date was Friday, August 13, 1943, and it felt like the worst moment
of Sipora’s young life. She knew that the Germans were in the building
and getting closer to finding her. She had already been through so much
and she knew that the situation was going to get a lot worse before it got
better. Her will to live was being taken over by despair. She was not the
type of woman who would ever do anything to speed up her own death,
but she also did not feel like running or fighting. So she decided that she
would just wait on the third floor and when the Nazi soldiers located her,
she would willingly leave with the rest of the patients and hospital staff . At
least then she felt…

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